What is Niteflirt?

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Niteflirt is awesome! It is My very favorite way for you to buy My sexy content. They give Me the greatest percentage of the sale and they make My life easy. They also give us the option to talk on the phone. I made this page to help give you clarity if you have never heard of Niteflirt.

The gist of it is that Niteflirt is safe to use and if you don’t already have an account, you can get an account here. When you sign up you will also get 3 free minutes to talk with me that you can redeem anytime I am talking calls.

Make an account HERE!

Join here and get 3 free minutes to play with me!

Once you have an account, this $2.99 video is a great place to start… “New Dos and Don’ts Video”

Here Is An Overview

  • Niteflirt is a phone sex website and it is the main way My good boys buy content. It’s safe, easy to use, and free to join.
  • All of My photos, videos, and audios are available for purchase through Niteflirt.
    You can peruse those at My shop here.
  • Niteflirt gives you and Me a safe and discrete way to have fun. I won’t see your name, phone number, credit card number, or location. All I see is your username that you make when you make your account.
  • When you sign up, you get 3 free minutes to call Me (or anyone on the site).
  • You will never get charged for any purchases you don’t make (they guarantee this) and there is no amount you are charged monthly. You can add as much or as little money as you like to your Niteflirt account at any time. You can even transfer remaining money from your Niteflirt account back to your credit card if you ever want to.
  • Credit card charges show up as NF Services.

Here is another video I made just about safety and security questions:

Niteflirt Chat

Niteflirt has a brand new feature that for about 50 cents per message I send, we can chat. See more details about this fun new feature here: Niteflirt Chat


Once you do have a Niteflirt account, I recommend you get this Intro Pack to help you get started. You can look through all of My Niteflirt goodies here at My goody bag store or on My shop page here.

Intro Pack Glitter GoddessIntro Pack: What You Need To Get Started Serving Glitter Goddess,” $15:

This intro pack has everything you need to get started serving Me the right way.