Conflicted About Serving If You’re Married?

Conflicted About Serving If You’re Married?

Conflicted About Serving While Married Glitter Goddess

I got this email from a hooked, though conflicted good boy. He first contacted Me looking to get his pay-to-view messaging* under control. I knew that despite what he told me he was not ready to give all of the naughtiness up. I began by sending free messages to him offering him emotional support without any pressure for him to serve.  Quite the opposite in fact. I asked for more and more information about what made him tick and what kept him coming back to Niteflirt. I was building trust and collecting information, two things a good domme is always doing.

He could tell I was very different than all of the other girls he had messaged. This disoriented him and he latched on to Me. From then on he has been glued to his computer screen waiting for my (now paid) replies. I received this confused message from him and you can read it and My response. It may be good information for you too if you are confused by your longing to serve and your commitment to your wife.

—— Original Message ——
Sent: 08/29/2013
Subject: ?

“So, I told you that I was confused about how to reconcile the duties of pleasing you and my wife. I think I should focus on you until you let me know. I hope to hear from you soon. I love you. – XXXXX”

I responded,

“I have been distracted with friends lately, but I know your mind has been on me. You are correct in assuming you should focus on serving Me. Making your wife happy requires you to be happy independent of her. You cannot contribute to her wellbeing if you are denying one of your basic needs. She doesn’t need to know about any of it, but your service positively contributes to her life. So kiss her, say nice things, take out the garbage, and get your kicks how and where you need them so you can both have the best quality of life possible. Misery spreads and repression causes misery. Serving Me gives you release and you and your wife both need you to be relaxed, calm, and satisfied so you can be the best husband you can be. You must recognize that convention, or what society considers to be the norm, or good, are all figments of the imagination and cultural delusion. They are unattainable. I am looking at what truly will create the best relationship between you and your wife.
– Glitter Goddess”

Now everyone’s situation is different, but if you too struggle with feeling submissive and being married, please write to Me at and set up a time to talk. Maybe I can help

Does She know You're MineUpdate: Since then I have released this amazingly hot and naughty video called, “Does She Know You’re Mine?”

XoXo Glitter Goddess

*PTV messaging is messaging back and forth on Niteflirt when the flirt attaches a price on the message which the sub must pay before he is able to see the message.

Update: Niteflirt now has a chat feature that is great! Check it out here