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Let Me Guide Your Hand To Ultimate Pleasure

JOI Glitter GoddessJerk Off Instruction (JOI) is such a pleasure. Similar to hypnosis, it is very versatile and can interweave with almost any fetish or genre. I can be a stern Mistress guiding you through tease and denial with endless edging and I can be your sweet girlfriend experience edging you over the phone. I do both phone and cam JOI sessions and if you are ready to play you can contact me for a session.

I also have lots of fun and tantalizing JOI videos and audios. If some of these topics do not interest you, no problem. Like I said, JOI can be applied to almost anything you can imagine! Consider having a session with me or ordering a custom audio if you are looking for something specific.

Some of my favorite combinations with JOI:

Edging • Hypnosis • Goddess Worship • Good Boy  Training

A Perfect Place To Start

Explosive Hypnosis 150x150 Glitter Goddess

Explosive Hypnosis”, JOI and Hypnosis Audio, $5:Have you been wondering if hypnosis is real, safe, and as hot as I say? In this audio, I do not bring in dominance, submission, or addiction. This is about the pure pleasure of erotic hypnosis. It feels phenomenal and explosive to cum under trance!
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Get Naughy JOI Cover 150x150 Glitter Goddess Get A Little Naughty”, JOI and Hypnosis Audio, $5: Are you interested in a gentle and sensual coaxing to be my good boy? If you have just recently wondered about what it would be like to be my pet and to play with me and new submissive tendencies, then let me guide you in this audio.
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Jerk Off Instruction Videos

“Breast Worship”, Breast Worship Video Glitter GoddessHypnosis Video, $35
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

My luscious breasts need no introduction! I will say that in this video you have the privilege of seeing my bare breasts and worshiping them fully! This is a wonderfully seductive hypnosis video that might just be your new favorite!

Big Dose of Pleasure Video Glitter Goddess“BIG Dose of Pleasure”, Glitter Goddess Video, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

You think of me… and the cravings begin. That’s when you know you need an incredible dose of my pleasure.
It is time my good boy. Time to play. Time to relax. Time to let go and see just how intense this next dose of pleasure will be…

edging JOI Glitter Goddess“Edging: The Initiation To Forbidden Pleasure”, Video, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

I know you love to edge for me and now is the perfect time to escape into the pleasures of being totally controlled by me in the most sensual of ways. No words could prepare you for this video’s pleasure.

Hint: If you are looking for a first video to buy this is a great one! It’s also perfect if you have lots of my videos too!

“Booty, Booty, Booty “, 3 Loop Videos, $20Booty Booty Booty
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

I know you fantasize about my ass and you have NEVER seen my ass like this! THREE videos of pleasure! Each has the same sexy audio you will drool over, but with your choice of 3 sexy as f*ck outfits! Time to let me blow your mind!

*Includes instructions for how to easily loop the video.

“Sex Therapy Session Turns Into Sexy JOI”, 3 Loop Videos, $20Sexy Therapy (3)-min
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

Roleplay & JOI: I know you’re not used to seeing me timid, but as a brand new sex therapist* and with you as one of my very first clients, I am going to have to resort to what I know from my personal sex life in order to best guide you. I’m a little shy at first, mostly because I don’t know if my methods are allowed, being that I am a new professional. But I let my sexy ideas out when I realize that you won’t tell on me. You’ll get seduced from this session like you would never even dreamed of and the flirtation will drive you wild!
*All references to “therapy” and “therapist” are for entertainment purposes only. Real sex therapists have nothing on me when it comes to JOI. Here, I’m the professional ;)

“Edging and Sensual Domination”, Video, $20Edging and Sensual Domination Glitter Goddess
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

You, my good boy, can’t deny the power of my voice. I take hold of your mind, body, and your cock and I don’t let go. And you are very lucky my pet because the command that my presence has over you is about to get bigger and bigger!

This dose of your Goddess is too great to resist and this isn’t the first time you’ve fallen under my spell. This isn’t the first time you’ve succumbed to sensual pleasure with me. But unlike any of the other natural beauties who lose their grasp on you, with each new listen to my voice, my grasp, my hold, my power over you only becomes stronger. The pleasure, more palpable, more enveloping, more intoxicating.
Ready for your next dose?

Sudden Pleasure“, Hypnosis and New Trigger Video, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

It’s time for a new trigger… one to add to and surpass waves of pleasure. Oh you didn’t even consider that I would have an even more diabolical trigger planned for you? Good thing I am in charge, because I do. I have a new trigger that will send quakes, waves, AND shocks of pleasure through your body and here is a little secret… it’s not just your body this works on. I feel the pleasure too. This video will be your new staple, your new favorite, your new go-to for intense pleasure and training with me, but don’t worry my good boy, this video will trigger you forever.

You Were (3)Glitter Goddess Your Puppeteer“, Theraputic AND SEXY Video, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

This is a VERY different sort of video because it is truly therapeutic for breaking your addiction to other women online, while at the same time it is also a DEEP mind fuck and an even DEEPER hypnotic experience where the sneaky waves of pleasure are amplified. This video will change you. I will be your puppeteer and you will never look back. Are you ready to be born anew? Are you ready to give yourself to me? Are you ready to be free of the distractions that keep you from me? Come my good boy. Now is the time.

Work Out Hard video with Glitter Goddess

Work Out Hard“, Erotic Hypno-Therapy Video, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

You’re crazy if you don’t have a fetish for me in hot work out clothes (with heels no less!). Why not use some of that infatuation to get yourself motivated? Heart rate pumping, heavy breathing, I have big plans for you! So hop on the bandwagon of the Glitter Goddess work out plan. You just might find that working out is WAY sexier than you ever imagined.
* Any reference to therapy is for entertainment purposes only
**This outfit is also my Halloween outfit (since it’s a joke that I would ever have to work out!) so I also added a silly Halloween video in this goody which introduces this video. So there are 2 videos in here!

Erotic Hypno-Therapy with Glitter Goddess

Stroke Your Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend
Erotic Hypno-Therapy Video, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

This is even better than a dream come true! I have found a way to harness the pleasure and power of your desire to stroke for me to help areas of your life you have been wanting to improve. Thusly, my Erotic Hypno-Therapy* Series is born! The control and dominance I have over you will begin to add pleasure to other areas of your life.

In this video we will explore having better sex with your wife or girlfriend. As your therapist, my techniques are rather… nontraditional, but you aren’t looking for the same old thing anyway, are you?
It’s something you undoubtedly desire and unknowingly, so does she. So do a favor to you both and see how much better your sex will be after I’m done with you. You’ll thank me later once your girl starts asking you what you did or who you talked with to be so much better in bed! But, shh! It will be our little secret! Isn’t that right my good boy?
*All mention of therapy is for entertainment purposes only

Stroke For Me Glitter Goddess VdieoStroke For Me: I’ll Show You How With My Dildo“, $20
Teased, Trained, Destroyed by Glitter Goddess

Are you ready for edging with me? I’ll show you how with my Dildo. JOI (Jerk Off Instruction) is much more fun when I guide your hand. You need new techniques for stroking. Luckily, I have my dildo here to demonstrate and my hands are nice and slippery with cream. Follow my lead and you will see just how to do it. Watch intently where my fingers slide. I know you would love to see my Goddess hands sliding up and down.
Just when I guide you to the edge of orgasm you’ll hear my command, hands off. You can’t help it. You will obey. When you watch this video you’ll see how owned you truly are. You could never resist me. It feels too good to obey. Every time I turn around and tease you with my ass, you realize you want to cum only for me, only for your Goddess. And if you’re a good boy I’ll let you!

Deep and Sensual Hypnosis Glitter GoddessDeep and Sensual Hypnosis with Glitter Goddess“, $20
Teased, Trained, Destroyed by Glitter Goddess

This a very seductive, sensual, and intimate hypnosis. Do you think it is an accident that I use my sheer nude pantyhose, my golden hair, my shiny black heels, and my sweet and powerful ass to hypnotize you? Hehe… It is time for you to relax into the deepest hypnosis yet and you have no idea what plans I have in store for you. It’s better to just trust me that I have so much pleasure for both of us building stronger and stronger, bigger and bigger. But first, you’ll need to go deep. First, you will need to melt with my voice and my beauty. Time to please me…NOW
* This is a must have video for all good boys and especially if you are memorized by my shiny black heels and /or my perfect ass.

You’re Obsessed With My Panties!“, Body Worship Video with Glitter Goddess, $20
Strap onRole Play Video with Glitter Goddess

This is the new video that ALL of my adorers need to have. It is SO entrancing and intoxicating and it will bring us closer than ever in your worship of me. Ever since I can remember I have been turned on by the thought of having someone worship my panties and masturbate. This video will take you that visual and hypnotic journey and you will watch it over and over. It will be more powerful with every time you watch it. So if you get only one video get this one!

Give Stroke Obey Video Glitter GoddessGive, Stroke, Obey“, Findom Video with Glitter Goddess, $20
Strap onRole Play Video with Glitter Goddess

These words will permeate deep, deep in your mind and leave an indelible mark on your sexual fantasies. These are some of the most sexy triggers in the world to anyone with a weakness for findom. The triggers are woven into a powerful hypnosis with me. You don’t need tons of money to play, but the money we do play with will feel better than anything you have ever experienced. Ready to please me and feel those electric pluses of pleasure through your cock every time you press send? Let’s just see what it feels like.

Elegant Tease JOI CoverElegant Tease JOI“, $20:

You know you have always wanted to be teased and seduced by an elegant woman. Expensive furs, high heels, stockings, and lace are very provocative on a truly elegant woman, but it is the woman herself who brings that special je ne sais quoi to a flirtation. Yes, I am feeling flirtatious now. Won’t you join me in my boudoir for some tantalizing pleasure? I’ll lead.

The Biggest Orgasm of Your Life Glitter Goddess Biggest Orgasm of Your Life! JOI Hypnosis Video“, $20

Are you ready to treat yourself to something very special? I will be hypnotizing you into a deep and powerfully stimulating hypnotic trance. The title is true. I will be guiding your hand and your thoughts building you closer and closer to the biggest, most intense orgasm of your life! Ready to feel how good the best is? Lock the door and get ready for the ultimate pleasure!

Edging with Glitter Goddess JOI Edging with Glitter Goddess”, Hypnotic JOI Video, $20
btn ext buy now 136x34 Glitter Goddess

Have you ever let a gorgeous, powerful woman edge your orgasm over and over without letting you cum until precisely when she meant to? In this video I guide you in a seductive and hypnotic JOI. I use my body including a focus on my ass, legs, and breasts to lead you just where I want you, the edge of orgasm, over and over. When I finally do guide you to cum it will be so explosive it just might be your best orgasm yet! 


Eat Your Cum CEI Glitter Goddess

Eat Your Cum For Glitter Goddess“, Hypnosis video, $20
Sexy Dreams Hypno Hypnosis Audio

This maybe my hottest video yet! Have you tried it? I promise I’ll make it fun and SO sexy! I’ll tease you with my ass which looks crazy hot in yoga pants. Eating your cum is the ultimate way to submit. A truly sexy and pleasing experience especially with me taking the lead… guiding you… coaxing you… helping you achieve the ultimate goal! And if you love me in yoga pants (you’d be crazy not to) then you’ll love this video even more. I can’t wait for you to submit to me fully! Ready to follow my lead?

Lick Me, Please Me JOI_Ass Worship Video Cover

Lick Me Please Me: JOI Ass Worship Video“, $20

Do you crave the licks and the pleasure that only come with moments of pure intoxication, serving my ass? Even if you have never contemplated ass worship, this video will show you pleasure that you did not know you were missing. There is a delicacy, a tenderness, a seduction that I expose you to in this video that will invoke your total adoration of my exquisite ass. Watch it sway, undulate, and grind and before you know it all that you will want is to slide closer and closer. Feel your face pressed against my soft skin and try to resit the urge to please me with your tongue. It will be impossible to resist the pleasure it brings once you feel my pillowy softness surround you. If this is your first time considering ass worship, watch this video. If you have loved my ass for a long time, watch this video. And for God’s sake if you are an ass worshipper and you have not worshiped me yet, watch this video!


The Very Naughty Sex Therapist Cover JOI

 The VERY Naughty Sex Therapist,” Hypnosis Video, $20
btn ext buy now 136x34 Glitter Goddess

Do not buy this video as your very first video of mine. This sex therapy* session is for those who love me and have experienced plenty of my content and/or private sessions. I will confess things that nobody knows and I will get you to release in ways you never thought you could in front of your therapist. This session won’t have you fixating on me any less, but I have a feeling you won’t mind that one bit;) Hurry up! Our session starts in 2 minutes! In this video: Sex therapy* session and light hypnosis. It is not about showing tons of skin, it is about me, your sex therapist* revealing some of my secrets finally! *I hold no professional license as a therapist. These videos are for entertainment purposes only.

Stroke Junkie Cover

I Know You Are A Stroke Junkie“, $20:

I know what a masturbation addict you are. I know that you can’t wait to get home from work so you can get to stroking! In this video I will give you the facts and guidance and fuel for your secret obsession. You are a stroke junkie and you will always be a stroke junkie. I will get in your head and make you need to stroke even more! I use hypnosis and teases with my body to tempt you into being more of the jerk off junkie you truly are. Start stroking now if you haven’t already. It is time for you to get comfortable, get naughty and hear what I have to say about your masturbation habit. Here is a little hint…I encourage it!

Stroke Addict Video Glitter Goddess Become a Stroke Addict For Goddess“, $20
Become A Stroke Addict Glitter Goddess

Stoke and stroke, get nice and hard for me. I know this is what you are made for and I want to make you even more addicted to stroking for me. I made this hypnotic video to help things along. Get your cock out and prepare to be transformed. Feed your addiction and the pleasure will increase. As the pleasure increases, it feeds your addition. Won’t you come stroke with me? (If you love this video get this one too, “I Know You Are A Stroke Junkie”)

ass worship joi hypnosis video 150x150 Glitter GoddessAss Worship JOI with Glitter Goddess”, Video, $20
btn ext buy now 136x34 Glitter Goddess

This is the essential ass worship video that will hypnotize you so completely that you will develop an ass fetish if you don’t already have one. I also teach you just how I like my ass to be pleased…AND I will lead you through how to jerk off for me! Mmmmmmm. Be a good boy and watch this video. A must see if you love me, ass worship, pantyhose, and or erotic hypnosis.

Jerk Off Instruction Audios

I Own You Triggered For Pleasure“I Own You: Triggered For Pleasure”, Audio, $10
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

What pleasure awaits when I own you? This audio will show you! You are triggered for pleasure, but you’ll just have to find out how sweet, how seductive I can be when I trigger you for even more pleasure. Find some privacy and a pair of headphones and I am about to take you on the best JOI journey yet!

“JOI For Relaxation”, JOI for Relaxation with Glitter GoddessAudio with Glitter Goddess, $10
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

When things are hard (like recently with so much intensity in the news about politics) I think you need some pleasure, a little escape. Let me guide you in a relaxing JOI. I know you need some release from all that tension. This is the perfect quickie audio for anytime you are stressed. All you need is 10 minutes and your Goddess will lull you into well-deserved pleasure.

Being My Favorite Good Boy

Stroke Your Way To Being My Favorite Good Boy“, JOI Audio PLUS Night Time Audio, $15
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

These two audios will have you on your way to being my favorite good boy! Dream big and big rewards will come! These audios are for good boys looking to take their service to the next level. Are you ready to be teased? I’ll lovingly guide you to desperately need to do whatever it takes to please me, even if your pleasure comes second. I am your temptress after all!

Audio 1: JOI audio to stroke to
Audio 2: Night time audio will keep you serving me even when you sleep.
*Also comes with simple instructions on how to use the night time audio.

Are you ready to be my favorite good boy?! Good!!!

No More Fear of Submission

Stroke Your Way To No More Fear Of Submission“, JOI Audio PLUS Night Time Audio, $15
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

Is it really working to let fear of your submission drag down your pleasure? I know it can be foreign, uncharted, and scary, but I am here to guide you and help you let go of this fear. These two audios will have you on your way to having much more peace with your submissive side which also equates to having way more fun and pleasure!

Audio 1: JOI audio to stroke with
Audio 2: Night time audio will have you releasing fear while you sleep
*Also comes with simple instructions on how to use the night time audio.

What do you say? Are you ready to let me help you dissolve your fear and lead you on this journey into pleasure? Good!!

Making More Money

Stroke Your Way To Making More Money“, JOI Audio PLUS Night Time Audio, $15
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

These two audios will have you on your way to making more money in no time! More for me and more for you means more pleasure and fun together! This is a perfect goody if you lament not having as much money as you’d like and especially it is stopping our fun together!

Audio 1: JOI audio to stroke with
Audio 2: Night time audio will have you making progress while you sleep
*Also comes with simple instructions on how to use the night time audio.

Are you ready to have more money?! Good!!!

I Will Own Your Cock Hypnosis Audio Glitter GoddessI Will Own Your Cock“, Hypnosis Audio with Glitter Goddess, $15
Sexy Dreams Hypno Hypnosis Audio

There is nothing that I love more than seducing you and hypnotizing you into complete submission. In this audio I warn you of my dominating intentions and yet you will still be unable to resist. I WILL own your cock! The good news is that once I do own your cock you will see that the pleasure is so intoxicating, so intense that you will always and forever offer your cock to me to control. That is a very good boy! Let’s begin…

Hypo Bondage Audio Cover 150x150 Glitter Goddess Hypno-Bondage: Tied Up Teased, and Released”, $15
btn ext buy now 136x34 Glitter Goddess

 This audio is the best way to experience bondage from afar. With my hypnotic techniques it will feel like I am right here with you, physically restraining you. No pain, just the pure pleasure of me restraining you and letting you have the most pleasure you have ever felt. 

Eat Your Cum Glitter Goddess Eat Your Cum”, JOI Audio, $15
btn ext buy now 136x34 Glitter Goddess

Just relax and I will guide you through a big way to submit to me. This is one of my favorite ways for you to submit because it is so big! I’ll hypnotize you and give you four ways to eat it for me. You choose the one that feels right and I walk you through it step by step. I want you to taste it for me and be a good boy!

 Sissy Video Glitter Goddess“Instructions For Big-Girly Orgasms For Sissy”, $15
btn ext buy now 136x34 Glitter Goddess

These are my quintessential orgasm instructions for my feminized sissies in audio form. I even use my vibrator right along with you! This audio is 13 mins and 44 secs. of intimate, girly pleasure