Sissy Training with Glitter Goddess

sissy feminization Glitter GoddessDressing up, lingerie, teasing men! What fun girls have!

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sissy feminization Glitter GoddessI am Your Goddess

I am your BFF, your confidant, your dominant Goddess, and your everything!

It is important for everyone to have someone to count on, to tell our secrets to, and to love. I can to be that very important woman for you. I understand sissy hood, feminity, submissive needs, and above all womanhood. Nurturing and caring are important parts of my training, which does not mean you will be able to get away with anything less than what pleases me. Welcome to your sissy journey and the beginning of a brand new chapter of your life.

glitter heart1Are you ready for change? Are you ready to be transformed? Are you ready to serve your Goddess? I am ready for you!



♥ Sissy Training ♥ Panties and Lingerie ♥ Girl Time ♥ Role Play ♥ Mani/Pedis ♥ Lipstick and Makeup ♥ Domestic Service ♥ Forced Feminization ♥ Cock Sucking Lessons ♥ Body Worship


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Have you ever considered hypnosis as a part of your sissy training? Hypnosis can be used for several aspects of our connection:

  • It is a sweet and relaxing way to get to know each other and get close quickly
  • It is an easy way to advance your training, resistance just melts away
  • If you are ready to be totally feminized, hypnosis can begin to transform your body and mind in a VERY powerful way
  • It is an amazingly vivid way to experience serving me when serving in person is not possible

Here is some sissy content to get you started!

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Sissy Training with Glitter GoddessSissy Training Level 1,” video, $20:
Sissy Training Level 1 with Glitter Goddess
This is the beginning of your feminine journey and I will be your Goddess, guiding you through this new territory. You will learn all about femininity through me. You will find out about my preferences with lingerie and have several tasks to do including an assignment from me. After this video you will have a new excitement for panties and a brand new femininity to celebrate!!!

Sissy Training Level Two Video with Glitter GoddessSissy Training Level 2,” video, $20:
Sissy Training Level 2
It’s okay if you were not born with the innate sense of fashion, styling, and elegance of a Goddess. That is why you have me to guide you! …And I will be molding you in my image. In level 2, I talk about outfits, accessories, and even an introduction to little known accessories that will change your sissy life! Need some guidance with how to pick out heels and how to walk in them? I’ve got you covered! Let’s celebrate the changes that are taking effect by refining your sissy style!

Sissy Level 3 Training video with Glitter GoddessSissy Training Level 3,” video, $20:
Sissy Training Level 3 with Glitter Goddess
We both know it is time for you to start expressing your sexual femininity! That is what level 3 is all about! Learn how I like you to play with your lady bits including toy suggestions, techniques, and ideas from my experience as a sexually liberated woman. You will get more girly assignments to refine your look and your feminine personality.
You will also get to find out what level 4 is!!!

Awaken Your X Chromosome Sissy Glitter Goddess “Awaken Your X Chromosome”, Hypnosis Audio, $15
Buy Now Audio

This is THE audio that will activate your femininity once and for all! Through hypnosis I will transform your mind, your body, and your heart into the sissy you truly are. Listen especially at night on repeat on low volume. 

Sissy Panty Game Video with Glitter GoddessSissy Panty Game: Role Time and Hypnosis“, $20
Sissy Panty Game! Video with Glitter Goddess

My sweet sissy, grab as many girly pairs of panties that you have and meet me in a secret place. I have a little game we are going to play. I hope you are feeling girly right now because, you are in for a very special, very feminine treat. I love girl time together! Ready, set, go get a handful of panties and this video!

Jillian's Story - The Erotic Confessions Of A Domestic Slave Cover

Erotic Fiction: “Jillian’s Story – What it is Like to Serve Glitter Goddess”, $15

Read Jillian’s story about her domestic service in to me in my home. If you have fantasies about being my devoted companion or wife, then read this story.

Sissy spa day assignment Glitter GoFeminization Experience: Sissy Spa Day, $12

This is a very intimate and powerful sissy spa experience. You must have a cucumber for your eyes and it will include you having a sissy squirt and it is a great way to show me you are ready to take my instructions.

Sissy Orgasm Instructions- With Vibrator

Are you ready for a big-girly-orgasm with a vibrator? It is best for you to cum with a girly vibrator when you must squirt.

What You Will Need

  • You should have a big vibrator like a Hitachi Magic Wand. Magic Wands are available on amazon and other online stores.  There may be other vibrators that work, but I like this one because it has a big vibrating head, is very powerful, has two speeds (high and low), and plugs in so you do not have to worry about batteries.
  • One or two washcloths (pink if possible)
  • Panties or other outfits that feel good
  • The optional audio of me verbally walking you through the instructions and  playing with my vibrator too. You can buy it here for $15 btn ext buy now 136x34 Glitter Goddess

“Being a sissy is the greatest thing in the world and as a sissy I give pleasure to myself in only one way ….. using a vibrator on my clitty.” -Sissy KP

Sissy Orgasm Instructions

How do you know if you are ready for a big girly orgasm? If you are the kind sissy that feels more like a boy after you cum try to hold off as long as you can.  I want you always to be as girly, as long as possible.  If you do not have that problem, go for it and have as much fun as often as you can!

Put on your panties and any other girly items you are inspired to wear. Whatever you put on should make you feel beautiful and vulnerable.  Lock your door so you feel safe. Once you are dressed, lay down with your vibrator in hand. Now would be the time to put on the audio if you purchased it.

“I can be wearing a dress, skirt, workout clothes or just lounging around in my panties and bra. My vibrator is always there, ready and willing.” Sissy KP

Relax and imagine being really girly and slutty. Use what ever fantasies are natural for you.

Begin by covering your clitty with one or two layers of a washcloth, pink is best of course. Turn your vibrator to Low. Slowly run the vibrator head along the sides of your clitty and move it up, down, and around your clitty. Sometimes that motion alone can make your clitty explode, so go easy if you want the pleasure to last. Continue playing that way taking little breaks if it gets too intense and you think you might squirt too soon. Visualize your clitty shrinking and being teeny tiny. Continue to tease your clitty until you cannot take it any longer and you are ready to have a big girly orgasm. Turn the vibrator to high and move it directly on your clitty. Within seconds your clitty will burst into orgasm!

Alternately, you can wrap your vibrator in a pillow and hump your clitty against the pillow on the bed. Put a towel over the pillow to keep it clean. Hump and hump until you feel overwhelmed with pleasure and you let go.

Either way you will be completely exhausted and so happy.

Important Audios

Orgasm Instructions2These are my orgasm instructions in audio form. Sometimes you just need my soothing voice when it is time to have a sissy squirt. I even use my vibrator right along with you! Buy Now “Instructions For Big-Girly Orgasms”, $15

Guilt and shame Glitter GoddessDo you sometimes feel embarrassed or shameful after you have a sissy squirt? I hope not, but if you do this audio can help. I want you to feel proud of what we do together. “Guilt and Shame No More”, $15

Some Exciting Images

Sissy Glitter Goddess

Glitter Goddess Sissy