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I chose my very favorite photos and put them together into sexy sets just to tantalize you and that cock of yours! Get yourself a free Niteflirt account HERE if you don’t have one. You’ll need an account to make photo purchases.
If you are unsure about what Niteflirt is, check out this page I made with videos that will explain it all.

Photo Goodies (Newest on the Top)

Natural Beauty Photo Set with Glitter GoddessNatural Beauty Photo Set“, 18 Sexy Photos, $15
18 sweet and seductive photos of your gorgeous Goddess. No makeup and beautiful as ever. These are perfect to add to your worshiping… Especially if you’d like to have a peek of me turned on and having fun!
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Glitter Goddess Bikini PhotosGlitter Goddess + Bikini + Beach = Magic “, Sexy Photos, $15
This photo set has all things magical: a sexy little bikini, the gorgeous Hawaiian beach, and the one and only Glitter Goddess! These 8 photos will have you reaching for your cock and more in love with your Goddess than ever.
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CeleCelebrating the Breasts of Glitter Goddess“, Photographs, $50
My breasts of course, need no introduction. In fact, I know that if given the chance to see my breasts naked and exposed, that you would jump to take it. What’s more, my good boy, is that these are no ordinary 8 photos. How could they be since they are of me? But I mean to say that there is something magical, irresistible, and even secret about these photos that I am going to tell you.
I have developed a fetish, or extra arousal recently for having my breasts worshipped, touched, licked, teased, caressed. I have been playing with my breasts in the most sumptuous of ways. So in getting these photos, which you will do, you will 1. add to my pleasure in that I know you will be stroking your cock for them and 2. get to enjoy real images of me, completely turned on, showing them off AND playing with them. I know, you are a very lucky boy! I can’t wait to hear about what you feel when you see these. I know you’re going to just lose it!!!
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

Stunning with no Make Up Photos Glitter Goddess“Stunning with No Make Up”, Pure Photos of Glitter Goddess, $5
Make up is completely unnecessary when it comes to a Real Goddess! These photos give you a sexy glimpse of me as the natural beauty I am and bathed in sunlight! The fact that I am also effortlessly wearing a satin and lace negligee… and nothing else should mean that these should be in your photo collection ASAP
Pantyhose Photos with Glitter Goddess

Vintage Pin Up Goddess Photos“Vintage & Pin Up Goddess: Photos with Glitter Goddess“, $5
Lovely vintage lingerie on a gorgeous pin up Goddess! These stunning photos will leave you breathless!
3 photos not including the cover and the extra preview photo.
Pantyhose Photos with Glitter Goddess

Pantyhose Goddess photosPantyhose Goddess: Photos in Nude Sheer Pantyhose “, $5
The soft, smooth, translucent pantyhose barely cover my nude body. I have 3 photos here that capture the beauty of my pantyhose covered toes, legs, and a little further up where it gets naughty. I would love for you to see these since I know they will have you weak and fawning over me. I hope you have a pantyhose fetish! They feel so good when I slide my legs together. Will you kiss me here?
Pantyhose Photos with Glitter Goddess

Glitter Goddess Ass worship photos“Ass Worship Photos: Glitter Goddess in a Pearl Thong”, Photo Set, $5
Stunning and outrageously sexy. Yes, my ass is worth worshipping! Have a look at these photos!!
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Your Mythical Goddess Cover“Your Mythical Goddess: Photos with Glitter Goddess,” $5
You know I am a creature of beauty, a muse, a True Goddess. These photos capture these qualities and will give you the perfect pictures to worship Buy from GlitterGoddess through

$5 Content Glitter Goddess“Pinup Goddess”, Photo Set, $5
I am all dressed up in my bra and panties, garter belt and thigh highs. I am a timeless beauty and I like to giggle about how I make you hard as a rock. Take a peek of me posing on my back satin sheets and see how quickly I can make you mine. Hehe
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Glitter Goddess Naughty Boy Tamer “Glitter Goddess- Naughty Boy Tamer”, Photo Set ,$5
Me in my lion taming lingerie… with flogger in hand. These are gorgeous photos of my body and even more perfect if you are looking for the kinkier side of me. I am ready to train you. So assume your position on your knees and buy these sexy photos
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Skinny Dipping video photos Glitter Goddess“Come Skinny Dipping with Glitter Goddess”, 6 Photos and 1 Video”, $20
Have you been wondering if I’ve had a fun summer? I have! I’ve been doing all sorts of naughtiness. Would you like to join me for skinny dipping in the river? I have here 6 gorgeous photos of me including my breasts and my ass and one amazing video of my swim. Come take a dip ;)
P.S. These photos make for some very ‘scenic’ desktop backgrounds
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Fur, pearls, lace and breastsMmmmm what a magical combination. These are gorgeous photos of me being the Goddess I am… complete with fur, my signature pearls, lace, and even my luscious breasts.Buy from GlitterGoddess through“Fur, Lace, Pearls and My Breasts”, Photo Set, $5

with Attitude Glitter GoddessHave you been a bad boy? Do you want me? Of course you do, but can you have me? Hell no! Now buy these photos and touch that cock knowing you don’t deserve me you bad boy. 
Buy from GlitterGoddess through“Glitter Goddess’ Attitude”, Photo Set, $5

In My Bath TowelWant a little peek of me in my bath towel? It is important to fall in love with all of these intimate moments you wish you were here for. I have my bath drawn and I am just about to drop my towel. Take a little look
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“In My Bath Towel”, Photo Set, $5

Must Haves

Purple Lingerie Glitter GoddessThese are some of my favorite photos and they are brand new, just taken last week. I wonder how hard they’ll make your cock? 3 photos plus the preview so 4 in total
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“Purple Lingerie Dream”, Photo Set, $5

Sheer Black PantyhoseIf you have a pantyhose fascination you’re in trouble if you see these photos. Here are three photos of me looking stunning in my sheer black pantyhose. They feel so sexy on!
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“Me in My Black Sheer Pantyhose”, Photo Set, $5

Lingerie and a Long JacketIt’s a killer combination. Black bra and panties and a HOT red jacket to tease. These photos were taken right before I went to go see a lover, so I was very excited.
Buy from GlitterGoddess through“Lingerie and a Long Jacket”, Photo Set, $5

my perfect ass photos Glitter GoddessDo you crave photos of my ass that reveal just how perfect it really is? These are the photos you will love and become addicted to. These photos turn me on and it turns me on even more to know you will be seeing these.
Buy from GlitterGoddess through“My Perfect Ass”, Photo Set, $5

my perfect breasts photos Glitter GoddessDid you know my breasts are pierced with 18k gold barbels? Would you like to see? These photos begin to capture just how perfect my sweet breasts are.
Buy from GlitterGoddess through“My Perfect Breasts”, Photo Set, $5

lounging around photos Glitter GoddessYes, I do lounge around…I’m a Goddess!! And I look stunning doing it especially after a conquering a sub. In this photo set I have just dominated a sub and I am basking in my afterglow wearing just my white tank-top, white knit thigh-highs, and my smile.Buy from GlitterGoddess through“Lounging Around”,  Photo Set, $5

nice photos Glitter GoddessThese photos are a wonderful introduction to my beauty, but if only get these if you are ready to be addicted to me! I have a classic, almost pin-up look in my red dress. Go ahead and take the plunge…I’m ready to have you dream about me!
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“Nice” Photos of Me, Photo Set, $5

naughty photos glitter goddess

If you’re ready to see my see my naughty side you’re going to be captivated and enthralled with these photos. Not only are you going to see my gorgeous body, but I am in public! Very naught of me, huh? ;)
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“Naughty” Photos of Me, Photo Set, $5

Body Worship

Very Naughty Ass Worship Photo SetThese are for true ass worshippers that long to please me in that very intimate way. Just how perfect is my ass? You know! And if you don’t know yet, you are in for a delicious treat;)
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“Very Naughty Ass Worship”, Photo Set, $5

my perfect toesWhat gorgeous toes I have! Would you like to take a peek? I’d love for you to worship them.
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“My Perfect Toes”, Foot Worship Photo Set, $5

My Perfect Soles Photo SetThe soles of my feet are smooth and gorgeous, kissable and lickable. Have a look and melt, especially if you can’t resist hot feet! Plus, down by my feet is where you belong.
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“My Perfect Soles”, Foot Worship Photo Set, $5

pedicure time photos Glitter GoddessWhat fun! My toes are beautiful and even MORE sexy when painted. Want to watch? Aren’t you curious about what color I chose? Here are 3 close ups of my pedicure in action!
Buy from GlitterGoddess through“Pedicure Time!”, Foot Worship Photo Set, $5

*More Sexy Photos*

My Workout Clothes Photo Set Glitter GoddessI’m just lucky, I don’t have to work out to keep my figure, but when I do go work out this is one of my favorite outfits to wear. I can’t help but tease the boys trying to focus on their exercising.
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“Stretching in My Workout Clothes”, Photo Set, $5

peek up my skirt photos Glitter GoddessWould you like to take a little peek? Or a longer look? Here is your chance. What a gorgeous Goddess you have!
Buy from GlitterGoddess through“Peek Up My Skirt”, Photo Set, $5

Body Worship (1)
I get so turned on taking calls and dominating men that I sometimes just have to marvel and how amazing my panties look.  I took these photos after a particularly long and wet call. Why not take a little look yourself?
Niteflirt Glitter Goddess
“My Wet Panties, hehe”, Photo Set, $5

bra and panties big set photos Glitter Goddess

These are all 20  photos of me in my sexy black bra and panties. This is one of my very favorite photo sets. I start out in heels and a bright red jacket and when I take that jacket off…Watch out! Get ready to get majorly hard!

Coming Soon!

Just some of the feedback from Niteflirt about these photo sets:

5 stars Glitter Goddess' Photos I purchased Goddess’ ass worship photos and they brought me to my knees…she is truly supreme and deserves total adoration and worship
Five stars Glitter Goddess She is smoking hot
Five stars Glitter Goddess Totally sexy photos! Can’t wait to talk to her on cam. Very hot…
Five stars Glitter Goddess Very very hot. definitely worth it.
Five stars Glitter Goddess I honestly think Glitter Goddess is the hottest girl on niteflirt. She is fucking amazing
Five stars Glitter Goddess Sent me the HOTTEST photos. She is a real Goddess!!