Guilt and the Point of Punishment – New Podcast Episode

Guilt and the point of punishment podcast episode Guilt and The Point of Punishment

Is there a purpose to guilt? What exactly does it accomplish?

In My most recent episode (#6) of My new podcast, Naughty Time with Glitter Goddess,” this is what I explore.

Come and take a little adventure with Me for what turned out to be a lighthearted and playful conversation on a topic that is very rarely that.

If guilt is something that has more of an influence on you than you’d like, is it time to try something new? Is it even possible to not have guilt about your pleasure?

Listen to Episode #6:

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This episode inspired Me to write a little bit more…

“Guilt comes down to the point of view that you are wrong, but no good boy of mine is wrong for his devotion. Your energy is better channeled toward devotion to Me. As far as I am concerned self-loathing, too much introspection, and guilt are things of your past. It is up to you to choose a different future for yourself, but doesn’t it help to know I don’t require you to make yourself wrong for your past actions?

If you have felt guilty hundreds of times for doing something that you keep on doing, it might not change overnight, but it is possible to re-wire your thoughts and change the grip that guilt may have on you.”

More to come… in a secret project I can’t tell you about yet :)

XoXo Your Goddess