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Goddess at the Pool! – 25 Gorgeous Photos

Goddess at the Pool Glitter GoddessGoddess at the Pool

Has your Goddess ever been so sensuous and elegant than when relaxing in a bikini the pool? Well, yes, I am sensuous and elegant in all that I do!! But these photos are not to be missed. 25 gorgeous shots of Me! It’s the next best thing to spending an afternoon with Me at the pool. I hope your cock is ready!

“Goddess at the Pool”, Gorgeous 25 Photos, $15
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Ultimate Hypnosis with Glitter Goddess

Ultimate Hypnosis with Glitter GoddessUltimate Hypnosis Video, $40
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What a very lucky boy to be able to experience Ultimate Hypnosis with Me!

I am very proud of this video. Beauty, seduction, worship, hypnosis all converge in the most overpoweringly indulgent video yet! It is time now, My good boy to succumb to My power!

Ultimate Hypnosis with Glitter Goddess Ultimate Hypnosis with Glitter Goddess

Brainwashed By Your Queen – New Video!

Brainwashed By Your QueenYou will obey your Queen! My body is AMAZING in this video and I will make it absolutely evident what your place is in My life. You are My bitch. My toy. My good boy! Get ready to worship and get ready to have your mind melted!

Brainwashed By Your Queen, Video, $20
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Serving Doesn’t Have To Be About Cruelty – It Can Be About Sensual Domination

Sensual Domination Glitter GoddessIt’s pretty easy to find Mistresses online for demeaning and humiliating domination, but what if you have a deep-seated desire to serve a Goddess who is seductive and kind? Turns out you are in luck, as long as you have found me. Since you’re reading this article about sensual domination, you my good boy, are very lucky.

I wanted to take a few moments to address the concerns I hear over and over as a pro-domme. It’s the desire to serve, adore, and cherish a beautiful powerful Goddess, but without the needless cruelty, humiliation, and pain. I’m not opposed to these forms of service, but they are not ALL that serving a Goddess has to be nor do they have to be involved with service at all.

There are limitless ways of expressing dominance and submission that are kind, sweet, sexy, and fun! A simple and caring foot massage, a gift certificate to a restaurant she enjoys, a note reminding her of her beauty and perfection. And wait for it….. this is pretty controversial in the Domme community… imagine a sweet and sincere thank you from Her.

There is a difference between lowering yourself to make a woman feel truly powerful and being all that you can be to add the most wonderful things to her life that you can muster. I favor the second pretty heavily. One of the ways I like to talk about this is encouraging a constant wondering, a constant desire to add to three things in my life. They are my ease, pleasure, and happiness.

As a Goddess, ease, pleasure, and happiness, are just about the most valuable things on earth, and hey if you can add any or all of those to the beautiful woman in your life, then you are doing well! The I way I see it, I would much prefer for you to focus on how wonderful I am, rather than how low you are.

So if you are looking for a Goddess that will encourage rather than force, receive rather than take, and seduce rather than be cruel, your search is not for naught. You just might be into a little something I like to call “Sensual Domination”. I wish that I could say I have a whole list of Goddesses that I recommend, but for now, a least there is me ;)

Here are just a few of my many videos that lean to the more sensual domination side of my dominance and of course, nothing beats a one on one session with me!

Sensual Domination Videos:

Waves of Pleasure with Glitter Goddess sensual domination Waves of Pleasure: JOI & Hypnosis with Glitter Goddess“, $20
Teased, Trained, Destroyed by Glitter Goddess

My power as a femme fatale is undeniable. Like a huge wave, a force of nature, I can’t be stopped. I slide through your mind, body, and cock and have you surrendering to bigger and bigger waves of pleasure. A little hypnosis, a little seduction, a little tease. You reach down to your hard cock and even one stroke has you incapacitated, intoxicated, in love. You give up all control. What you gain is pure pleasure with the most beautiful Goddess in the world.

sensual domination Glitter Goddess

“Sensual Domination with Glitter Goddess”, Hypnotic Video, $20
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Get ready to be sweetly seduced, nurtured, and utterly swept off your feet by my gentle yet powerful seductions. Come lay your head in my lap and let go of any worries that trouble your mind. I will care for you, guide you, and render you weak and helpless to resist me. Of course, my pantyhose and satin robe make it hard for you think straight. Just take my hand sweetheart. I’m going to lead you to the bedroom and help you let go. I have this new pressure point relaxation I learned that I want to try on you…

Real Time Session Role Play Glitter Goddess Sensual DominationReal Time Session Role Play and Hypnosis“, $20
Real Time Session with Glitter Goddess

I know you have wondered what it would be like to come to me for a real time session. This is a role play done as if you really are here with me. You will get to see me showing off my body. You will be massaging my feet. Will I let my dear submissive have any release? We will just have to see how well you please my feet underneath these pantyhose…

Sexy Tease Erotic Hypnosis Loop Video Sensual Domination

Sexy Tease“, Hypnosis Loop Video, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

This video focuses on my sexy body and incredibly hot lingerie. I’m wearing a dangerously sexy bra and sheer pantyhose and sheer panties with lace! My long, tangled blonde hair will only help with the brainwashing, re-programing, and increasing your addiction to me.

This is the first of many in what I am calling “Loop Videos”. They are 3-5 minute tantalizing videos with intensely hypnotic and erotic audio that are designed to be looped over and over. Even for hours if you’d like!

Goody bag includes a .pdf with simple instructions on how to loop the video.

Stroke For Me While I’m on Vacation: New Videos and Free Audio

Stroke for me while I'm on Vacation I know you miss me when I’m on vacation. Believe it or not I haven’t forgotten about you. My good boys are very important to me and I wanted to give you a little gift to keep you company while I am away.

It is a free audio to guide you and tease you and encourage you to stroke for me. Just because I am in Hawaii doesn’t change the fact that you’re addicted to my voice. So enjoy the audio, stroke for me, and if you’re ready for even more pleasure, get my newest goodies I just added to my good bag store. I have links to those below and guess what?! One video shows something I never have before, my gorgeous hands sliding up and down my dildo showing you exactly how to stroke for me.

Here are my new goodies that I have Just released:

Glitter Goddess Wrestles You & WinsGlitter Goddess Wrestles You and Wins! 10 photos, $10
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Here are 10 glorious of photos of me wrestling a black satin pillow that I am pretending is YOU! My sexy outfit and my feminine wiles lured you to this point and now you will feel the power of my physical strength. Try to fight back and you will fail. You’ll find you’re too weak to resit. You being locked in these wrestling positions has you VERY hard! Such a hard dick while your mind and body yield to my strength!

Stroke For Me Glitter Goddess VdieoStroke For Me: I’ll Show You How with My Dildo, Edging Video, $20
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Are you ready for edging with me? I’ll show you how with my Dildo. JOI (Jerk Off
Instruction) is much more fun when I guide your hand. You need new techniques for
stroking. Glitter Goddess video previewLuckily, I have my dildo here to demonstrate and my hands are nice and slippery
with cream. Follow my lead and you will see just how to do it. Watch intently where my

fingers slide. I know you would love to see my Goddess hands sliding up and down.
Just when I guide you to the edge of orgasm you’ll hear my command, hands off. You can’t help it. You will obey. When you watch this video you’ll see how owned you truly are. You could never resist me. It feels too good to obey. Every time I turn around and tease you with my ass, you realize you want to cum only for me, only for your Goddess. And if you’re a good boy I’ll let you!

Waves of Pleasure with Glitter Goddess

Waves of Pleasure, JOI and Hypnosis Video, $20
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My power as a femme fatale is undeniable. Like a huge wave, a force of nature, I can’t be stopped. I slide through your mind, body, and cock and have you surrendering to bigger and
bigger waves of pleasure. A little hypnosis, a little seduction, a little tease. You reach down to Waves of Pleasure Preview with Glitter Goddessyour hard cock and even one stroke has you incapacitated, intoxicated, in love. You give up all control. What you gain is pure pleasure with the most beautiful Goddess in the world.

XoXo Be a good boy for me!









Work? Happy (Horny) Labor Day! Free Videos

Work For Me Happy Labor DayLabor day used to be just one more awesome day that you could stroke for me and worship me, especially if you are home from work. That is about to change forever! To celebrate labor day this year, I created 3 videos, 2 free and 1 for purchase to transform the way you think about work and money into a very hot seduction. Do you want to make more money? Do you want to be a good boy? Watch all three videos and stoke the whole time and you will be transformed!

“The Introduction to the Best Labor Day Yet” ▲

“Hard At Work: You Work For Me” ▲

Surrender More Money More Pleasure video Glitter GoddessSurrender: More Money, More Pleasure, $35

This last video is extra naughty! This is the one where I command your cock to get harder and harder and tease you into being a better and better good boy! AND there are SEVERAL nipple slips! That’s right! You need this video!
Surrender: More Money More Pleasure video Glitter Goddess

XoXo Goddess

P.S. I can promise you can’t afford not to be inspired by me.

Top 5 Lists Celebrating a Year of Sexy Content!

Top 5 Lists A Year Of Sexy Content Glitter GoddessI can’t believe it has only been a year since I started my content store on Niteflirt! Not only have I sold way more goodies than I ever imagined, I won first place in all possible aspects of the two content selling contests that Niteflirt hosted. I won $2,800 in prizes! That is in part thanks to so many of my visitors to this blog. And this is just the beginning of my Goddess empire! I have lots more videos in the works. But since it is my store’s anniversary, it’s time to celebrate.

I would like to commemorate me, you, and my goodies with these top 5 lists!
And if you don’t have all of these, get them! You’ll love them :)
Now to announce the awards…

Top 5 Best Kept Secrets
(*Warning* these might become your new all time favorites if you are brave enough to get them!)

#5. Give, Stroke, Obey!Give Stroke Obey Findom Video with Glitter GoddessGive Stroke Obey findom Video Glitter Goddess

#4. Real Time Session Role Play video Glitter Goddess
Real time session roleplay video Glitter GoddessReal Time Session video Role Play Glitter Goddess

#3. Welcome To The Dark Side video with Glitter Goddess Welcome to the dark side video with Glitter GoddessWelcome to the dark side Glitter Goddess Video

#2. Elegant Tease (JOI) video with Glitter Goddess Elegant Tease JOI video with Glitter GoddessElegant Tease JOI Glitter Goddess video

…And for my favorite goody that very few have felt the pleasures of…
#1. Hypno-Bondage: Tied Up, Teased, and Released Hypno Bondage Tied Up Teased and Released audio with Glitter Goddessbondage hypnosis hypno-bondage Glitter Goddess


Top 5 Rated Goodies/Most “Thumbs Up”

#5. Deep and Sensual video with Glitter Goddess deep and sensual hypnosis video with Glitter GoddessDeep and Sensual Hypnosis video with Glitter Goddess

#4. Dos and Donts Intro Video with Glitter GoddessDos and donts intro video Glitter GoddessDos and Don'ts Glitter Goddess Video

UPDATE: THere is a brand New “Dos & Don’ts” video that has much more info in it. In fact, 2 videos! Get the New “Dos & Don’ts” Video HERE for $2.99

Dos and Don'ts Video Glitter Goddess

#3. Get A Little Naughty JOI Audio with Glitter Goddess Get a little naughty JOI with Glitter GoddessGet a Little Naughty JOI with Glitter Goddess

#2. Explosive Hypno-Therapy video with Glitter Goddess Explosive Hypno-therapy Video with Glitter GoddessHypno-therapy with Glitter Goddess

…And for the goody that inspired the most likes left in feedback…
#1. Deep Addiction No Chance For Escape with Glitter Goddess Deep and Sensual Hypnosis video with Glitter GoddessDeep Addiction Glitter Goddess

Top 5 Most Purchased Goodies

#5. Become A Stroke Addict For Goddess Become a Stroke Addict for Glitter GoddessStroke Addict Video Glitter Goddess

#4. Edging with Glitter Goddess Edging Video with Glitter GoddessEdging with Glitter Goddess

#3. Explosive Hypnosis JOIExplosive Hypnosis JOI with Glitter GoddessExplosive Hypnosis JOI with Glitter Goddess

#2. Be My Good Boy Audio Be My Good Boy with Glitter GoddessBe my Good Boy with Glitter Goddess

…And the best selling goody of all time (yet)
#1. Get A Little Naughty JOI Audio with Glitter Goddess Get a Little Naughty JOI with Glitter GoddessNaughty JOI Audio Glitter Goddess

Thank you again for your love of my content. It makes the whole process of creating and developing ideas, shooting footage, recording sound, editing, and publishing these goodies SO rewarding.
Cheers to a new year of sexy, powerful, and wildly addictive, content yet to come!

And here is the link to my full content store:

XoXo Goddess

Caught with Goddess’ Panties: My Erotic Fantasies

Caught with Goddess' Panties By Glitter Goddess

I was pulling up my stockings and adjusting my garter belt after I finished a real time session. It was my third this week and each just seemed to be more fun than the last. The good boy was in the bathroom and preparing to leave. I must admit he was taking longer in there than a quick freshening up.

I am the Goddess after all, so without a warning I opened the door. There he was in total ecstasy, eyes rolled back with my pink panties pressed up to his face. He was sniffing feverishly like it was the last breaths he would take. He came-to when he realized I had opened the door and the look of shock, dread, guilt, and horror on his face was amusing to me.

“Where did you get those?” I asked pointedly, knowing full well those were my dirty panties from a few days back.

“Goddess, they were in the hamper, Goddess.” With a ’tisk-tisk’ from me, he continued to speak, “Goddess, I am so sorry! I tried to control myself. I told myself before I came for this session, I have two jobs 1. To please the Goddess and 2. NOT to take Her panties. I know better, Goddess, I do! But they get me so hard and confused and all I can think of is getting a smell of your scent and …”

He was visibly upset and I could tell he could go on and on trying to talk himself out of the mess he was in. He continued, “…Goddess I so badly wanted to be a good boy for you and I made it to the end, but then I saw your hamper and…”

“Let me guess,” I said, interrupting him. “You saw it and right way promised yourself you would stay far away from my laundry. Then you wondered why it was just sitting right there, so unprotected and conspicuous.” He nodded, eyes wet. “…And you couldn’t help yourself could you?! You just had to take a little peak inside! I know those panties weren’t at the top, so you reached in and messed with my dirty laundry! Maybe you just wanted to see what was in there, but I know as soon as you saw those bright pink panties, the lace, the bow, the fabric in the crotch, you had to pull them out and sniff them!”

“Yes, Goddess! Yes!! I am so sorry Goddess! PLEASE” He looked so defeated with tears streaming down his cheeks and that hard cock in between his legs.

“You took one look at those panties and you NEEDED to smell them. It’s a powerful urge that can come on strong, even if it was something that a good boy had never considered before. It can hit you like ton of bricks and before you know it, that sacred material that rests in between my legs all day long can become too much for a weak little submissive to resist.” I smiled devilishly, “You took them to your face, feeling the lace pressed up against your nose and mouth and you breathed in the sweetest smell you have EVER smelled. Isn’t that right!? It was intoxicating and transfixing. Isn’t that right my good boy?”

“Yes, Goddess, Yes!” He nodded emphatically, still hard.

I was a little taller now, more menacing and more beautiful than ever. I knew I had complete control which is exactly what a true Goddess savors. I reached down and wiped his tears away with my soft hands. “You have a profound addiction to my panties. This is something that you cannot change or escape. The damage is done. You have smelled my intoxicating scent and now you will long to smell it again and again.” I knew at this stage I could beat him, punish him, tell him how bad he was. But why would I do all of that when I could foster his addiction and show him what a good little pantie sniffing boy he could be for me?!

I reached down to grab the panties and he cowered away, worried about what I’d do. I cajoled him, “There, there, I’m not going to hurt you.”

I pressed the panties to his face and told him to take a deep breath in. His eyes rolled back again in pure ecstasy. “If you wanted a pair of my panties sweetheart, all you had to do was ask,” I smirked. “You want to take these home with you, don’t you?!” I giggled.

“Yes Goddess, please! PLEASE!” He managed to say. “I’ll do anything!!!”

“Good then,” I said, satisfied. I knew that one pair of panties would provide him hours of orgasmic pleasure, laying on his back with them draped over his face, smelling and even tasting their beauty. They would be his new favorite connection to me. My sent, my loveliness, my power, all represented in this single item of clothing.

Once I had sent him on his way with his new addiction, I laid down to do what I had been wanting to do since I caught him in that compromised position. I grabbed my favorite sex toys and slid into bed. Images of his weakness came to mind, the look on his face while he sniffed them, the addiction I planted in him, the way he needed to keep smelling… and I buzzed away with my favorite vibrator into pure bliss. My panties were on the entire time. I like the way the vibrations feel through that thin, sexy material. By the time I was done pleasuring myself the panties were good and creamy, I slid them down and tucked them into my clothes hamper. Would the next submissive victim find them?


Erotica: Silk Scarves and Gentle Bondage

Gentle Bondage with Black Silk Scarves Glitter GoddessRelax and Imagine with Me…

There is a bed, a pure white bed with a soft duvet and pillows. On the bed is a silky black scarf, about one meter long and 30cm wide. It is light and so silky smooth with an inky black surface. Embroidered across each end in scarlet red is a delicate design embossed with gold. It is of the highest quality. It my scarf and I am your Goddess. Next to the scarf are strips of the same black satin which have been torn into thinner, meter-long strips. They look purposeful … and you are curious about what that purpose is, aren’t you? I know your heartbeat is quickening, but do not worry I am a loving Goddess. I am here to open up those that worship me, here to nurture those who give themselves to me.

Would you like me to tie the scarf around your eyes?

Imagine yourself now, standing before the bed, feeling my breath on the back of your neck. As the scarf slides across your cheek feel your skin aroused by its smooth caress, smell the scent of me from the scarf, the sweet smell of heaven itself. Imagine the world becoming dark as it slides over your eyes, and as the world falls away you are left with just the sensation, just the touch, just the sweet sultry smell, of your Goddess.

pearls and satin bondage Glitter GoddessImagine your chest rising and falling with each breath. Feel your heartbeat quicken a little more with adrenalin. Feel my ribbons sliding across your wrists, slipping over your skin, stroking you, then gently tightening, and gripping. Feel the pull around your wrists, arms, and body as you are drawn to the bed. Now, as you listen to the sound of me tying the satin, roping you to the bed, you realize that you are no longer at liberty. Your will was to let go and experience me, but now you realize that I have you bound so that you could not get away even if you wanted to. You are my toy to play with, to tease and deny on a whim. Think about how vulnerable you are, think of the power you have given, to me. I am your Goddess.

You hear my heels click as I step around the bed. You can do nothing but still yourself and enjoy the smell from the scarf. Imagine the feeling when I sit next to you and the mattress yields to my body. Now listen to my siren whisper as I tell you how I am going to tease your skin, how I am going to lightly run a finger gently across your chest, gently below your pecks, and lightly pinch your nipples. Listen to me say how I will slide that finger down your abdomen and towards your thighs, perhaps drawing a manicured finger nail over your flesh. Listen to me tell you how I am going to watch your cock twitch and throb and grow as my finger circles it, as I blow on its head. Think about how much you want me to touch you. Do you want to imagine me doing just that? Do you want to imagine the feeling of cold wet lubricant sliding down onto your cock? Do you want to imagine it on your head and slowly oozing down? Do you want to imagine my finger tips drawing slowly up your cock to meet the lube? Mmmmmm … do you my pet?

You can feel the rest of this experience under hypnosis with me for $15. Buy the audio, lay back, and let my voice take you on a sensory experience unlike anything you have ever felt. Are you ready to let go?

Bondage Glitter Goddess Audio

XoXo Goddess

* You must have a Niteflirt account to purchase the audio. You can learn about Niteflirt and make and account here.

The REAL Addiction Audio!

Where Your REAL Addiction Begins

The Real Addiction Audio Worship Glitter GoddessI made a brand new REAL addiction audio that is even more intoxicating than the last addiction audio. Listen to it while you sleep, while you masturbate, while you work, or all three. The more you listen the deeper you will go. The more you listen the sweeter your submission will become. The more you listen the more sure you will become that I am the Goddess of your dreams, actualized.

The sensation of being addicted is itself very addicting. To feel that needing, yearning, wanting, and longing for the taste of that very special drug is intoxicating in itself. Listening to this audio will cement me as your one and only life-altering addiction. Love me, serve me, long for me, and love me some more. Give into your fantasy and I will guide you the whole way.

Love me here, $15: Buy from GlitterGoddess through