Body Worship

Body Worship with Glitter Goddess

You and I both know that my body is so easy to worship. Body worship is something I love for good reason. I love everything about having my body worshipped, every inch of my silky, alabaster skin. I have made it very easy for you to find my main body worship videos all in one place. Relax, lock the door, and get ready to breathe me in, explore my body, and make me a VERY happy Goddess while you earn your place as my good boy.


“Breast Worship”, Breast Worship Video Glitter GoddessHypnosis Video, $35
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My luscious breasts need no introduction! I will say that in this video you have the privilege of seeing my bare breasts and worshiping them fully! This is a wonderfully seductive hypnosis video that might just be your new favorite!

“Goddess Knows Your Basic Instincts”, VideoBasic Instincts Video Glitter Goddess, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

You have basic instincts and urges as a sexual being that you cannot deny. Let me make these instincts clear you. Let me show you my plan. I am a beauty and yes, you will fall victim to my enchanting teases. Are you ready to experience your sexual destiny?

“Booty, Booty, Booty “, 3 Loop Videos, $20Booty Booty Booty
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I know you fantasize about my ass and you have NEVER seen my ass like this! THREE videos of pleasure! Each has the same sexy audio you will drool over, but with your choice of 3 sexy as f*ck outfits! Time to let me blow your mind!

*Includes instructions for how to easily loop the video.

When My Pretty Little Panties Come Off!“, Loop Video, $20Body Worship Glitter Goddess
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

This is the video you always wished your girlfriend would send you while you were gone on a long trip, but you never did have a girlfriend as sexy as me! It will make you fall in love with my body. It will make you crave my taste, my heavenly scent, and make you beg to worship my gorgeous, REAL, powerful womanly body! I’m wearing teeny-tiny thong panties…for some of this video. It’s a loop so watch my relentless tease over and over and over. Even for hours, I’ll mercilessly have you hard and drooling over me!

*Includes instructions for how to easily loop the video.
Focus: Body worship, ass worship, panties worship, breast worship, foot worship. Worship all of Me!

You Were

You Were Made To Surrender“, Video, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

Are you ready for the biggest tease yet? I am feeling very generous in this video, which means you get teases and peeks that you never would ordinarily see. But I know you my good boy. I know you are always desperately in need of training, new videos, and the next glimpse of your Goddess. This video will have you breathless, desperate, and it has a very, very happy ending.

*Hypnotic seduction and tease in my black sheer pantyhose

Big Pleasure Foot and Leg Hypnosis

Big Pleasure Foot and Leg Hypnosis“, Erotic Hypnosis Video, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

You aren’t looking for BIG pleasure are you? Oh! you are?!  In this video, I tease and I might just satisfy you taking you deeper and deeper. You watch my body. I tease you closer and closer to that big, BIG pleasure you crave.  Will you be addicted? Yes! Will you mind? Not at all. Will you need more? ALWAYS!  Are you ready to begin? YES you are!!!

worship My body Glitter Goddess “Worship My Body – with Glitter Goddess, video, $30″:

Some days I just feel like paying in bed for hours, seeing how turned on I can get by a someone worshipping my body. Today is one of those days. My body is craving to be licked and teased and caressed. I am laying in bed and ready for you to join me in my pleasure. No holding back! I’ll guide you and have you start at my pantyhose-covered toes and massage your way up. I have you allotting plenty of time to my ass and my bare breasts. Make sure you are ready for a long slow seduction because I don’t want you to rush my pleasure. This is what you are made for after all! This video includes: Body worship (meaning my naked body!), pantyhose, a secret fantasy of mine that almost no one knows about, my bare breasts, and many other seductive surprises. Come join me!

Mistress of Body Work Video Glitter GoddessMistress of Body Worship: Video with Glitter Goddess“, $20

If you are ready for a real time session of pleasing my body then you are about to be a very happy boy! Wet look lingerie, ass worship, face sitting, foot worship, stockings, body worship, real time role play, this video has it all. It is stunning just like me and I can’t wait to have you just where I want you. Giving me pleasure is your job in this session and I will make it very easy to surrender to me, your Mistress.

Hypno Video Glitter GoddessGlitter Goddess Hypnotizes You While Getting Her Pussy Licked“, $20
Strap onRole Play Video with Glitter Goddess

This is brand new for me to actually create a video like this, but I have had this fantasy for a long time! Though you can’t see him I have a lover down between my legs, licking my sweet pussy through the entire hypnosis video. Not only is this a powerful hypnosis session to stroke your cock to, but you NEED to see my facial expressions while I am receiving amazing pleasure. I know you’re curious!

Real Time Session Role Play Glitter Goddess Real Time Session Role Play and Hypnosis“, $20
Real Time Session with Glitter Goddess

I know you have wondered what it would be like to come to me for a real time session. This is a role play done as if you really are here with me. You will get to see me showing off my body. You will be massaging my feet. Will I let my dear submissive have any release? We will just have to see how well you please my feet underneath these pantyhose…

You’re Obsessed With My Panties!“, Body Worship Video with Glitter Goddess, $20
Strap onRole Play Video with Glitter Goddess

This is the new video that ALL of my adorers need to have. It is SO entrancing and intoxicating and it will bring us closer than ever in your worship of me. Ever since I can remember I have been turned on by the thought of having someone worship my panties and masturbate. This video will take you that visual and hypnotic journey and you will watch it over and over. It will be more powerful with every time you watch it. So if you get only one video get this one!

worship my breasts Glitter Goddess Video  Worship My Breasts: Hypnosis Video“, $20

That ultra thin white fabric is such a tease as it slides over my pierced nipples. I do not know who will end up feeling more pleasure from this, you or me! Have you ever imagined yourself becoming completely blank in your mind, having single focus on nothing but the most beautiful breasts you have ever seen? What if you let go and let your eyes get soft? What if you let me into your mind and you let my breasts start to infiltrate your pleasure zones? Would you like to see what that feels like? Would you like to surrender a little bit and give up thinking while I take over. My breasts are the perfect place to put your attention, just relax and let’s begin.

Senual Pleasure Leg Worship Cover

Sensual Pleasure: Leg Worship Video“, $20:

I am a woman who knows how to use my sexy legs to weaken you totally. I have no problem using them to tease you, seduce you, and weaken you even more. I would love for you to massage them intimately for me. Our pleasure depends on it! Go ahead and give in to the allure of my legs. Worship them, love them, and feel the pleasure this brings us. Feel how hard you get when you please me and I get wet too when you do just what I like.

Lick Me, Please Me JOI_Ass Worship Video Cover

Lick Me Please Me: JOI Ass Worship Video“, $20

Do you crave the licks and the pleasure that only come with moments of pure intoxication, serving my ass? Even if you have never contemplated ass worship, this video will show you pleasure that you did not know you were missing. There is a delicacy, a tenderness, a seduction that I expose you to in this video that will invoke your total adoration of my exquisite ass. Watch it sway, undulate, and grind and before you know it all that you will want is to slide closer and closer. Feel your face pressed against my soft skin and try to resit the urge to please me with your tongue. It will be impossible to resist the pleasure it brings once you feel my pillowy softness surround you. If this is your first time considering ass worship, watch this video. If you have loved my ass for a long time, watch this video. And for God’s sake if you are an ass worshipper and you have not worshiped me yet, watch this video!

lipnosis video Glitter Goddess “Lipnosis: Focused Worship and Addiction”, Hypnosis Video, $20:

It is time to get up close and personal with my lips. They are bright red, gorgeous, and powerful! The more you watch the deeper you will be entranced. This video will get you more addicted, more focused, and more obsessed with me. It is a joi video, but it will leave you craving more, needing way more, and even feeling on the edge with no release. I will demand more of you and give you an important task. If you are just looking to get off, this is not the video for you. If you are looking for training, addiction, and deepening of your intense feelings for me, then this is the perfect video. Time to let my lips rule your mind and enslave your heart. The training begins.

Ass Trance Hypnosis Video “Ass Trance with Glitter Goddess’, Hypnosis Video, $20:
You Will Worship My Body: Focus on My Legs Glitter Goddess

My ass is memorizing on it’s own and with my direction and deep trance inducing voice… you’re in big trouble! What better way to tease you with my perfect ass, than to dress up in my lingerie, panties, garter belt, and sheer black thigh highs. I can’t wait to have you needing, worshiping, craving my ass. It’s time to relax, go very deep into hypnosis, and worship my perfection.

Written Content:

Worship My body focus on my legs written hypnosis Glitter Goddess

You Will Worship My Body: Focus On My Legs (Written Hypnosis)“, $20
You Will Worship My Body: Focus on My Legs Glitter Goddess

A deep trance and my soft words swimming in your mind are exactly what you need. Let me guide your pleasure, your addiction, your worship of my body. This time I want you focused on my legs. My words will guide you, my pictures will addict you. It is a sinfully good combination and it is only the beginning of the pleasure I have planned for us. So take my words, find somewhere private to be with them, and you WILL worship my body!

Written Hypnosis Addiction to my breasts Glitter Goddess “Addiction To My Breasts,” Written Hypnosis with Photos, $15:
You Will Worship My Body: Focus on My Legs Glitter Goddess

There comes a time when you want to be completely addicted to my breasts. You want to love them, dream of them, and be enslaved by them. This written hypnosis will help you slide deep into worship of my breasts and before you know it you will be hypnotized and addicted. This comes with 7 gorgeous photos of my breasts which are interspersed between my hypnotic words. Prepare to fall deeply for my breasts and to do a certain something that will surely please me.

Body Worship Photos:

Natural Beauty Photo Set with Glitter GoddessNatural Beauty Photo Set“, 18 Sexy Photos, $15
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

18 sweet and seductive photos of your gorgeous Goddess. No makeup and beautiful as ever. These are perfect to add to your worshiping… Especially if you’d like to have a peek of me turned on and having fun!

Celebrating the Breasts of Glitter Goddess“, Photographs, $50Cele
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

My breasts of course, need no introduction. In fact, I know that if given the chance to see my breasts naked and exposed, that you would jump to take it. What’s more, my good boy, is that these are no ordinary 8 photos. How could they be since they are of me? But I mean to say that there is something magical, irresistible, and even secret about these photos that I am going to tell you.
I have developed a fetish, or extra arousal recently for having my breasts worshipped, touched, licked, teased, caressed. I have been playing with my breasts in the most sumptuous of ways. So in getting these photos, which you will do, you will 1. add to my pleasure in that I know you will be stroking your cock for them and 2. get to enjoy real images of me, completely turned on, showing them off AND playing with them. I know, you are a very lucky boy! I can’t wait to hear about what you feel when you see these. I know you’re going to just lose it!!!

Stunning with no Make Up Photos Glitter Goddess“Stunning with No Make Up”, Pure Photos of Glitter Goddess, $5
Pantyhose Photos with Glitter Goddess

Make up is completely unnecessary when it comes to a Real Goddess! These photos give you a sexy glimpse of me as the natural beauty I am and bathed in sunlight! The fact that I am also effortlessly wearing a satin and lace negligee… and nothing else should mean that these should be in your photo collection ASAP

Pantyhose Goddess photos Glitter Goddess Pantyhose Goddess: Photos in Nude Sheer Pantyhose “, $5
Pantyhose Photos with Glitter Goddess

The soft, smooth, translucent pantyhose barely cover my nude body. I have 3 photos here that capture the beauty of my pantyhose covered toes, legs, and a little further up where it gets naughty. I would love for you to see these since I know they will have you weak and fawning over me. I hope you have a pantyhose fetish like I do! They feel so good when I slide my legs together. Will you kiss me here?

Glitter Goddess Ass worship photos “Ass Worship Photos: Glitter Goddess in a Pearl Thong”, Photo Set, $5
Pantyhose Photos with Glitter Goddess

Stunning and outrageously sexy. Yes, my ass is delicious for worshipping! Have a look at these photos!!