Addiction Audios

Addiction audios are finally here!  Are you ready to take your addiction to the next level?  Listen to any or all of these audios for a deepening of submission like you have never felt.  They are best listened to on low volume over and over on repeat until your mind is submissive mush.
Glitter Goddess Sermon About ServiceThis audio is an introduction to deepening your service and training your submissive mind.  It’s a sermon for Goddess worship.

Sermon About Service, $15

Glitter Goddess Addiction night time audioServe me while you sleep and make the time with your eyes shut productive for me.  Let me hypnotically lull you to sleep with my soothing voice.

Night Time Audio, $15

Glitter Goddess AddictionThe quintessential audio for deepening your addiction to me.

Addiction Audio, $15

XoXo Glitter Goddess