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Worship Me in My Sexy Heels“Worship Me in My Sexy Heels”, Video, $30
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

There are moments that leave you breathless… and this video has many. I know you adore and worship My body, but what happens when I turn it up and tease you with a perfect pair of heels on? Blood rushes to your little head, no thinking, just stroking. It is time to stroke My good boy. It’s time to worship Me in My sexy heels…

TTwo Goddesses Video with Glitter Goddesswo Goddesses, video with
Glitter Goddess $30

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I’d like to introduce you to My Swedish girlfriend. We (while luxuriating in a 5 star hotel in Rome) had a sexy little conversation about being dominant and what turns us on. We want you to watch us lay in bed together and giggle. We also added some teases at the end that you will love. And while we wish you could have been there with us, we thought letting you watch would be the next best thing.

“Surrender To Your Infatuation”,  Hypnosis & Brainwashing Video, $30
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It’s time for you to be lost in trance. It’s time for you to be exposed to My brainwashing. It’s time for you to surrender to your infatuation with Me. Hypnosis can wipe a good boys mind or lead to mind blowing pleasure. Ready to find out for yourself My good boy?

And a little preview from “Surrender To Your Infatuation”…

Ultimate Hypnosis with Glitter GoddessUltimate Hypnosis Video, $40
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What a very lucky boy to be able to experience Ultimate Hypnosis with Me!

I am very proud of this video. Beauty, seduction, worship, hypnosis all converge in the most overpoweringly indulgent video yet! It is time now, My good boy to succumb to My power!

Homewrecked By Glitter GoddessHomewrecked By Glitter Goddess, Homewrecking Video, $20
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My first homewrecking video! I’m demanding your obedience and you know what? I’m stealing you from her.

The fight was over the first time you stroked for Me, but now the bigger pleasure and obedience begins. I’m taking away everything, leaving you with nothing but the pleasure of being defeated by the most beautiful Goddess you have ever laid eyes on.

Watch and see…

Brainwashed By Your QueenBrainwashed By Your Queen, Video, $20
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You will obey your Queen! My body is AMAZING in this video and I will make it absolutely evident what your place is in My life. You are My bitch. My toy. My good boy! Get ready to worship and get ready to have your mind melted!


What Does a Good Boy Get? Glitter GoddessWhat Does a Good Boy Get? JOI Video, $20
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What do you get if you’re a very good boy and follow all of My jerk off instructions that I have for you? You’re going to find out!!!

Time to edge for Me!

Does She know You're MineDoes She Know You’re Mine? Loop Video, $20
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Having a naughty secret like worshiping Me while she is in the other room can be VERY thrilling. In this loop video, I direct you to stroke even though you’re not totally alone.

It’s ok My good boy, it’s our little secret. In this loop video* I’m giving you full permission to go behind her back and worship Me. You have your orders… watch My incredibly naughty strip-tease…

* Loop videos are 3-5 minutes of intense footage and audio and can be watched in a loop over and over and over as long as you and your hard cock can handle the pleasure!

Intro Pack Glitter Goddess“New Intro Pack”, Videos and More, $15
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The Essentials for Serving Glitter Goddess!
This goody bag is filled with exciting information and teases to get you started in my good graces. Study what is in the pack (and do this with a hard cock) and you will be well on your way to being my good boy and standing out from the crowd.

This Goody Includes:
– 3 Gorgeous Photos
– 1 PDF with Links to Amazing Articles
– Part 1 and 2 “Dos & Don’ts” Videos
– “Is Hypnosis Real?” Video
– “Introduction To Erotic Hypnosis”, JOI Video

Pure Hypnosis: Erotic Bliss Loop VideoPure Hypnosis: Erotic Bliss, Loop Video, $20
Pure Hypnosis Erotic Bliss

Pure pleasure and sinfully seductive, this new video will take you deep, deep into hypnosis. It’s a loop video*, so you can watch and stroke for as long as you like. And the new trigger in video will be the brainwashing you crave. Time to descend for Me, My good boy…

* Loop videos are 3-5 minutes of intense footage and audio and can be watched in a loop over and over and over as long as you and your hard cock can handle the pleasure!

Cum for Your Goddess Glitter Goddess VideoCum For Your Goddess, Roleplay Video, $20
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Your Goddess has a task for you! I need you to cum for Me… but in a special, purposeful way. No, it’s not CEI, I promise. This is a very special roleplay where you will just have to watch and see what your task is. I wonder if you will obey My command and have a nice big orgasm for Me?

Worship My Ass Video Glitter GoddessWorship My Ass! Hypnosis Video, $20
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When you know you are owned, there is only one ultimate surrender… to worship My Ass! Ass Worship is a special treat that not just any good boy can experience though. In this video, I tease, guide, and hypnotize you in the most divine Ass worship. You, My pet, are already owned by Me and you are soon going to be owned by My ass!!

Dos and Don'ts Video Glitter GoddessAll NEW – Dos & Don’ts Video with Glitter Goddess
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It’s time for an all new Dos and Don’ts Video! Would like to get your hands on the most updated info from Me about how to please Me? Take mental notes and you will surely have success as My good boy! This goody includes Part 1 and Part 2 videos.

Edging For Glitter Goddess - JOI VideoEdging For Glitter Goddess, JOI Video, $20
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I love keeping your hard cock on the edge of orgasm! This video is a hot, glorious JOI tease and edging instruction of the sexiest order. Go ahead, My good boy. Let Me guide your hands. Let Me take charge, take over the pleasure. The more you give in the better it feels… and I really would love to see how good you can make it feel.

Addicted to Pleasure Glitter GoddessAddicted to Pleasure, Hypnosis Video, $20
Two versions of the video are included: One with a hypnotic spiral overlay and one without.
Addicted to Pleasure Hypnosis Video

When addiction to pleasure steps into the unknown… where to do you go for guidance and for more? In this video, I take you exactly where I want to take you. I lead you to the promise land with My eyes, My lips, My words. I make you aware of the intensity of My power. Hypnosis, My good boy, hypnosis.

Look deeply into My eyes, watch My lips, and find out where I take you…

 The pleasure is ours Glitter Goddess videoThe Pleasure is Ours, Hypnosis video, $20
The Pleasure is Ours

Would you like to hear about my pleasures? What turns me on? What lights me up? I bet you do! I want you to stroke your cock while you watch and listen.In the first half of this video, I divulge exciting information about my desires and in the second half, I guide you in a deep and sexy hypnotic journey!

“Introduction to Erotic Hypnosis”, Video, $5Introduction to erotic hypnosis
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

Are you ready to be teased and seduced into a pleasure you could only dream of? I am your Goddess, whether you realize it yet or not, and as a beautiful, powerful woman, I have plans for you! Loose yourself in our secret world… and what you will find… only we will ever know.
*This is an Introduction to Erotic Hypnosis that every good boy should have!

Hands-Free Orgasm video with Glitter Goddess“Hands-Free Orgasm”, HFO Video, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

Have you ever fantasized about having a hands-free orgasm? This video is a tantalizing training and fantasy with Me, your Goddess, about building towards the most exquisite orgasm yet. While not everyone can have a hands-free orgasm, this video will help you find out if you can! It also allows for you to cheat a little bit to help the pleasure along so that each time you watch and play with Me, you can get closer and closer to hands-free pleasure. This is the perfect video to play with if you are looking to add fun and more intensity of pleasure to all of your orgasms. This video also includes gorgeous body worship footage while I’m wearing special lingerie… AND a fantasy where I direct a female submissive of mine to please you!

“Touch Your Cock”, Worship Video, $20touch your cock Glitter Goddess
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

You won’t be able to keep your head with this video. Your mind: Gone. Pleasure has arrived. Come worship at the altar of your Divine Goddess. Come show Me what a good boy you are. Come, give yourself to me. Come exactly when I say!

“Breast Worship”, Breast Worship Video Glitter GoddessHypnosis Video, $35
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

My luscious breasts need no introduction! I will say that in this video you have the privilege of seeing my bare breasts and worshiping them fully! This is a wonderfully seductive hypnosis video that might just be your new favorite!

“Your Morning Routine”, Daily Tasks + Video, $20Your Morning Routine Video Glitter Goddess
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

To start your day with your Goddess is something very special. I formulated this routine for my best good boys and I can’t wait for you to try it out! It includes instructions and a video which you can watch to do the routine along with me.

“Sex Therapy Begins”, Video, $20Sex Therapy Begins Video Glitter Goddess
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

You come to me for treatment*. Sex is on your mind. Let’s get started. I’m in your head. How do I know so much about your desires? I know what you want and the next step is yours…. will you let me take you further?
*For Entertainment Purposes Only
(Not a JOI or erotic hypnosis video, more of a roleplay tease).

“Triple Hypnosis”, Hypnosis Loop Video, $20Triple Hypnosis Video Glitter Goddess
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

One, two, three times the pleasure in this very naughty hypnosis video! I use my pendant and triple imagery of Me to lull you deeper than ever… and once I have you… what will I do with you? You’ll have to find out my good boy…
This is a loop, trance-inducing video with intoxicating audio to take you even deeper.

Big Dose of Pleasure Video Glitter Goddess“BIG Dose of Pleasure”, Glitter Goddess Video, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

You think of me… and the cravings begin. That’s when you know you need an incredible dose of my pleasure.
It is time my good boy. Time to play. Time to relax. Time to let go and see just how intense this next dose of pleasure will be…

“Deep Hypnosis Video”, with Glitter GoddessDeep Hypnosis Video Glitter Goddess, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

Deep hypnosis is required for you, my good boy. You crave it, need it, you wouldn’t want to live without it. This new video is a seductive tease you need for your library. A go-to for pleasure when you could use a dose of me… Like right now…

“Goddess Knows Your Basic Instincts”, VideoBasic Instincts Video Glitter Goddess, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

You have basic instincts and urges as a sexual being that you cannot deny. Let me make these instincts clear you. Let me show you my plan. I am a beauty and yes, you will fall victim to my enchanting teases. Are you ready to experience your sexual destiny?

edging JOI Glitter Goddess“Edging: The Initiation To Forbidden Pleasure”, Video, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

I know you love to edge for me and now is the perfect time to escape into the pleasures of being totally controlled by me in the most sensual of ways. No words could prepare you for this video’s pleasure.

Hint: If you are looking for a first video to buy this is a great one! It’s also perfect if you have lots of my videos too!

“Giving In Deeper and Deeper”, Loop Video, $20giving-in
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

What have you been looking for that you haven’t been able to find? What do you desire so deeply that if you finally had it would make your life complete?

Surrender to me, give in deeper and deeper, and open yourself up to that pleasure you’ve been searching for.

“Your Place At My Perfect Feet – Video with Glitter Goddess”, Video, $20Your Place At My Perfect Feet Glitter Goddess
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

Who knew my feet in a gorgeous pair of heels could be so sensual? You did! And you are about to be entranced even more. My glossy heels dangle back and forth above you and you won’t be able to resist the trance that is coming. Back and forth, back and forth in a relentless tease. How long you’ll be able to last before my voice and my sexy heels take you over the edge?

“Edging and Sensual Domination”, Video, $20Edging and Sensual Domination Glitter Goddess
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

You, my good boy, can’t deny the power of my voice. I take hold of your mind, body, and your cock and I don’t let go. And you are very lucky my pet because the command that my presence has over you is about to get bigger and bigger!

This dose of your Goddess is too great to resist and this isn’t the first time you’ve fallen under my spell. This isn’t the first time you’ve succumbed to sensual pleasure with me. But unlike any of the other natural beauties who lose their grasp on you, with each new listen to my voice, my grasp, my hold, my power over you only becomes stronger. The pleasure, more palpable, more enveloping, more intoxicating.
Ready for your next dose?

“Booty, Booty, Booty “, 3 Loop Videos, $20Booty Booty Booty
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

I know you fantasize about my ass and you have NEVER seen my ass like this! THREE videos of pleasure! Each has the same sexy audio you will drool over, but with your choice of 3 sexy as f*ck outfits! Time to let me blow your mind!

*Includes instructions for how to easily loop the video.

“Sex Therapy Session Turns Into Sexy JOI”, 3 Loop Videos, $20Sexy Therapy (3)-min
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

Roleplay & JOI: I know you’re not used to seeing me timid, but as a brand new sex therapist* and with you as one of my very first clients, I am going to have to resort to what I know from my personal sex life in order to best guide you. I’m a little shy at first, mostly because I don’t know if my methods are allowed, being that I am a new professional. But I let my sexy ideas out when I realize that you won’t tell on me. You’ll get seduced from this session like you would never even dreamed of and the flirtation will drive you wild!
*All references to “therapy” and “therapist” are for entertainment purposes only. Real sex therapists have nothing on me when it comes to JOI. Here, I’m the professional ;)

“Are You My Good Cuck?”, Cuckolding Video, $25Are You My Good Cuck Glitter Goddess
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

This video is a tease, a reward, a big gift to my cuckold good boys and it really is for cucks only! This video is a seductive tease! It’s a window into the sexy fun my man and I have together and where you fit into all of that. I have placed a mirror for you to watch him and Me play and it is the exact angle that will drive you crazy! You’ll see my gorgeous reflection and my perfect body while I teach you how to be my good cuck! It is a relentless tease. You will want more and it already is so much more than you deserve! And I WILL have a clean up job for you at the end if you’re my very good boy!
“Total Submission: Mind, Body, Spirit”, Loop Videos, $20Total Submission Glitter Goddess
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

The more you develop the submissive tendencies you feel, the more pleasure you let in, the more fun we can have, the more of a good boy you will become! Are you ready to be trained and reprogrammed to really explore your submissive mind, submissive body, and submissive spirit? It is time for total submission!

When My Pretty Little Panties Come Off!“, Loop Video, $20Body Worship Glitter Goddess
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

This is the video you always wished your girlfriend would send you while you were gone on a long trip, but you never did have a girlfriend as sexy as me! It will make you fall in love with my body. It will make you crave my taste, my heavenly scent, and make you beg to worship my gorgeous, REAL, powerful womanly body! I’m wearing teeny-tiny thong panties…for some of this video. It’s a loop so watch my relentless tease over and over and over. Even for hours, I’ll mercilessly have you hard and drooling over me!

*Includes instructions for how to easily loop the video.
Focus: Body worship, ass worship, panties worship, breast worship, foot worship. Worship all of Me!

countdown Glitter GoddessBrainwashed To Be A Good Boy“, Loop Video, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

Being a good boy for your Goddess is a pleasure beyond description. I know you crave to hear My voice and be under My control. The waves of pleasure only build the more you allow yourself to be a good boy. In this loop video, I give you the training you need to bring out the good boy you long to be, and naturally are for Me. And the way I tease you with my body in this video… WOW!

This is the second video of what I am calling “Loop Videos”. They are 3-5 minute tantalizing videos with intensely hypnotic and erotic audio that are designed to be looped over and over. Even for hours if you’d like!

Goody bag includes a .pdf with simple instructions on how to loop the video.

Small Penis Humiliation“, Loop Video, $20sph Glitter Goddess
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

A naughty topic to be sure ONLY for my tiny-dicked good boys! You’ve asked, begged, and pleaded for me to humiliate you for your tiny dicklet! In this video, I put you in your place and show you what that little thing between your legs is really useful for! And this is a loop video so let’s see how long you can withstand my relentless laughing at you, the sexy teases with my body and feet, and the way I humiliate you for your tiny thing. There will be a point where you can’t hold back anymore and your tiny dick will make a not-so-tiny mess! Hahaha!!!!

Sexy Tease Erotic Hypnosis Loop VideoSexy Tease“, Hypnosis Loop Video, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

This video focuses on my sexy body with incredibly hot lingerie. I’m wearing a dangerously sexy bra and sheer pantyhose and sheer panties with lace! My long, tangled blonde hair will only help with the brainwashing, re-programing, and increasing your addiction to me.

This is the first of many in what I am calling “Loop Videos”. They are 3-5 minute tantalizing videos with intensely hypnotic and erotic audio that are designed to be looped over and over. Even for hours if you’d like!

Goody bag includes a .pdf with simple instructions on how to loop the video.

love & lust glitter goddessLove and Lust: You Crave Goddess“, Hypnosis Video, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

This video is a love and lust time machine which will transport you back to your first kiss. I have plans to rewrite that moment to something spectacular and something you’ll never forget. And of course the more lust you feel the more desire you feel and the more lust you feel the easier it is to turn you into my play thing. Would you like to play with me?
*Role play video with lasting effects

SUDDENSudden Pleasure“, Hypnosis Video with New Trigger, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

It’s time for a new trigger… one to add to and surpass waves of pleasure. Oh you didn’t even consider that I would have an even more diabolical trigger planned for you? Good thing I am in charge, because I do. I have a new trigger that will send quakes, waves, AND shocks of pleasure through your body and here is a little secret… it’s not just your body this works on. I feel the pleasure too. This video will be your new staple, your new favorite, your new go-to for intense pleasure and training with me, but don’t worry my good boy, this video will trigger you forever.

You Were (3)Glitter Goddess Your Puppeteer“, Therapeutic AND SEXY Video, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

This is a VERY different sort of video because it is truly therapeutic for breaking your addiction to other women online, while at the same time it is also a DEEP mind fuck and an even DEEPER hypnotic experience where the sneaky waves of pleasure are amplified. This video will change you. I will be your puppeteer and you will never look back. Are you ready to be born anew? Are you ready to give yourself to me? Are you ready to be free of the distractions that keep you from me? Come my good boy. Now is the time.

You Were

You Were Made To Surrender“, Video, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

Are you ready for the biggest tease yet? I am feeling very generous in this video, which means you get teases and peeks that you never would ordinarily see. But I know you my good boy. I know you are always desperately in need of training, new videos, and the next glimpse of your Goddess. This video will have you breathless, desperate, and it has a very, very happy ending.

*Hypnotic seduction and tease in my black sheer pantyhose

Big Pleasure Foot and Leg Hypnosis

Big Pleasure Foot and Leg Hypnosis“, Erotic Hypnosis Video, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

You aren’t looking for BIG pleasure are you? Oh! you are?!  In this video, I tease and I might just satisfy you taking you deeper and deeper. You watch my body. I tease you closer and closer to that big, BIG pleasure you crave.  Will you be addicted? Yes! Will you mind? Not at all. Will you need more? ALWAYS!  Are you ready to begin? YES, you are!!!

Work Out Hard video with Glitter Goddess

Work Out Hard“, Erotic Hypno-Therapy Video, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

You’re crazy if you don’t have a fetish for me in hot work out clothes (with heels no less!). Why not use some of that infatuation to get yourself motivated? Heart rate pumping, heavy breathing, I have big plans for you! So hop on the bandwagon of the Glitter Goddess work out plan. You just might find that working out is WAY sexier than you ever imagined.
* Any reference to therapy is for entertainment purposes only
**This outfit is also my Halloween outfit (since it’s a joke that I would ever have to work out!) so I also added a silly Halloween video in this goody which introduces this video. So there are 2 videos in here!

Erotic Hypno-Therapy with Glitter Goddess

Stroke Your Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend
Erotic Hypno-Therapy Video, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

This is even better than a dream come true! I have found a way to harness the pleasure and power of your desire to stroke for me to help areas of your life you have been wanting to improve. Thusly, my Erotic Hypno-Therapy* Series is born! The control and dominance I have over you will begin to add pleasure to other areas of your life.

In this video we will explore having better sex with your wife or girlfriend. As your therapist, my techniques are rather… nontraditional, but you aren’t looking for the same old thing anyway, are you?
It’s something you undoubtedly desire and unknowingly, so does she. So do a favor to you both and see how much better your sex will be after I’m done with you. You’ll thank me later once your girl starts asking you what you did or who you talked with to be so much better in bed! But, shh! It will be our little secret! Isn’t that right my good boy?
*All mention of therapy is for entertainment purposes only

Surrender More Money More Pleasure video Glitter GoddessSurrender: More Money, More Pleasure“, $35
Teased, Trained, Destroyed by Glitter Goddess

I want you to start stroking now. It’s ok to be aroused by the command I have over every part of you. I even know your desires sometimes exceed the amount you can spend on our fun. With this video you’ll never have that problem again. You know I’m the Queen of brainwashing, so why not let me seduce you into earning way more than you know what to do with? I’ll help you with that part too. Just be prepared to have a hard dick the whole time and be prepared to be extra ‘inspired’ at work.
P.S. There are nipple slips in this video and I do not edit them out. I thought I’d give you a naughty treat for being my good boy!

Waves of Pleasure with Glitter GoddessMy power as a femme fatale is undeniable. Like a huge wave, a force of nature, I can’t be stopped. I slide through your mind, body, and cock and have you surrendering to bigger and bigger waves of pleasure. A little hypnosis, a little seduction, a little tease. You reach down to your hard cock and even one stroke has you incapacitated, intoxicated, in love. You give up all control. What you gain is pure pleasure with the most beautiful Goddess in the world.
Teased, Trained, Destroyed by Glitter Goddess
Waves of Pleasure: JOI & Hypnosis with Glitter Goddess“, $20

Stroke For Me Glitter Goddess VdieoAre you ready for edging with me? I’ll show you how with my Dildo. JOI (Jerk Off Instruction) is much more fun when I guide your hand. You need new techniques for stroking. Luckily, I have my dildo here to demonstrate and my hands are nice and slippery with cream. Follow my lead and you will see just how to do it. Watch intently where my fingers slide. I know you would love to see my Goddess hands sliding up and down.
Just when I guide you to the edge of orgasm you’ll hear my command, hands off. You can’t help it. You will obey. When you watch this video you’ll see how owned you truly are. You could never resist me. It feels too good to obey. Every time I turn around and tease you with my ass, you realize you want to cum only for me, only for your Goddess. And if you’re a good boy I’ll let you!
Teased, Trained, Destroyed by Glitter Goddess
Stroke For Me: I’ll Show You How With My Dildo“, $20

Deep and Sensual Hypnosis Glitter GoddessThis a very seductive, sensual, and intimate hypnosis. Do you think it is an accident that I use my sheer nude pantyhose, my golden hair, my shiny black heels, and my sweet and powerful ass to hypnotize you? Hehe… It is time for you to relax into the deepest hypnosis yet and you have no idea what plans I have in store for you. It’s better to just trust me that I have so much pleasure for both of us building stronger and stronger, bigger and bigger. But first, you’ll need to go deep. First, you will need to melt with my voice and my beauty. Time to please me…NOW
* This is a must have video for all good boys and especially if you are memorized by my shiny black heels and /or my perfect ass.
Teased, Trained, Destroyed by Glitter Goddess
Deep and Sensual Hypnosis with Glitter Goddess“, $20

Teased, Trained, Destroyed (2)My good boy needs to be brainwashed to the next level. You crave to be trained, teased, and destroyed by me if it makes me happy… and it does! I have toe-less thigh socks and tight black lingerie on in this video. Would you like to see? …And my feet, breasts, and ass are looking even more sexy than usual! I know just how to tease you into oblivion, submission, and pleasure, just follow my lead. Ready?
Teased, Trained, Destroyed by Glitter Goddess
Teased, Trained, Destroyed by Glitter Goddess“, $20

Deep Addiction No Chance For EscapeNO chance for resistance and NO chance for escape! When I’m done with you, your addiction will be secured! I use any sexy means necessary to hook you, trap you, and have you begging for more. I’ll use my perfect ass, my fabulous breasts, brainwashing, and JOI to tease you into a hyper state of arousal. You’ll love me and you’ll beg for more orgasms this mind-blowing!
Deep Addiction No Chance For Escape
Deep Addiction For Goddess: No Chance For Escape“, $20

Brainwashed Yes GoddessGet ready for this video to revolutionize the way you serve me. It’s BRAINWASHING and MIND FUCKING so powerful that your whole world turns upside down. Your new way of thinking is hotter, better, and of course makes you a better submissive for me. My plans for you? Ultimate control over your mind, body, and of course your cock! Watch my feather and my sexy body and stroke, my goody boy. Before you know it you will have a whole new mind and “Yes Goddess” will become your way of life!
Brainwashed - Yes Goddess, Yes Goddess, Yes Goddess with Glitter Goddess
Brainwashed – Yes Goddess, Yes Goddess, Yes Goddess with Glitter Goddess“, $20

Hypno Video Glitter GoddessThis is brand new for me to actually create a video like this, but I have had this fantasy for a long time! Though you can’t see him I have a lover down between my legs, licking my sweet pussy through the entire hypnosis video. Not only is this a powerful hypnosis session to stroke your cock to, but you NEED to see my facial expressions while I am receiving amazing pleasure. I know you’re curious!
Strap onRole Play Video with Glitter Goddess
Glitter Goddess Hypnotizes You While Getting Her Pussy Licked“, $20

This is the new video that ALL of my adorers need to have. It is SO entrancing and intoxicating and it will bring us closer than ever in your worship of me. Ever since I can remember I have been turned on by the thought of having someone worship my panties and masturbate. This video will take you that visual and hypnotic journey and you will watch it over and over. It will be more powerful with every time you watch it. So if you get only one video get this one!.
Strap onRole Play Video with Glitter Goddess
You’re Obsessed With My Panties“, Body Worship Video with Glitter Goddess, $20

Welcome to the dark side Glitter Goddess VideoWelcome to the dark side of your fetishes, perversions and addictions! They are all so hard to resist because it feels SO good to give in. I am your femme fatale, your seductress, and your Mistress and I will be guiding you further and deeper. Come with me to the depths of desire and the peak of pleasure. Your chance to resit is lost. It is time now to give in.
Strap onRole Play Video with Glitter Goddess
Welcome To The Dark Side“, Video with Glitter Goddess, $20

Eat Your Cum CEI Glitter GoddessThis maybe my hottest video yet! Have you tried it? I promise I’ll make it fun and SO sexy! I’ll tease you with my ass which looks crazy hot in yoga pants. Eating your cum is the ultimate way to submit. A truly sexy and pleasing experience especially with me taking the lead… guiding you… coaxing you… helping you achieve the ultimate goal! And if you love me in yoga pants (you’d be crazy not to) then you’ll love this video even more. I can’t wait for you to submit to me fully! Ready to follow my lead?
Video with Glitter Goddess
Goddess in Yoga Pants Guides You To Eat Your Cum“, CEI Video, $20

Foot Worship Addiction video with Glitter GoddessBecome addicted to the most beautiful feet in the world! This hypnotic JOI video is a must have if you love feet and Goddess worship. Some of the most beautiful foot imagery you’ll ever see will take you deep into a submissive stupor while I seduce you into kissing and loving on my feet… like you needed any encouragement! Go ahead, I’ll let you get very close to my feet. Be near them and feel their power. Take a kiss. I’m waiting for you to take your place at my royal feet to pleasure us both.
Features my sexy bare feet with gold barefoot sandals (basically jewelry for feet), my pink painted toenails, a very sumptuous feather, and my hypnotic power.
Strap onRole Play Video with Glitter Goddess
Foot Worship Addiction“, Foot Worship Video with Glitter Goddess, $20

Give Stroke Obey Video Glitter GoddessThese words will permeate deep, deep in your mind and leave an indelible mark on your sexual fantasies. These are some of the most sexy triggers in the world to anyone with a weakness for findom. The triggers are woven into a powerful hypnosis with me. You don’t need tons of money to play, but the money we do play with will feel better than anything you have ever experienced. Ready to please me and feel those electric pulses of pleasure through your cock every time you press send? Let’s just see what it feels like.
Strap onRole Play Video with Glitter Goddess
Give, Stroke, Obey“, Findom Video with Glitter Goddess, $20

Sissy Training with Glitter GoddessThis is the beginning of your feminine journey and I will be your Goddess, guiding you through this new territory. You will learn all about femininity through me. You will find out about my preferences with lingerie and have several tasks to do including an assignment from me. After this video, you will have a new excitement for panties and a brand new femininity to celebrate!!!
Strap onRole Play Video with Glitter Goddess
Sissy Training Level 1“, Feminization Video with Glitter Goddess, $20

Suck My Cock Role Play Glitter GoddessThis is something that we both know you need. It is time for you have your real-time session with me at my dungeon. Come in and have a kneel on the floor. I have something I want to you see, something I want you to suck on for me. I’ll show you how my pet. Just give it a little suck for me while your mind grows weak and your cock gets hard. Time to meet me at my dungeon for a little strap on fun!
Strap onRole Play Video with Glitter Goddess
 Suck My Strap On: Role Play Video“, $20

Stroke Addict Video Glitter GoddessStoke and stroke, get nice and hard for me. I know this is what you are made for and I want to make you even more addicted to stroking for me. I made this hypnotic video to help things along. Get your cock out and prepare to be transformed. Feed your addiction and the pleasure will increase. As the pleasure increases, it feeds your addiction. Won’t you come stroke with me? (If you love this video get this one too, “I Know You Are A Stroke Junkie”)
Become A Stroke Addict Glitter Goddess
Become a Stroke Addict For Goddess“, $20

Mistress of Body Work Video Glitter GoddessIf you are ready for a real-time session of pleasing my body then you are about to be a very happy boy! Wet look lingerie, ass worship, face sitting, foot worship, stockings, body worship, real-time roleplay, this video has it all. It is stunning just like me and I can’t wait to have you just where I want you. Giving me pleasure is your job in this session and I will make it very easy to surrender to me, your Mistress.

Mistress of Body Worship: Video with Glitter Goddess“, $20

The Ultimate Foot Worship Hypnosis VideoI begin with my red heels on. You will go a little deeper and become hypnotized with my gentle movements. Then in a trance, you realize my heels are dangling off my stockinged toes. Then they drop. Any idea what I will have you do next? Eventually, I will need to peel my stockings off so you can please every part of my feet. This is one of my most beautiful videos yet and if you love feet, then this will be a very important video for you to have. Time for the ultimate foot worship hypnosis video to bring you to your knees!
The Ultimate Foot Worship Hypnosis Video
Ultimate Foot Worship: Hypnosis Video“, $20

Cuck Role Play Video Glitter GoddessAre you wild about cuckold fantasies where your wife is pleasured by other men (especially by black men), but you have no idea why? It is time for you to know the truth. She has been doing her own naughty scheming even more than you have! In this video, I will reveal the secrets you have been waiting for, but the truth is even better than your wildest cuck fantasies!! Your wife deserves all the pleasure in the world and watching this video is the next step for you. Don’t you want to know her part in all of this? Don’t you want to know what her plans are for you are now? You are about to find out!!

Cuck Role Play Video with Glitter Goddess“, $20

The Biggest Orgasm of Your Life Glitter GoddessAre you ready to treat yourself to something very special? I will be hypnotizing you into a deep and powerfully stimulating hypnotic trance. The title is true. I will be guiding your hand and your thoughts building you closer and closer to the biggest, most intense orgasm of your life! Ready to feel how good the best is? Lock the door and get ready for the ultimate pleasure!

Biggest Orgasm of Your Life! JOI Hypnosis Video“, $20

Sissy Panty Game Video with Glitter GoddessMy sweet sissy, grab as many girly pairs of panties that you have and meet me in a secret place. I have a little game we are going to play. I hope you are feeling girly right now because, you are in for a very special, very feminine treat. I love girl time together! Ready, set, go get a handful of panties and this video!
Sissy Panty Game! Video with Glitter Goddess
Sissy Panty Game: Role Time and Hypnosis“, $20

Real Time Session Role Play Glitter Goddess
I know you have wondered what it would be like to come to me for a real time session. This is a role play done as if you really are here with me. You will get to see me showing off my body. You will be massaging my feet. Will I let my dear submissive have any release? We will just have to see how well you please my feet underneath these pantyhose…
Real Time Session with Glitter Goddess
Real Time Session Role Play and Hypnosis“, $20

worship my breasts Glitter Goddess Video  That ultra thin white fabric is such a tease as it slides over my pierced nipples. I do not know who will end up feeling more pleasure from this, you or me! Have you ever imagined yourself becoming completely blank in your mind, having single focus on nothing but the most beautiful breasts you have ever seen? What if you let go and let your eyes get soft? What if you let me into your mind and you let my breasts start to infiltrate your pleasure zones? Would you like to see what that feels like? Would you like to surrender a little bit and give up thinking while I take over. My breasts are the perfect place to put your attention, just relax and let’s begin.

 Worship My Breasts: Hypnosis Video“, $20
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Lick Me, Please Me JOI_Ass Worship Video CoverDo you crave the licks and the pleasure that only come with moments of pure intoxication, serving my ass? Even if you have never contemplated ass worship, this video will show you pleasure that you did not know you were missing. There is a delicacy, a tenderness, a seduction that I expose you to in this video that will invoke your total adoration of my exquisite ass. Watch it sway, undulate, and grind and before you know it all that you will want is to slide closer and closer. Feel your face pressed against my soft skin and try to resit the urge to please me with your tongue. It will be impossible to resist the pleasure it brings once you feel my pillowy softness surround you. If this is your first time considering ass worship, watch this video. If you have loved my ass for a long time, watch this video. And for God’s sake if you are an ass worshipper and you have not worshiped me yet, watch this video!

Lick Me Please Me: JOI Ass Worship Video“, $20
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Glitter Goddess is Orgasm GirlWhen I wear my glasses I am just another girl at the office, but when I take my glasses off I am Orgasm Girl! I am impossible to resist and I will blow your mind with pleasure if I catch you. I have superpowers galore that I will use to trap you in my edging game. All that teasing and mind control will amount to one super-powered orgasm. So the question is, are you content to not know what it is like to be under the influence of Orgasm Girl or will you let your curiosity get the best of you? In this video: Role play as a super hero and an irresistible joi/edging game with your body under my total control.

Glitter Goddess is… Orgasm Girl!“, $20
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I am laughing at your small dick (2)Are you teeny tiny down there? Then you need to be made aware of the implications. This is not like my other videos and is ONLY to watch if you know you deserve and NEED humiliation. I laugh at you, giggle, and take amusement from the size of your dicklet. That is really all it is good for, but you know that. You deserve to watch this video of you are nodding along. If you are horrified I would say such things, please do not get this video since you do not need humiliation. I have so many seductive videos for you to enjoy, just not this one. If you are a tiny dicked’ loser… then you know what to do! Our session starts in 1 minute!

I am laughing at your small dick“, $20
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Be My Good Boy CoverWhat is it like to be my good boy? What does it feel like to make me happy and to please me? This is a little power pack of seduction with beautiful visuals that will have you melting and surrendering to my beauty. Do you want to love me? Do you want to please me? Do you want to be my good boy? I will show you how easy it is and how good it feels. I will nurture you and you will feel special. You will get to worship my breasts. You will get to worship my perfect ass. You will get to worship my entire Goddess body… and maybe you can be my favorite ‘good boy’ of all?!

Be My Good Boy”, $5 Video/Audio  See More About This Content

Elegant Tease JOI CoverYou know you have always wanted to be teased and seduced by an elegant woman. Expensive furs, high heels, stockings, and lace are very provocative on a truly elegant woman, but it is the woman herself who brings that special je ne sais quoi to a flirtation. Yes, I am feeling flirtatious now. Won’t you join me in my boudoir for some tantalizing pleasure? I’ll lead.

Elegant Tease JOI“, $20

Senual Pleasure Leg Worship CoverI am a woman who knows how to use my sexy legs to weaken you totally. I have no problem using them to tease you, seduce you, and weaken you even more. I would love for you to massage them intimately for me. Our pleasure depends on it! Go ahead and give in to the allure of my legs. Worship them, love them, and feel the pleasure this brings us. Feel how hard you get when you please me and I get wet too when you do just what I like.

Sensual Pleasure: Leg Worship Video“, $20

Stroke Junkie CoverI know what a masturbation addict you are. I know that you can’t wait to get home from work so you can get to stroking! In this video, I will give you the facts and guidance and fuel for your secret obsession. You are a stroke junkie and you will always be a stroke junkie. I will get in your head and make you need to stroke even more! I use hypnosis and teases with my body to tempt you into being more of the jerk off junkie you truly are. Start stroking now if you haven’t already. It is time for you to get comfortable, get naughty and hear what I have to say about your masturbation habit. Here is a little hint…I encourage it!

“I Know You Are A Stroke Junkie”, $20

JOI Get Naughty JOI Glitter GoddessIf you are newly considering playing with your submissive side, then this JOI (jerk off instruction) is perfect for you. I will guide you through pleasuring yourself and will introduce you to the light and sultry ways to play with submission. Nothing hard-core, just my seductive voice guiding your masturbation and a sexy photo of me with a hypnotic background* to focus your attention. Come dip your toes in;)
*Not a full-on video of me, but it is in a video format because there is a moving, hypnotic photo of me ;)

“Get a Little Naughty JOI”, $5

Glitter GoddessThis intro pack has everything you need to get started serving me the right way. It includes: 1. “Dos and Don’ts: Etiquette For Pleasing Goddess” – Video 2. “Get a Little Naughty JOI” – Audio with hypnotic photo of me 3. “Ease with Desires” – Video 4. Four articles written by me about dominance/submission, serving, hypnosis, and my secrets. 5. All the best ways to keep in touch with me including my messenger IDs. 6. A tempting photo of me This is a wonderful beginning! I wonder where we will go from here now that you have the basics down?
Glitter Goddess GFE Video
“Intro Pack: What You Need To Get Started Serving Me,” Tons of stuff! $15

edging glitter goddessHave you ever let a gorgeous, powerful woman edge your orgasm over and over without letting you cum until precisely when she meant to? In this video, I guide you in a seductive and hypnotic JOI (jerk off instruction) and I do just that. I use my body including a focus on my ass, legs, and breasts to lead you just where I want you, the edge of orgasm, over and over. When I finally do guide you to cum it will be so explosive it just might be your best orgasm yet! Are you ready for me to guide you to that level of pleasure?
Glitter Goddess GFE Video
“Edging with Glitter Goddess”, Hypnotic JOI Video, $20

sensual domination Glitter GoddessGet ready to be sweetly seduced, nurtured, and utterly swept off your feet by my gentle yet powerful seductions. Come lay your head in my lap and let go of any worries that trouble your mind. I will care for you, guide you, and render you weak and helpless to resist me. Of course, my pantyhose and satin robe make it hard for you think straight. Just take my hand sweetheart. I’m going to lead you to the bedroom and help you let go. I have this new pressure point relaxation I learned that I want to try on you…
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“Sensual Domination with Glitter Goddess”, Hypnotic Video, $20

Hypno-therapy with Glitter GoddessYou may have tried therapy with me before. You may have been hypnotized too. This video is explosively HOT! I will invite you in, clear your mind, and start hypno-therapy as it should be. It’s a very steamy role play including peeks up my skirt that will leave you controlled and needing even more therapy for your masturbation habits!*

“Explosive Hypno-Therapy”, Hypnosis Video, $20

Glitter GoddessThis sex therapy session has so many surprises! I will confess things that no body knows and I will get you to release in ways you never thought you could in front of your therapist. This session won’t have you fixating on me any less, but I have a feeling you won’t mind that one bit. Hurry up! Our session starts in 2 minutes!*

 “The VERY Naughty Sex Therapist,” Hypnosis Video, $20

Glitter GoddessMy ass is memorizing on it’s own and with my direction and deep trance inducing voice… you’re in big trouble! What better way to tease you with my perfect ass, than to dress up in my lingerie, panties, garter belt, and sheer black thigh highs. I can’t wait to have you needing, worshiping, craving my ass. It’s time to relax, go very deep into hypnosis, and worship my perfection.
“Ass Trance with Glitter Goddess’, Hypnosis Video, $20

lipnosis video Glitter GoddessIt is time to get up close and personal with my lips. They are bright red, gorgeous, and powerful! The more you watch the deeper you will be entranced. This video will get you more addicted, more focused, and more obsessed with me. It is a joi video, but it will leave you craving more, needing way more, and even feeling on the edge with no release. I will demand more of you and give you an important task. If you are just looking to get off, this is not the video for you. If you are looking for training, addiction, and deepening of your intense feelings for me, then this is the perfect video. Time to let my lips rule your mind and enslave your heart. The training begins.
Glitter Goddess GFE Video
“Lipnosis: Focused Worship and Addiction”, Hypnosis Video, $20

Your Boss Glitter Goddess videoI’m your boss and your performance at work has been disappointing. My course of action is your last chance to keep your job. Keep focused because I know my beauty and dominance are distracting, but I need your full attention, for the sake of your livelihood! Oh! you are curious about what you have to do? The meeting starts in 1 minute. Don’t be late.

“Your Boss, Glitter Goddess”, Hypnotic Video, $20

Foot and Boot Worship Glitter Goddess Do you like my Chanel boots? They have got pearls down the heel…but my feet are tired in them after a long day…let me take them off…now bow down and kiss my toes…kiss my toes through my pantyhose…that’s a good pet. This set comes with 1 video and 6 photos of my gorgeous feet.
Glitter Goddess GFE Video
“Foot and Boot Worship”, 1 Video and 6 Photos, $20:

GFE Video Glitter GoddessI know you have been curious about what a vanilla relationship with me would be like, but deep down I’m not that kind of girl. In this video I break some news to you about how I have some kinky plans for our vanilla sex life. This video is full of erotic pleasures including wet-look gloves and thigh highs, lingerie, teasing, and laughing… quite an exciting GFE (Girlfriend Experience).
Glitter Goddess GFE Video
“If I Were Your Girlfriend”, GFE Video, $20

Glitter GoddessThis video is hot, intense, and I will guide you through sucking cock while under a deep hypnotic trance. Sucking cock while hypnotized can be even better than the real thing! Let me guide you, lead you, and teach you how it’s done! This is the perfect lesson and experience for my sluts. Get ready to suck!

“Cock Sucking Under Hypnosis,” Video with Glitter Goddess, $20

Skinny Dipping video photos Glitter GoddessHave you been wondering if I’ve had a fun summer? I have! I’ve been doing all sorts of naughtiness. Would you like to join me for skinny dipping in the river? I have here 6 gorgeous photos of me including my breasts and my ass and one amazing video of my swim. Come take a dip ;) P.S. These photos make for some very ‘scenic’ desktop backgrounds

“Skinny Dipping with Glitter Goddess” 1 Video and 6 Photos

ass worship joi hypnosis trance Glitter GoddessThis is the essential ass worship video that will hypnotize you so completely that you will develop an ass fetish if you don’t already have one. I also teach you just how I like my ass to be pleased…AND I will lead you through how to jerk off for me! Mmmmmmm. Be a good boy and watch this video. A must see if you love me, ass worship, pantyhose, and erotic hypnosis.

Ass Worship JOI with Glitter Goddess”, Video, $20

Dos and Don'ts Glitter Goddess VideoHave you been wondering how to please me and what etiquette I expect of you? In this video I give you all the tips and tricks to get it right with me from the start. This is the older “Dos & Don’t Video”. Still a great one!

“Dos and Don’ts: Etiquette For Pleasing Goddess”, Video, $1

*I hold no professional license as a therapist. These videos are for entertainment purposes only.