Foot Worship

foot worship glitter goddess
My feet will be adored, massaged, pampered, licked, and kissed. Will you earn the privilege of doing the job?

You worshipping the lowest part of my body is a beautiful act of submission and the pleasure will be felt by us both. I have plenty of ways for you to begin. I have photos, videos, and maybe I’ll allow a cam or even a real time session!

In fact, foot worship is one of my favorite things to do in real time. After a long day of shopping, I want my feet worshipped. While I am taking a bath, I want my feet worshipped. When you come to serve me and you are down on your knees beneath me, I definitely want my feet worshipped!

If you are wanting a worn pair or socks or shoes of mine, send me an email and I’ll let you know what I might send you that will be completely intoxicating with my sent. is the best way to reach me.

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foot worship Glitter Goddess

My Top Foot Worship Video

Worship Me in My Sexy Heels“Worship Me in My Sexy Heels”, Video, $30
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

There are moments that leave you breathless… and this video has many. I know you adore and worship My body, but what happens when I turn it up and tease you with a perfect pair of heels on? Blood rushes to your little head, no thinking, just stroking. It is time to stroke My good boy. It’s time to worship Me in My sexy heels…

Worship Me in My Sexy Heels Glitter GoddessWorship Me in My Sexy Heels video Glitter GoddessWorship Me in My Sexy Heels

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More Foot Worship Videos…

Your Place At My Perfect Feet Glitter Goddess“Your Place At My Perfect Feet – Video with Glitter Goddess”, Video, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

Who knew my feet in a gorgeous pair of heels could be so sensual? You did! And you are about to be entranced even more. My glossy heels dangle back and forth above you and you won’t be able to resist the trance that is coming. Back and forth, back and forth in a relentless tease. How long you’ll be able to last before my voice and my sexy heels take you over the edge?

Worship My body focus on my legs written hypnosis Glitter Goddess

You Will Worship My Body: Focus On My Legs (Written Hypnosis)“, $20
You Will Worship My Body: Focus on My Legs Glitter Goddess

A deep trance and my soft words swimming in your mind are exactly what you need. Let me guide your pleasure, your addiction, your worship of my body. This time I want you focused on my legs. My words will guide you, my pictures will addict you. It is a sinfully good combination and it is only the beginning of the pleasure I have planned for us. So take my words, find somewhere private to be with them, and you WILL worship my body!

Bog Pleasure Leg and Foot Worship Hypnosis Video“BIG Pleasure: Foot and Leg Hypnosis Video with Glitter Goddess”, $20
The Ultimate Foot Worship Hypnosis Video

You aren’t looking for BIG pleasure are you? Oh! you are?!  In this video, I tease and I might just satisfy you taking you deeper and deeper. You watch my body. I tease you closer and closer to that big, BIG pleasure you crave.  Will you be addicted? Yes! Will you mind? Not at all. Will you need more? ALWAYS!  Are you ready to begin? YES, you are!!!

Foot Worship Addiction video with Glitter Goddess“Foot Worship Addiction – Video with Glitter Goddess”, $20
The Ultimate Foot Worship Hypnosis Video

Become addicted to the most beautiful feet in the world with this one video! This hypnotic JOI video is a must have if you love feet and Goddess worship. Some of the most beautiful foot imagery you’ll ever see will take you deep into a submissive stupor while I seduce you into kissing and loving on my feet… like you needed any encouragement! Go a head, I’ll let you get very close to my feet. Be near them and feel their power. Take a kiss. I’m waiting for you to take your place at my royal feet to pleasure us both.

The Ultimate Foot Worship Hypnosis VideoUltimate Foot Worship: Hypnosis Video“, $20
The Ultimate Foot Worship Hypnosis Video

I begin with my red heels on. You will go a little deeper and become hypnotized with my gentle movements. Then in a trance, you realize my heels are dangling off my stockinged toes. Then they drop. Any idea what I will have you do next? Eventually I will need to peel my stockings off so you can please every part of my feet. This is one of my most beautiful videos yet and if you love feet, then this will be a very important video for you to have. Time for the ultimate foot worship hypnosis video to bring you to your knees!
Includes: Foot worship, heels, and thigh highs + the gorgeous view of me from where you belong, at my feet

Foot and Boot Worship Glitter Goddess Foot and Boot Worship“, 1 Video and 6 Photos, $20
The Ultimate Foot Worship Hypnosis Video

Do you like my designer boots? They have gorgeous pearls down the heel…but my feet are tired in them after a long day…let me take them off…now bow down and kiss my toes…kiss my toes through my pantyhose…that’s a good pet. This set comes with 1 video and 6 photos of my gorgeous feet.
Includes: Foot worship, heels, and sheer stockings and me looking stunning as ever!

Pedicure Time Video Foot Worship Glitter Goddess“Pedicure Time”, Foot Worship Video, $20:
The Ultimate Foot Worship Hypnosis Video

I just have so much fun painting my toenails! Won’t you join me? Also included are never before seen foot photos. Aren’t you curious about what color I chose? I’ve got a spot for you to sit right here in front of me.

Foot Worship Glitter Goddess

This free video is not focused on foot worship specifically, but how could you not surrender to these perfect feet?

Essential Photo Sets, $5 each!

My Perfect Soles

My Perfect Toes Glitter Goddess     Pedicure time glitter goddess foot worship

Ready to Pamper My Feet?

You can send a tribute to them OR I might have heels, other shoes, bath bombs, or pantyhose on my wishlist. I would love for you to pick something special out for me! You can do that by clicking here or the link below. If you want to contact me to set up a session, click here.

Tribute Money Glitter Goddess     My Wishlist Money Glitter Goddess

More Foot Worship Fun…
These videos are not centered only on foot worship, but they either have components of foot worship, my sexy heels, or me in pantyhose which you will love!

“Goddess Knows Your Basic Instincts”, VideoBasic Instincts Video Glitter Goddess, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

You have basic instincts and urges as a sexual being that you cannot deny. Let me make these instincts clear you. Let me show you my plan. I am a beauty and yes, you will fall victim to my enchanting teases. Are you ready to experience your sexual destiny?

When My Pretty Little Panties Come Off!“, Loop Video, $20Body Worship Glitter Goddess
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

This is the video you always wished your girlfriend would send you while you were gone on a long trip, but you never did have a girlfriend as sexy as me! It will make you fall in love with my body. It will make you crave my taste, my heavenly scent, and make you beg to worship my gorgeous, REAL, powerful womanly body! I’m wearing teeny-tiny thong panties…for some of this video. It’s a loop so watch my relentless tease over and over and over. Even for hours, I’ll mercilessly have you hard and drooling over me!

*Includes instructions for how to easily loop the video.
Focus: Body worship, ass worship, panties worship, breast worship, foot worship. Worship all of Me!

Total Submission: Mind, Body, Spirit“, Loop Video, $20Glitter Goddess
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

The more you develop the submissive tendencies you feel, the more pleasure you let in, the more fun we can have, the more of a good boy you will become! Are you ready to be trained and reprogrammed to really explore your submissive mind, submissive body, and submissive spirit? It is time for total submission!

Real Time Session Role Play Glitter Goddess Real Time Session Role Play and Hypnosis“, $20
Real Time Session with Glitter Goddess

I know you have wondered what it would be like to come to me for a real time session. This is a role play done as if you really are here with me. You will get to see me teasing you with my body. You will be massaging my feet. Will I let my dear submissive have any release? We will just have to see how well you please my feet underneath these pantyhose…
Includes: Foot worship, heels, and nude fishnets + the gorgeous view of me from where you belong, at my feet

Elegant Tease JOI CoverElegant Tease JOI“, $20:

You know you have always wanted to be teased and seduced by an elegant woman. Expensive furs, high heels, stockings, and lace are very provocative on a truly elegant woman, but it is the woman herself who brings that special je ne sais quoi to a flirtation. Yes, I am feeling flirtatious now. Won’t you join me in my boudoir for some tantalizing pleasure? I’ll lead.

Senual Pleasure Leg Worship Cover

Sensual Pleasure: Leg Worship Video“, $20:

I am a woman who knows how to use my sexy legs to weaken you totally. I have no problem using them to tease you, seduce you, and weaken you even more. I would love for you to massage them intimately for me. Our pleasure depends on it! Go ahead and give in to the allure of my legs. Worship them, love them, and feel the pleasure this brings us. Feel how hard you get when you please me and I get wet too when you do just what I like.

worship My body Glitter Goddess Worship My Body“, video, $30”: Some days I just feel like paying in bed for hours, seeing how turned on I can get by a worshipper of my body. Today is one of those days. My body is craving to be licked and teased and caressed. I am laying in bed and ready for you to join me in my pleasure. No holding back! I’ll guide you and have you start at my pantyhose-covered toes and massage your way up. I have you allotting plenty of time to my ass and my bare breasts. Make sure you are ready for a long slow seduction because I don’t want you to rush my pleasure. This is what you are made for after all! This video includes: Body worship (meaning my naked body!), pantyhose, a secret fantasy of mine that almost no one knows, my bare breasts, and many other seductive surprises. Come join me!

Mistress of Body Work Video Glitter GoddessMistress of Body Worship: Video with Glitter Goddess“, $20

If you are ready for a real time session of pleasing my body then you are about to be a very happy boy! Wet look lingerie, ass worship, face sitting, foot worship, stockings, body worship, real time role play, this video has it all. It is stunning just like me and I can’t wait to have you just where I want you. Giving me pleasure is your job in this session and I will make it very easy to surrender to me, your Mistress.

Stroke Addict Video Glitter Goddess Become a Stroke Addict For Goddess“, $20
Become A Stroke Addict Glitter Goddess

Stoke and stroke, get nice and hard for me. I know this is what you are made for and I want to make you even more addicted to stroking for me. I made this hypnotic video to help things along. Get your cock out and prepare to be transformed. Feed your addiction and the pleasure will increase. As the pleasure increases, it feeds your addition. Won’t you come stroke with me? (If you love this video get this one too, “I Know You Are A Stroke Junkie”)

Stroke Junkie Cover

“I Know You Are A Stroke Junkie”, $20:

I know what a masturbation addict you are. I know that you can’t wait to get home from work so you can get to stroking! In this video I will give you the facts and guidance and fuel for your secret obsession. You are a stroke junkie and you will always be a stroke junkie. I will get in your head and make you need to stroke even more! I use hypnosis and teases with my body to tempt you into being more of the jerk off junkie you truly are. Start stroking now if you haven’t already. It is time for you to get comfortable, get naughty and hear what I have to say about your masturbation habit. Here is a little hint…I encourage it!