Important Articles

These are some of the important articles I’d like you to read. They will help you get to know me and help you serve better through the info you’ll learn reading them. Read carefully, take notes, and you’ll be well on your way to be a very good boy for me!

Get To Know Your Glitter Goddess

My Very Different Point of View on Dominance and Submission Glitter Goddess1. “My Take on Dominance and Submission”



Glitter Goddess Blackmail

2. “Why I’m Not Into Blackmail”




Q and A Glitter Goddess3. “Q and A with Glitter Goddess”



Jeff Pearlman Interview Glitter Goddess4. Interview with Jeff Pearlman




3 words to eliminate from your vocabulary5. 3 Words To Eliminate From Your Vocabulary




Guides To Serving and About Submission

new to feeling submissive6. New To Feeling Submissive? A Guide To Get Your Started



Conflicted About Serving if You're Married

7. “Conflicted About Serving If You’re Married?”



Sex Addiction recovery therapy Worship Glitter Goddess8. What I’m Not Supposed To Talk About- Changing Addiction



assworshipjoifinal9. “Hypnosis For Beginners”



How To Choose What Content Is Right For You

3 Ways to find the perfect Glitter Goddess Video for you9. 3 Ways To Find The Perfect Glitter Goddess Video For You



Top 5 Lists A Year Of Sexy Content Glitter Goddess10. Top 5 lists To Celebrate A Year of Sexy Content