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Niteflirt Chat with Glitter Goddess

niteflirt chat

Niteflirt Chat

There are a billion reasons I love this new feature Niteflirt creamed up for us.
Here are a few:

  1. If you are too shy to call Me, we can play on chat!
  2. It’s the perfect way to say hello, send Me messages, and see what I have to say to YOU
  3. It makes sexting with Me super easy… hehe
  4. It’s SO FUN!!!

I’m going to make it very easy to get started so we can be chatting ASAP!

Niteflirt Chat with Glitter GoddessHere is how to begin with Niteflirt Chat

  1. If you don’t yet have a Niteflirt account, you’re in for a treat! Make one HERE
  2. Look for the “Chat” feature in the navigation bar and sign up :)
  3. Send Me a chat! Here is My profile page on Niteflirt. Look for the gray tab at the top that says “Chat”.
  4. Now we’re ready to play! Wahoo!!!

XoXo Your Goddess

P.S. Here is a link to a contest I ran about Niteflirt Chat


Celebration of Ass Worship! Glitter Goddess Videos!

Ass Worship Glitter Goddess

Today I’m celebrating ass worship! It’s one of My favorite things to play, hypnotize, and control My good boys with. Until My Birthday, June 9th (click here if you haven’t yet picked anything out for Me from My wishlist) I am highlighting My NEW ass worship video AND offering My classic video, “Ass Trance” for only $5! Get them both below:

Worship My Ass Video Glitter GoddessBrand NEW Ass Worship Video!!!
Worship My Ass! Hypnosis Video, $20

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When you know you are owned, there is only one ultimate surrender… to worship My Ass! Ass Worship is a special treat that not just any good boy can experience though. In this video, I tease, guide, and hypnotize you in the most divine Ass worship. You, My pet, are already owned by Me and you are soon going to be owned by My ass!!

Glitter GoddessOnly $5 For a Limited Time!
 “Ass Trance with Glitter Goddess’, Hypnosis Video:
You Will Worship My Body: Focus on My Legs Glitter Goddess

My ass is memorizing on its own and with my direction and deep trance inducing voice… you’re in big trouble! What better way to tease you with My perfect ass, than to show up in my lingerie, panties, garter belt, and sheer black thigh highs. I can’t wait to have you needing, worshiping, craving my ass. It’s time to relax, go very deep into hypnosis, and worship my perfection.

Tease For “Worship My Ass”:

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More Glorious Ass Worship Videos:

“Booty, Booty, Booty “, 3 Loop Videos, $20Booty Booty Booty
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I know you fantasize about my ass and you have NEVER seen my ass like this! THREE videos of pleasure! Each has the same sexy audio you will drool over, but with your choice of 3 sexy as f*ck outfits! Time to let me blow your mind!

*Includes instructions for how to easily loop the video.

You’re Obsessed With My Panties!“, Body Worship Video with Glitter Goddess, $20
Strap onRole Play Video with Glitter Goddess

This is the new video that ALL of my adorers need to have. It is SO entrancing and intoxicating and it will bring us closer than ever in your worship of me. Ever since I can remember I have been turned on by the thought of having someone worship my panties and masturbate. This video will take you that visual and hypnotic journey and you will watch it over and over. It will be more powerful with every time you watch it. So if you get only one video get this one!

Lick Me, Please Me JOI_Ass Worship Video CoverLick Me Please Me: JOI Ass Worship Video“, $20

Do you crave the licks and the pleasure that only come with moments of pure intoxication, serving my ass? Even if you have never contemplated ass worship, this video will show you pleasure that you did not know you were missing. There is a delicacy, a tenderness, a seduction that I expose you to in this video that will invoke your total adoration of my exquisite ass. Watch it sway, undulate, and grind and before you know it all that you will want is to slide closer and closer. Feel your face pressed against my soft skin and try to resit the urge to please me with your tongue. It will be impossible to resist the pleasure it brings once you feel my pillowy softness surround you. If this is your first time considering ass worship, watch this video. If you have loved my ass for a long time, watch this video. And for God’s sake if you are an ass worshipper and you have not worshiped me yet, watch this video!

Ass Trance Hypnosis Video “Ass Trance with Glitter Goddess’, Hypnosis Video,
Usually $20, but is only $5 Until June 9th
You Will Worship My Body: Focus on My Legs Glitter Goddess

My ass is memorizing on its own and with my direction and deep trance inducing voice… you’re in big trouble! What better way to tease you with my perfect ass, than to dress up in my lingerie, panties, garter belt, and sheer black thigh highs. I can’t wait to have you needing, worshiping, craving my ass. It’s time to relax, go very deep into hypnosis, and worship my perfection.

ass worship joi hypnosis trance Glitter GoddessAss Worship JOI with Glitter Goddess”, Video, $20

This is the essential ass worship video that will hypnotize you so completely that you will develop an ass fetish if you don’t already have one. I also teach you just how I like my ass to be pleased…AND I will lead you through how to jerk off for me! Mmmmmmm. Be a good boy and watch this video. A must see if you love me, ass worship, pantyhose, and erotic hypnosis.

Ass-Centric Loop Videos:

“Giving In Deeper and Deeper”, Loop Video, $20giving-in
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

What have you been looking for that you haven’t been able to find? What do you desire so deeply that if you finally had it would make your life complete?

Surrender to me, give in deeper and deeper, and open yourself up to that pleasure you’ve been searching for.

Sexy Tease Erotic Hypnosis Loop VideoSexy Tease“, Hypnosis Loop Video, $20
Stroke You Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

This video focuses on my sexy body with incredibly hot lingerie. I’m wearing a dangerously sexy bra and sheer pantyhose and sheer panties with lace! My long, tangled blonde hair will only help with the brainwashing, re-programing, and increasing your addiction to me.

This is the first of many in what I am calling “Loop Videos”. They are 3-5 minute tantalizing videos with intensely hypnotic and erotic audio that are designed to be looped over and over. Even for hours if you’d like!

Goody bag includes a .pdf with simple instructions on how to loop the video.

Your Goddess

Caught with Goddess’ Panties: My Erotic Fantasies

Caught with Goddess' Panties By Glitter Goddess

I was pulling up my stockings and adjusting my garter belt after I finished a real time session. It was my third this week and each just seemed to be more fun than the last. The good boy was in the bathroom and preparing to leave. I must admit he was taking longer in there than a quick freshening up.

I am the Goddess after all, so without a warning I opened the door. There he was in total ecstasy, eyes rolled back with my pink panties pressed up to his face. He was sniffing feverishly like it was the last breaths he would take. He came-to when he realized I had opened the door and the look of shock, dread, guilt, and horror on his face was amusing to me.

“Where did you get those?” I asked pointedly, knowing full well those were my dirty panties from a few days back.

“Goddess, they were in the hamper, Goddess.” With a ’tisk-tisk’ from me, he continued to speak, “Goddess, I am so sorry! I tried to control myself. I told myself before I came for this session, I have two jobs 1. To please the Goddess and 2. NOT to take Her panties. I know better, Goddess, I do! But they get me so hard and confused and all I can think of is getting a smell of your scent and …”

He was visibly upset and I could tell he could go on and on trying to talk himself out of the mess he was in. He continued, “…Goddess I so badly wanted to be a good boy for you and I made it to the end, but then I saw your hamper and…”

“Let me guess,” I said, interrupting him. “You saw it and right way promised yourself you would stay far away from my laundry. Then you wondered why it was just sitting right there, so unprotected and conspicuous.” He nodded, eyes wet. “…And you couldn’t help yourself could you?! You just had to take a little peak inside! I know those panties weren’t at the top, so you reached in and messed with my dirty laundry! Maybe you just wanted to see what was in there, but I know as soon as you saw those bright pink panties, the lace, the bow, the fabric in the crotch, you had to pull them out and sniff them!”

“Yes, Goddess! Yes!! I am so sorry Goddess! PLEASE” He looked so defeated with tears streaming down his cheeks and that hard cock in between his legs.

“You took one look at those panties and you NEEDED to smell them. It’s a powerful urge that can come on strong, even if it was something that a good boy had never considered before. It can hit you like ton of bricks and before you know it, that sacred material that rests in between my legs all day long can become too much for a weak little submissive to resist.” I smiled devilishly, “You took them to your face, feeling the lace pressed up against your nose and mouth and you breathed in the sweetest smell you have EVER smelled. Isn’t that right!? It was intoxicating and transfixing. Isn’t that right my good boy?”

“Yes, Goddess, Yes!” He nodded emphatically, still hard.

I was a little taller now, more menacing and more beautiful than ever. I knew I had complete control which is exactly what a true Goddess savors. I reached down and wiped his tears away with my soft hands. “You have a profound addiction to my panties. This is something that you cannot change or escape. The damage is done. You have smelled my intoxicating scent and now you will long to smell it again and again.” I knew at this stage I could beat him, punish him, tell him how bad he was. But why would I do all of that when I could foster his addiction and show him what a good little pantie sniffing boy he could be for me?!

I reached down to grab the panties and he cowered away, worried about what I’d do. I cajoled him, “There, there, I’m not going to hurt you.”

I pressed the panties to his face and told him to take a deep breath in. His eyes rolled back again in pure ecstasy. “If you wanted a pair of my panties sweetheart, all you had to do was ask,” I smirked. “You want to take these home with you, don’t you?!” I giggled.

“Yes Goddess, please! PLEASE!” He managed to say. “I’ll do anything!!!”

“Good then,” I said, satisfied. I knew that one pair of panties would provide him hours of orgasmic pleasure, laying on his back with them draped over his face, smelling and even tasting their beauty. They would be his new favorite connection to me. My sent, my loveliness, my power, all represented in this single item of clothing.

Once I had sent him on his way with his new addiction, I laid down to do what I had been wanting to do since I caught him in that compromised position. I grabbed my favorite sex toys and slid into bed. Images of his weakness came to mind, the look on his face while he sniffed them, the addiction I planted in him, the way he needed to keep smelling… and I buzzed away with my favorite vibrator into pure bliss. My panties were on the entire time. I like the way the vibrations feel through that thin, sexy material. By the time I was done pleasuring myself the panties were good and creamy, I slid them down and tucked them into my clothes hamper. Would the next submissive victim find them?


My Very Different Point of View About Dominance and Submission

Dominance and Submission

I need to clarify something.
During a private session yesterday, my caller was telling me how even after just talking to me for ten minutes he could tell how enormously different I was from any other Dommes he had spoken to during the 15 years he had dipped his toes into submission. He told me he never felt comfortable moving forward with any Domme. He would call a dungeon for example, and the woman answering the phone would right away tell him to “get on your fucking knees and bow down to My superiority”. The funny thing, he told me, was that he was only calling to find out whether they were open on Sundays! That is when I realized how confused this whole subject of dominance and submission is for some people.

I’ve been going along having my own ideas about dominance and submission that are very different than the norm partially because I was never trained by anyone to be dominant and I never once looked to other mistresses to figure out how to be dominant. When I realized that being a Goddess was a possibility, I looked to my own reality and imaginary world to see what I would like this all to look like. I didn’t even look at what other people had attempted either with failure or success.

So good thing I’m cute, because apparently I’m not that bright since I just had this realization yesterday. So now that I see once and for all  that my idea of dominance and submission is so different I would like to give you a possibility for submission other than “get on your fucking knees,” when you are only wondering whether I take calls on Sundays. Because really, how many times can you be excited about being called a “bitch” or a “loser” without getting bored and disinterested?

Setting This Straight

True submission is the willingness to be a kindness and have generosity of spirit for his Mistress. It is an adoration, a love, a generosity, a servitude that does not exist in our outward culture, but does exist deep within the hearts of certain people. A Goddess or true Domina is someone who can receive all of that and more.

A true Goddess makes it easy for her submissives to be all that they truly are including their vulnerability, their kinkiness, and their secret ideas that they may not have even revealed to themselves. She does this with manipulation, magnetism, and by being magnanimous. Being magnanimous is generosity beyond generosity and this is the part that most people don’t get… and that I probably shouldn’t tell you because it is kind of a big secret.

A true Goddess will only take her submissives where they are wanting, willing, able, and capable of going and not a step beyond it. A true submissive is one who makes it easy for him Goddess to take him wherever it is he would like to go. Really look at this. How amazingly generous is it for a Goddess who deserves absolutely everything to be willing to look to each individual supplicant and find a place for him in her world entirely based on where he is wanting, willing, capable, and able to go?

On some level I’m surprised that not every Mistress does this because it truly is insane to try to get somebody to go where they are incapable of going. This is the elegance of being a Goddess that unfortunately is incredibly rare.

Now, I will teach this technique to other mistresses, but very few have asked. It requires vulnerability on both the dominant and submissive side . I ask lots of questions and I am truly willing to hear the responses of my supplicants. A true Goddess must be just as good at listening as delivering orders and tasks.

Whenever somebody disrespects me or lies to me or doesn’t do what they say they are going to do I am grateful. Yes, I’m actually grateful because they have just revealed who they truly are. That is information they would never say or even admit to themselves in most cases. I would prefer this is revealed early on so that I see where they are actually functioning from instead of being mislead into the promise of a future they could never deliver.

If you are new to submission did you know that you could still be submissive and be honored as the individual you are? And if you have been in the submissive community for years and years has anyone truly asked you what you would like to get out of a Domme/sub relationship?

I have some questions for you to get clear on your submissive reality, not what you think you are supposed to be as a submissive. Finding what is truly going to satisfy you will give you a more clear place to begin your search for a perfect Goddess for you.

  1. What is your fantasy interaction with a dominant woman?
  2. How would you like to feel before, during, and after serving a Goddess?
  3. What is one thing in your sexual or submissive life that you are currently unsatisfied with?
  4. Referencing the question above, do you have any ideas about how this could be different or what you would like to change?
  5. What is one thing you would never give yourself permission to do or be that you would secretly love to experience?

So play with those questions and my hope is that you get more clarity about what is true for you. The more you are clear on that, the better you can serve and the easier you make it for your Goddess, whether that is me or someone else.

Remember, my definition for a true submissive is one who makes it easy for the Dominant to take them where they would like to go. If perhaps you are confused about whether that is topping from the bottom, remember it is always up to the Mistress whether she has you in her service or not. The earlier and more clearly you can communicate what you have to offer and your intentions, the better. That way no one’s time is wasted. In a truly symbiotic Domme/sub relationship you both end up getting what you desire and are honored for who you truly are.

XoXo Goddess

Financial Domination- New Listing

Are you into financial domination? Me too! Here is my new Niteflirt listing… Wanna come play?

Glitter Goddess Financial Domination

I’m Glitter Goddess

I’m gorgeous, manipulative, and I have a BIG secret.  I have a money fetish and I can’t get enough of draining jerk-offs like you of your hard earned money.  Financial domination just makes my pussy so wet and I can’t help it. 

I realized I had a money fetish when I was a teenager.  Call me if you want to hear the story of that fateful night that has turned me on ever since.

And what’s best is I’m REAL! I am on cam so you know these are my real pics. I also own slaves in real time, financial and domestic.  If you’re lucky I’ll let you serve me too

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Glitter Goddess Financial Domination

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Findom Confessions

Here is a Findom Confession From a Worshipper

Money fetish findom Glitter Goddess“I stumbled across Glitter Goddess’ niteflirt page about a week to 10 days before my first call.  Yes, of course I noticed her beauty, but I was drawn to her hypnotic promise.  I was drawn specifically to the way she dangled her little spiral.  Beckoning me closer.  Closer.  I am not being insincere when I say I could really actually feel the beckoning.  On a very deep, primal, subconscious level that beckoning is everything. It is the promise my submissive loins long for. The promise of a girl who understands her effect, dissects my weaknesses, and consumes me. As a submissive man, she offered the promise of a dream.

Of course, I have probably felt this dream before, and did not have it fulfilled, but even as a grown man, I felt trepidation, longing, and nervous sexual energy as time grew near for our first call. There it was. Her niteflirt call signal finally available at a time I was willing and able to indulge. I no doubt pressed that button.

Now I am no stranger to my own vulnerabilities. I keep only one credit card and on this particular evening I had $150 to play with. Enough to hopefully have fun for a little while and to enjoy the company of GlitterGoddess. Now, as an optimist, I guess I always expect it to go well. Still, calling a girl for the first time can be stressful. What if there is no connection? What if my hopes were up for nothing?

Time melted away on the phone. Glitter Goddess began to probe my buttons and I felt easily relaxed. Her dominant nature was intoxicating. I am sure I even told her of some of my dangerously effective weaknesses. My submissive nature was beginning to blossom under her guidance. I was smiling. I was having a good time. I was comfortable. But time was vanishing and I dutifully informed my interesting domme that I would not be in a position to extend the call.

Glitter Goddess did not seem at all upset, but she did ask me if I had ever cammed. If I had, I surely did not remember it to be special. She naturally suggested we extend the session on cam, of course, as long as I could tribute. I was instantly intrigued. Without as much as a whim, “why not?,” I thought.

It was new. It was surreal. Here I was, in bed, with my laptop, yet face to face with this amazing smile. It was nothing like I expected. It was like she was right there. I felt awkward, self-conscious, and more than that, this girl was real. She moved, she blinked and she smiled. Oh did she smile! In moments I realized she was way more than some picture and voice. She was this adorable living girl. My heart leapt. She instructed me to relax. Just kick back and hang with her. She did just that. She kicked back and stretched herself out. In all my delight, but it may have been all over for me in that moment. For my dream girl had donned the perfectly seductive outfit. Her glittering black bra accompanied only by sheer black pantyhose. My new Goddess was content to just sit back and allow her visual trap to do the rest. Her fingers played along her hips, motioned past her most private part, and sucked all the will power out of my brain.

Things sped up. They slowed down. The room spun. Time was lost. A more smitten victim there could not be. I was being entranced, intoxicated, and carefully encased. Glitter Goddess had ensnared me. She spoke of her own needs and intentions.  How she longed for financial domination of a helpless man. Careful to bring my intense fetish for her pantyhose into focus as she led me with her words. Her calmness enthralled me. Her teases incapacitated my defenses. Her sharp mind allowed me room to go deeper and of course, she began training me to start sending her money.

Spasms of delight were shooting through me. I knew I was in trouble, but the pulsations of bliss bouncing all over me from the effects of this amazing woman were pure submissive heroin. I was drugged by her charms and power. Lured by her cunningness. Blinded by her smile and the way her darn fingers never stopped twittering about her pantyhose covered hips. A man could not be more smitten. Can anyone possibly imagine the trouble I was in? Could a female domme’s trap ever be more perfect?

Our fantasy talk was flowing freely now. We were both responding. Feeding off each other. Could it be? Could I have found a girl so intoxicating, so intense, that I would not be able to stop her femdom razor sharp claws from cutting me into little pieces? Even worse, every indication and every instinct I had was telling me she had no intention of holding back. Her financial domination talk was causing a fever between both of us. My own sexual urges mad with wild elation with every hint that she could steal unending power from me. Scenarios were popping up. All involving my financial downfall at the hands of my new vixen. The more I realized how wanton she was with her own needs and nature, the more flutters of brutal exhilaration burst through me. Or better yet, brutal fear.

As our fantasies unfolded, my Goddess decided she would construct for me a cage. A financial domination cage, to be exact.  Complete with a warning sign she would design and post on the door. A warning sign just for me. Alerting the world that if I was ever foolish enough to enter this cage she would lock me in it. Yes, a steel and metal trap, easily and so simplistically able of holding and containing a large physical male. If the poor dumb male entered without heeding the warning, it would cost him a small fortune to get out. That was the promise of this cage. That was the covenant of this trap.

‘Come to my cage,’ she would beckon. ‘Come closer.  There is no harm in taking a closer look.’ Oh the beckoning. Her evil perfection even promised the bliss of submissive delight if I would come into the cage. For inside the cage I could indulge my true fetish. I could worship her pantyhose covered ass through the bars. I felt like crying. Girls like Glitter Goddess love to inflame a poor man’s fetish, but understand the art of never letting him indulge. ‘That’s right my naked pet, into the little cage trap you go. ‘Good boy.’ I was hers. In over my head. Locked in a cage. Bound by her power and a mutual fetish. We both came to the fantasy of me being in the cage, but we both know I stepped into a metaphorical, though very real cage that night. One that does not have a buy-out and almost surely will result in my total financial ownership. I am scared but already caught, already seduced. What is a man to do but give in?”

-Hopelessly Addicted and In Love

My Money Fetish

Money Fetish Glitter GoddessSome of the most intense sexual pleasure I feel is from my money fetish. The first time I realized I had this fetish, I was playing with myself and my boyfriend came in the room and tossed $120 on my body. The surge of pleasure I felt through my body was unlike anything I had ever experienced.  I was shocked. I told him how aroused it made me and he gave me another twenty and another twenty. My body felt like it was on fire and craved more of that intense pleasure. When I orgasmed, it was the biggest orgasm yet.

I do not know what it is exactly about money that I love so much. Sometimes I roll around in bills of $20s and $100s on my bed. I love the way it feels.  I love the way it smells. I even fantasize that my whole mattress being stuffed with money. I wish that would be comfortable. I would have serious Princess and the pea syndrome, but I guess that is why it is a fantasy and not a reality. Numbers in my bank account illicit the same sexual response. I check my account balance several times a day just for the pleasure of it. It brings me a level of joy mixed with turn on that nothing else does.


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