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Are You A Bad Boy?

Are you a bad boyYour training as a good boy is about to be elevated to the next level. We need to talk about what happens if you’re a bad boy.

Maybe you’ll never be a bad boy… and maybe you’re being a bad boy right now, but this is information that you need to know.

Some of you are more willing to a bad boy rather than a good boy. And when you chose to be a bad boy, you are choosing against My wishes. There is a punishment for that.

I will not be making a list or going into examples of what constitutes a bad boy. You know!!! You know when you are being a bad boy. You can feel it.

To get back into My good graces you have to make it up to Me.

You must pay!

And don’t wait for Me to tell you that you’ve been a bad boy!

If you have been a bad boy click HERE which will take you to My new Bad Boy Tax page.

Glitter Goddess


Worship My Ass! – Hypnosis Video

Worship My Ass Video Glitter GoddessWorship My Ass! Hypnosis Video, $20
Buy from GlitterGoddess through

When you know you are owned, there is only one ultimate surrender… to worship My Ass! Ass Worship is a special treat that not just any good boy can experience though. In this video, I tease, guide, and hypnotize you in the most divine Ass worship. You, My pet, are already owned by Me and you are soon going to be owned by My ass!!

… And here is a tease for you!

On Disobedience

On Disobedience Glitter GoddessI have some thoughts I’d like to share with you on disobedience. Some people see dominance and submission as a game, challenging back and forth to see who the winner is. What if instead, you let me pull you out of this limited and fatalistic roleplay and allow me to elucidate a dominance and submission which is something to be savored, indulged, and hedonistically devoured by.
Occasionally I am challenged, not by someone who is a match for my intelligence, or power, or even someone who is strong enough to resist me, but challenged by a person who knows only how to interact, to connect, to then hopefully become closer through contention. It’s a tragedy really because it can never go to the wonderous, intense, and luscious places that I seek to take my submissives. It’s a denial of possibilities and a refusal to allow the pleasure that would have come from lowering one’s guard, one’s barriers, and receiving the intoxication of being led by a capable and magical woman who’s power is much, much greater than you can ever know.
I have an email to use as an example today of what not to do when meeting me. You know of me, you know of my videos, you have a curiosity. Don’t blow it. Don’t disappoint. Do relax. Do follow my lead. Let this man, if you can call him that, be an example of what a fool will throw away in his ignorance.
This is a portion of an email which was in response to the very specific and incredibly sexy orders I gave him. Notes for context and clarity are in brackets [].
“… Also, I have an admission to make, and I hope you can show mercy…you instructed me to order the custom audio, and then begin to masturbate in anticipation of its completion. Well, I got so excited that you accepted my request [for a custom audio] that I disobeyed your orders. I masturbated over you again (to your free 30 minute
joi hypno on YouTube). It’s so hard to obey, because you are so seductive!…In the meantime, I’ve opened at NiteFlirt account as instructed [I did not instruct this in my email], and supplied it with funds. Based on the little you know about me, and the limited info I’ve provided about what I’d like in a custom audio, what two “Goodies” do you absolutely demand that I purchase? [This request for new orders comes after not completing and outright disobeying my first orders.]…My cock is so hard in anticipation of your reply. Hopefully you can forgive my disobedience, and encourage my obsession of pleasuring myself to you! I’ll try to be a better pet!”
This is what I replied.
“You didn’t listen to your last command. Bye.”
Would you ever be so stupid? Or would you know, trust, and allow me to enter your life as the Goddess I am. I am a True Goddess. I am the leader. I am the one who chooses and the one who guides. I am the one who creates feelings and sexual expression that you never knew were possible. I am here to for you to bring me pleasure with your obedience. I am here to be served, honored, acknowledged, appreciated, doted upon, adored, and obsessed over. My role in your life is Goddess, not mother to misbehaving child. I am never willing to lower myself to convince you or assuage your apprehensions or to forgive blatant disobedience. Those who have asked that of me, they have already lost me. Let this be a lesson, a warning, a reminder. Trust me to rule you and the rewards are many, disobey and your pleasure is taken away.

The REAL Addiction Audio!

Where Your REAL Addiction Begins

The Real Addiction Audio Worship Glitter GoddessI made a brand new REAL addiction audio that is even more intoxicating than the last addiction audio. Listen to it while you sleep, while you masturbate, while you work, or all three. The more you listen the deeper you will go. The more you listen the sweeter your submission will become. The more you listen the more sure you will become that I am the Goddess of your dreams, actualized.

The sensation of being addicted is itself very addicting. To feel that needing, yearning, wanting, and longing for the taste of that very special drug is intoxicating in itself. Listening to this audio will cement me as your one and only life-altering addiction. Love me, serve me, long for me, and love me some more. Give into your fantasy and I will guide you the whole way.

Love me here, $15: Buy from GlitterGoddess through

What I’m Not Supposed To Talk About- Changing Addiction

Changing Sex Addiction Recover

Changing Addiction and Addictive Sexual Behavior

This is a very strange topic to cover on my sexy blog, but a necessary one in my mind. Some of you are very blissful in your service of me or other Mistresses. If that is the case, then this blog post is not for you, but this one is so go have fun HERE.

However, if you are fighting with yourself trying to change something like a sex addiction, a taboo obsession, or a pattern that you haven’t been able to shift in relationships, then I want you to know about my other secret life. I am a Sex Addiction Recovery Specialist and a Hypno-Therapist.

And no, not in the way to trick you into getting lured into serving me. The tools I use are from Access Consciousness and yes they are weird, yes they are VERY weird, and yes they actually work. So if you don’t need help, again, this post is not for you. If however, you are NOT happy with your sex life and if you are looking to change it in a substantial and real way, please know I am here with tools to facilitate that.

By all expectations you cannot change what’s been holding you back. That is what is projected from all angles. If however there is something in the back of your mind that knows the possibility of changing is possibly possible, then don’t try these tools that can actually help you change it.

So what about this… Stream of consciousness write down any and all responses to this question that pop up in your mind, whether they make sense or not.

“What is stopping your life from moving forward that if you didn’t have it, would give you total ease?”

These things you wrote down are where we would start your coaching or therapy or whatever you want to call it. Part of the process is to cognitively twist your mind to bring up decisions and limitations about yourself that you have hidden from yourself, then to clear them. If you could have solved these problems in your mind, with your mind, you would have already done it! You actually have the power to change it. I am just here to unlock your awareness of how to change it (and the solution is not thinking about it over and over and over until it is magically different).

It takes a brave person to look at an area you have been trying to change and have ‘failed’ to change. I want to acknowledge you for getting here and being brave enough to look. What if there was the possibility that changing it was a lot easier than you have been told it could be? What if I have even one or two tools that would give you clarity or greater ease in those areas? If that is of value to you, consider scheduling a private session with me. Email me at to set that up.

XoXo Me

Erotic Hypnosis- JOI with Glitter Goddess

heart glitter goddess worship erotic hypnosis

Erotic Hypnosis Will Give Me Your Heart

Do you secretly desire to be so addicted to a beautiful woman that you can’t think straight? You may not know up from down, right from wrong, and good from bad, but you will be so blissfully entranced that you won’t care. Does that sound enticing? Could that be real? Yes, it is real and it is possible. I have been using erotic hypnosis to deepen connections with my submissives for years and the results are impressive. You and I get to explore the secret world of your subconscious where your turn ons are more intense, your inhibitions are lowered, and you get to be in a trance state with no drugs and no side effects other than blissful lust.

When you realize you are safe with me, nurtured by me, and encouraged by me to explore the deepest turn ons that you have, you will find yourself addicted to our secret world. Which truly isn’t a problem since I am not going anywhere. I enjoy long term service so you would never need to fear me getting you deep and then getting out of the ‘biz’. This is a lifestyle for me and a deep joy that I would not be able to walk away from. Now that I have the submissives I do, I know the pleasures of being in these kind of relationships, each being a little different..and I love it more that most of you will know.

We are in this together when you go under, so if you have ever desired to have a secret world with a competent, dominant woman this is it. Erotic hypnosis is one of my  favorite things on the planet for good reason. Are you ready to meet me? Are you ready to go under? Me too. Email at saying you’d like a session and be sure to include a few times that you are available.

If you would like a taste of the elixir right away, I don’t blame you. Here are TWO free addictive videos that I made just for you. Watch them in a quiet, comfortable place when you know you won’t be interrupted. Best is in bed or a really comfy chair. After you watch them …

…send me an email here: to schedule your first one on one hypnosis session with me!

and now this one….

Ready for your erotic hypnosis session with me? Email me…

XoXo Goddess

Connect With Me – Special Phrases for Each Day of the Week

7 daily phrases Glitter GoddessIf you don’t want to be addicted to me, don’t buy this devotion exercise! But if you do want to feel what it’s like to be totally obsessed with me, well….read on….

Here is a brand new way to let yourself fall deeply into a crazy addiction to me. The concept is simple. I give you 7 phrases  or Mantras to repeat. There is one special phrase for each day. If you do this exercise, I mean really do it…..your life will change. You will be inextricably bonded to me in a profound and life altering way.

If you love me and want to love me more, if you miss me, if you desire to be closer to me every day, then buy this devotion. It also comes with a gorgeous photo of me. So, go head and get started and let me know how it goes. So far the results have been crazy powerful.

Connect with Me: 7 Daily Phrases, $7*Buy from GlitterGoddess through


*If you don’t already have a Niteflirt account you can learn about it and get one HERE

Questions and Answers #1

Q and A Glitter GoddessI thought it would be fun to do a little Q and A and answers some questions you guys have. That way you can get to know me and get to know some things that you might not yet know about me. If you would like to submit questions, you can email them to me at

Questions by slave luke:
s.l.: What is your all time favorite type of slave?
Goddess: I love  slaves that have a particular ability to make me happy. It can be hard to describe. It actually has less to do with what you do (though I am a sucker for gifts and tributes) and more to do with our ‘vibe’ and how you as a submissive interact with me. If you always speak to me with respect and adoration, and you grow more addicted to me day by day, then that will get you far with me.

s.l.: What is your least favorite thing a slave could do?
Goddess: Not do what he says, frustrate me on purpose, disappoint me, ask for my time without sufficient tribute, or ask me to micro-manage him (or essentially anything that requires me to do a lot of work for him). All of those will get a sub on my naughty list and NOT in a good way.

s.l.: What was your first experience being a domme?

Goddess: My first experience was with a craigslist ad believe it or not. I was living in NYC and noticed a post where a man wanted to pay a beautiful women to clean her house and bow to her feet. My ears perked up! Once I vetted him sufficiently and knew for sure he was safe, I let him serve me in person. I realized I was the flip side of his submission, I was a GODDESS! He told me,

“I want to give you that spring in your step as you walk down the street knowing that you OWN a man.”

It really turned me on! Much more than I expected. Having him serve me, and he did for a year before I let him go, helped me get a deeper understanding about myself and my desires. He introduced me to domestic servitude, trampling, golden showers, ownership, chastity devices, and foot worship. That was the first step of me realizing my true power and pleasure as a Goddess.

s.l.: What turns you on more than anything?

Goddess: I love being honored, adored, and pampered. I am a very sensual woman so that is first and foremost. I also love playing and toying with men. The flavors of the month change for me, not just monthly, but moment by moment even. Sometimes the ultimate turn on is a sub going down on my boyfriend, sometimes it’s having my toes gently sucked, sometimes it’s financial domination, hypnosis, or a combo. In the end it’s about having fun with someone submissive who I vibe with.

IMG_6996s.l.: What is your favorite hobby?

Goddess: I was an art major and an art history minor in college. I love painting, drawing, design, fashion, and making beautiful things out of basically anything. And I have an AMAZING cat named Kitty. He’s always in the middle of my projects and I love him for it. He is the best (and cutest) cat.

s.l.: What is your favorite thing a slave has ever done for you?
Goddess: I have so many! One year for my birthday a very good boy surprised me with a beautiful handblown bottle filled with money! He made a wonderful little tool for me to fish the rolled up bills out and it was such a fun (and generous) gift. Someone has also moved across the country to serve me. One time I was sick with a cold and a good boy brought me chicken soup, cough drops, a huge care package filled with things to help me feel better. I was also sent an enormous teddy bear one year for Valentine’s day, which was incredibly sweet. Sometimes the little things leave lasting impressions. There are so many great stories (and most of them I keep to myslef). Some of the things that make me the happiest are openeing up parts of our lives that no one else can share and enjoying what brings pleasure with no judgments. I love having good boys in my life and I am grateful every day for the love notes, the conversations, the gifts, the life of a Goddess that is so natural, so right for me.
XoXo Goddess

Glitter Goddess’ Take on Blackmail Fantasies

Blackmail Fantasies Glitter Goddess There is a lot of talk of blackmail fantasies. I thought I’d take some time and write a bit about my point of view on the topic.

I am a very imaginative person and have fun role-playing and exploring many naughty ideas some in real time and some online. Before I started taking calls on Niteflirt, I had never considered or even heard of blackmail fantasies. The way I see it, the genre seems like too much work for the domme, all for a sub that needs to be forced to submit. I far prefer playing with good boys who come to me with an unexplained yearning to give themselves to me, not supposed slaves who want to be forced.

It really takes the fun out of it for me when someone says, “I want* to submit, but will you make me submit? If you blackmailed me I would never be able to leave your service and you could do what you want with me.”


I have people offering themselves to me with no conditions, so why would I, the Goddess, work hard and risk anything illegal for a sub’s pleasure? I wouldn’t and I won’t.

This post will alienate some of you, those who are looking for a Mistress for blackmail. Truly there is nothing wrong with the desire to be coerced, I just don’t have a personal interest the fantasy. I much prefer a willing and curious sub who recognizes the pleasure of surrender and even if tentatively, comes to me with an open heart and mind for service. There really isn’t room in my life to coerce subs when I have so many willing ones. That in addition to the legal and ethical implications make blackmail a fantasy I don’t indulge in.

If you are willing and ready to serve me and you haven’t yet surrendered, I recommend you call me so we can get to know each other. You can find all the details to set up a session HERE

XoXo Goddess

NEW Audio For Deep Sleep AND Update On This Weekend

Deep Sleep hypnosis Audio Glitter GoddessI will miss you naughties, but I have a 4 day class I’ll be doing Friday through Monday. I won’t be able to take Niteflirt calls during that time, but I am going to make my new hypnosis audio available to you so that you’ll never have to fall asleep without me.

My new audio is for the following…
1. If you EVER have trouble sleeping
2. If you miss me when you are falling asleep and wish I were there to cuddle you
3. To take your addiction to me up a notch

Hypnosis For Deep Sleep $15Deep Sleep hypnosis Audio Glitter Goddess

I am introducing it now and expect you to play this on repeat as many nights as possible.

Deep Sleep hypnosis Audio Glitter Goddessand if you don’t have my first Sleep Audio, you can get it here for $15

XoXo Glitter Goddess