About Glitter Goddess

About Me Glitter Goddess

I am Glitter Goddess!

My specialty is finding and delving into sexual interests that are unique to you and me. I love making you feel safe so that you are comfortable showing me parts of yourself that you cannot show anyone else.


In my outward life, I do coaching work with clients. I have a background in psychology, addiction recovery, and empowering people to change their lives.  Needless to say, I am a pretty unusual dominatrix and seductress. Getting into your mind is easy, what I do with you from there is where it gets fun!

My Interests

I love to play with minds, desire, arousal, fantasies. I am fascinated by the breadth and diversity of what turns people on.

I help good boys with sexual addictions find moderation.  I teach women how to dominate, control, and use their power to get what they desire. I coach confused and lost good boys in finding purpose, meaning, and pleasure in serving.

One thing I will never do is force someone to explore a fetish they are not interested in. But barring that, as long as all parties are consenting, I say exploring sex and pleasure is one of the most exciting things you can share with someone.

Some of my specialties include… erotic hypnosis, femdom, seduction, and body worship. Fetishes I specialize in are pantyhose worship, brainwashing and mind control, cuckolding, forced-bi, financial domination, sissy training, and role play.

What Next?

I know all of this can be intimidating, but I am really very sweet. If you are too shy to call me yet, I recommend you explore my sexy content I have so much fun making. I even made a “Start-Here” page to guide you.
Here is a link to My Shop which is filled with videos, audios, and photo sets. 
And it never hurts to buy my Skype ID ($10 HERE) and send me a little message.

Have fun!!

XoXo Glitter Goddess

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Some of the feedback My callers have posted on Niteflirt…

Five stars Glitter Goddess Goddess is so amazingly sexy. She is a siren and a true Goddess. I am entranced. She captures me, owns me, and I surrender completely to her will. Goddess uses me as she wishes.
Five stars Glitter Goddess Incredibly beautiful, stunning, effortlessly hypnotic – reads people very well and knows just what to do and say to put you TOTALLY under her spell.
Five stars Glitter Goddess This is a Goddess of the Highest Order. She is demanding, yet She is also caring.
Five stars Glitter Goddess I am only now commencing my normal breathing again following the most amazing hypnosis session from the sensational Glitter Goddess
Five stars Glitter Goddess Hyper-smart. Insightful. Twisted. Quietly confident. Capable of digging into the deepest recesses of your mind, and unafraid to mess with what she finds. Without peer.
Five stars Glitter Goddess This Goddess has an alluring force that has to be experienced to be believed!!
Five stars Glitter Goddess I’ve been doing this niteflirt thing for years and have never had a better more unique experience.

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