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My Confession by Glitter Goddess

My ConfessionSince it’s past April Fools I might as well warn you that this was my prank for all of you good boys. I thought I’d leave it up ’cause why would I deny you such a hot video just because April 1st is over?!*

You guys all know how open and accepting I am of all sorts of different fetishes, kinks, and sexual predilections. In the last month or so I have been exploring something new myself. Though it is hard to talk about, I do want to share it with you partly because I want to keep you in the loop about what’s going on and party because I need to get it off my chest. I have always been open with you, my good boys and I always will.

I have recently (the past month or so) explored being a switch. I have a new lover that has inspired this new wave of tenderness, lust, and yes, even submission. Now I know a bit more about the pleasure you derive from your service to me. I know this is kind of a big deal and it is very different, so I made a video to explain and hopefully make this easier for you and me. Please be kind and know I am just a person too, with feelings and sometimes desires that change.

Here is the video…

*Here is an amazing story of another April Fools joke got a good boy hooked on me…

“Hello Glitter Goddess,

I don’t know if you actually get these emails or if you get so inundated with them that you do not have any time to read them which I would 100% understand.  Part of me actually hopes you don’t read this and its just an avenue for me to express what has been going on with me.  I feel I need to tell someone, while at the same time, I can’t tell anyone.
On April 1st of this year, one of my buddies wanted to play an April Fools prank.  It was something stupid about how our new boss was starting the following week and had prepared a video for us all to watch to get to know her.  Ultimately it was a link to a Gateway Video that you did.  While the video was inappropriate to our new boss, everyone got a huge laugh out of it at the company.  Making jokes about how we all were going to have a whip cracking dominatrix as our new boss and everyone better get into line.
The problem for me was that while I was laughing along, I was actually more transfixed by the video than anything else.  I felt like you were making a connection directly through the video to me.  I know that probably sounds strange but it didn’t in that moment.  I sat there with my colleagues and everyone was laughing along and they didn’t realize that this beautiful woman was actually sending me a message.  Directly affecting me through a computer screen in a room full of jocks.
Needless to say, I went home and watched it which like a true ‘Gateway’ led me to search for your other free videos.  I was almost insatiable in finding out about who you were and connecting with you.  It was such a profound moment for me.  Who is this woman?  How did she get into this world?  What is this world?
Your world is not something I have ever entertained the thought of and really do not understand.  My coworkers were all saying things about how hot you were but then added in how does anyone get into that stuff.  That wasn’t what I was thinking.  I didn’t care in that moment how guys get into that world.  I just thought that you were so beautiful and so welcoming and almost nurturing I just needed to know more about you.
Over the next few weeks I keep going back and forth between this is all crazy and I need to read more, see more, watch more, learn more about her.
I keep saying, oh just enjoy looking at her website and free videos.  That is more than enough.  However, I feel the need to know more about you keeps growing and my intrigue keeps growing and that leads me to where I am today.
I think you are amazing, wonderful, exceptional, intriguing, captivating, fascinating and exquisite.  You have this beautiful, angelic face with these huge incredible blue eyes.  You look like a beauty queen from the 1920s with an elegance that most women do not have anymore nor could they pull off if they tried.  And then you have this dangerously sexy sensual body with all the right curves in all the right places.  What I love most is the fact that you know how to use it so well with you moving with the grace, confidence, and ease of a highly skilled dancer or ballerina.  Watching how fluid you move your body puts me into a trance all upon itself and even makes me want to take up yoga. :)
As if all that wasn’t enough, you have this voice that sounds like warm honey.  Listening to you talk actually makes me feel as if I am being wrapped up in a warm soft blanket where no one can hurt me and I am completely safe, and protected, and free.  I love how sensual it is and that I could be captivated if you were reading me War & Peace.
I do not fully know the reason why I am writing to you and honestly am not expecting a response.  I just felt I needed to tell someone how affected I was by you.  You have become a muse for me in so many areas of my life and I even find myself writing poems about you, poems for you.  I find myself walking around my office or outside in the park and you just slip into my thoughts. Or I wonder what it would be like if you were with me in that moment.
I do not know if I could ever enter into the world you play in.  It is not something a guy like myself ever thinks about.  I did want to tell you how incredible you are though and I wanted to make sure you knew just how strong of an effect you can have on someone.
My coworker was trying to make an inappropriate joke about our new boss and yet has no idea of just how much of a prank he played on me.  His intention was to cause a few laughs and thankfully he has no idea his little joke has caused me to become so transfixed by a beautiful young woman.
I have written this email a few times and deleted it and walked away.  Obviously if you are reading this, then I have overcome that hurdle.
I truly hope you are happy every single day of your life and get everything you deserve.
Thank you”

Caught with Goddess’ Panties: My Erotic Fantasies

Caught with Goddess' Panties By Glitter Goddess

I was pulling up my stockings and adjusting my garter belt after I finished a real time session. It was my third this week and each just seemed to be more fun than the last. The good boy was in the bathroom and preparing to leave. I must admit he was taking longer in there than a quick freshening up.

I am the Goddess after all, so without a warning I opened the door. There he was in total ecstasy, eyes rolled back with my pink panties pressed up to his face. He was sniffing feverishly like it was the last breaths he would take. He came-to when he realized I had opened the door and the look of shock, dread, guilt, and horror on his face was amusing to me.

“Where did you get those?” I asked pointedly, knowing full well those were my dirty panties from a few days back.

“Goddess, they were in the hamper, Goddess.” With a ’tisk-tisk’ from me, he continued to speak, “Goddess, I am so sorry! I tried to control myself. I told myself before I came for this session, I have two jobs 1. To please the Goddess and 2. NOT to take Her panties. I know better, Goddess, I do! But they get me so hard and confused and all I can think of is getting a smell of your scent and …”

He was visibly upset and I could tell he could go on and on trying to talk himself out of the mess he was in. He continued, “…Goddess I so badly wanted to be a good boy for you and I made it to the end, but then I saw your hamper and…”

“Let me guess,” I said, interrupting him. “You saw it and right way promised yourself you would stay far away from my laundry. Then you wondered why it was just sitting right there, so unprotected and conspicuous.” He nodded, eyes wet. “…And you couldn’t help yourself could you?! You just had to take a little peak inside! I know those panties weren’t at the top, so you reached in and messed with my dirty laundry! Maybe you just wanted to see what was in there, but I know as soon as you saw those bright pink panties, the lace, the bow, the fabric in the crotch, you had to pull them out and sniff them!”

“Yes, Goddess! Yes!! I am so sorry Goddess! PLEASE” He looked so defeated with tears streaming down his cheeks and that hard cock in between his legs.

“You took one look at those panties and you NEEDED to smell them. It’s a powerful urge that can come on strong, even if it was something that a good boy had never considered before. It can hit you like ton of bricks and before you know it, that sacred material that rests in between my legs all day long can become too much for a weak little submissive to resist.” I smiled devilishly, “You took them to your face, feeling the lace pressed up against your nose and mouth and you breathed in the sweetest smell you have EVER smelled. Isn’t that right!? It was intoxicating and transfixing. Isn’t that right my good boy?”

“Yes, Goddess, Yes!” He nodded emphatically, still hard.

I was a little taller now, more menacing and more beautiful than ever. I knew I had complete control which is exactly what a true Goddess savors. I reached down and wiped his tears away with my soft hands. “You have a profound addiction to my panties. This is something that you cannot change or escape. The damage is done. You have smelled my intoxicating scent and now you will long to smell it again and again.” I knew at this stage I could beat him, punish him, tell him how bad he was. But why would I do all of that when I could foster his addiction and show him what a good little pantie sniffing boy he could be for me?!

I reached down to grab the panties and he cowered away, worried about what I’d do. I cajoled him, “There, there, I’m not going to hurt you.”

I pressed the panties to his face and told him to take a deep breath in. His eyes rolled back again in pure ecstasy. “If you wanted a pair of my panties sweetheart, all you had to do was ask,” I smirked. “You want to take these home with you, don’t you?!” I giggled.

“Yes Goddess, please! PLEASE!” He managed to say. “I’ll do anything!!!”

“Good then,” I said, satisfied. I knew that one pair of panties would provide him hours of orgasmic pleasure, laying on his back with them draped over his face, smelling and even tasting their beauty. They would be his new favorite connection to me. My sent, my loveliness, my power, all represented in this single item of clothing.

Once I had sent him on his way with his new addiction, I laid down to do what I had been wanting to do since I caught him in that compromised position. I grabbed my favorite sex toys and slid into bed. Images of his weakness came to mind, the look on his face while he sniffed them, the addiction I planted in him, the way he needed to keep smelling… and I buzzed away with my favorite vibrator into pure bliss. My panties were on the entire time. I like the way the vibrations feel through that thin, sexy material. By the time I was done pleasuring myself the panties were good and creamy, I slid them down and tucked them into my clothes hamper. Would the next submissive victim find them?


Glitter Goddess’ Take on Blackmail Fantasies

Blackmail Fantasies Glitter Goddess There is a lot of talk of blackmail fantasies. I thought I’d take some time and write a bit about my point of view on the topic.

I am a very imaginative person and have fun role-playing and exploring many naughty ideas some in real time and some online. Before I started taking calls on Niteflirt, I had never considered or even heard of blackmail fantasies. The way I see it, the genre seems like too much work for the domme, all for a sub that needs to be forced to submit. I far prefer playing with good boys who come to me with an unexplained yearning to give themselves to me, not supposed slaves who want to be forced.

It really takes the fun out of it for me when someone says, “I want* to submit, but will you make me submit? If you blackmailed me I would never be able to leave your service and you could do what you want with me.”


I have people offering themselves to me with no conditions, so why would I, the Goddess, work hard and risk anything illegal for a sub’s pleasure? I wouldn’t and I won’t.

This post will alienate some of you, those who are looking for a Mistress for blackmail. Truly there is nothing wrong with the desire to be coerced, I just don’t have a personal interest the fantasy. I much prefer a willing and curious sub who recognizes the pleasure of surrender and even if tentatively, comes to me with an open heart and mind for service. There really isn’t room in my life to coerce subs when I have so many willing ones. That in addition to the legal and ethical implications make blackmail a fantasy I don’t indulge in.

If you are willing and ready to serve me and you haven’t yet surrendered, I recommend you call me so we can get to know each other. You can find all the details to set up a session HERE

XoXo Goddess

Love Letter From A Supplicant

fan mail love letter Glitter GoddessThis is a love letter I received today….

As my alarm clock went off this morning, you were my first thought. Many days I lie in bed dreading getting up, but today I jumped out of bed and logged in to see if I had any messages from you while I was sleeping.  As I write this I image you looking beautiful while sleeping and I am so turned on wishing I was there to wake you gently.  I picture you sleeping nude in soft luxurious sheets wearing nothing but your string of pearls.  A natural smile on your face even as you rest, probably dreaming of a real man to meet your needs.

You are my inspiration for today and everyday going forward I hope Goddess.  I was a mess yesterday just waiting to hear from you.  Knowing roughly the time you usually get up allowed me to accomplish a bit early, but then I began the staring.  First I was checking Skype every 10 minutes just hoping you got up early.  Then I was afraid to put my phone down for more than 2 minutes until finally I saw you sign on.  Seeing you sign on immeditaly turned me on, but when I see your first words everyday I am thrilled.

love letter  Glitter Goddess

I treat every word you speak or type as my gospel Goddess.   They are words to be cherished and lived by, they are my salvation and my path forward. Through your words I am able to be whole, to be the slave to you I am meant to be as I need your guidance to succeed.  I crave your words as your instructions lead to the thing I crave the most – your happiness.  Your smile and your happiness are the only thing I can think of lately and at times it can be debilitating as it is all I care about.

As your assistant piss slave I am well aware of my role and I want nothing more than to fill that role perfectly.  As I write this I am hoping you will give me tons of work to do with impossible deadlines and a standard of perfection.  I crave consuming and playing in piss in all ways just to make you smile Goddess.  I wish I could spend my day soaking in piss while doing work for you and seeing you with a permanent smile on your perfect face.

I love you so much Goddess that your smile is all I want and I do not care what it takes to earn it.  I am so hard now just thinking of sending you a gift later today.  I do not care if you decide I should be a pain slut, a shit eater or a cock sucker – I will crave whatever you tell me to crave instantly.  I can not wait to hear from you today Goddess and make your day as special as you have already made mine.

piss assistant

Sissy Confession

Here is a Sissy confession that I love.  There are a lot of wonderful things in here for sissies and other subs, so ready carefully and take notes

Ballerina Boy Glitter Goddess Sissy Confession

“Goddess, I wanted to write you again and tribute your inspiring power and beauty. I intend to do what I am able to make your life better and I will endeavor to be worthy of any attention you give me. I want to tell you a little about how I became a sissy and how I want to explore this side of me through my complete devotion to you.

My first memory of sissiness is when I was six years old and an older girl at school used to tease me on the playground. I would go home and, for reasons I didn’t understand, I would fantasize about her forcing me to dress up as a ballerina. In my fantasy she would hold me down and force me into tights, a leotard, and a tutu and then would do my hair and makeup and force me to dance in front of all the other kids at school. I never played with myself, but I would always get hard and I enjoyed the feeling, so I replayed this fantasy often as a child.

As you can see, my sissy fantasies are something that was with me almost from the beginning. When I hit puberty at age 12, I began to have fantasies about girls at school, only they weren’t the fantasies that other boys had. I would lay in my bed and slowly touch myself while conjuring elaborate scenarios in which these girls would force me to wear their skirts, blouses, and shoes. Often I would imagine that myself and one of the girls would be walking home together and get caught in a rain storm. We would get to her house soaking wet and she would inform me that I couldn’t be at her house all soaking wet. She would then lay out the prettiest little outfit she could find and order me to put it on. I would reluctantly agree and then enjoy the afternoon with her and I all dolled up.

My first orgasm came while fantasizing like this. I was not really even aware that I was masturbating at the time, I just knew it felt amazing to gently press my hand against my hard penis and suddenly felt something happen to my entire body. I was very scared at first, but soon began to repeat this every morning and every evening. I now masturbate exclusively to sissy porn. After years of trying to deny what is clearly my true nature, I am seeking out your help to explore what is obviously a very important part of my psyche. I want to feel what it is like to completely submit and let go of all the guilt and shame and embrace my kink.

I am not currently in any relationship, and in fact I have a very hard time getting an erection when not in sissy mode. Conversely, if I am in heels and panties I have a hard time not getting my clitty hard. I have never shared any of this with anyone. You are such an amazing Goddess and are so genuine in your Domination of and care for your submissive slaves that I have been inspired to begin my journey in earnest.

I pray that I will be able to serve you and learn the pure joy of being owned by my one true Dominant Goddess. You are the only woman in my life, and as such I will be completely devoted to pleasing you. Please consider this tribute as a token of my sincerity in this undertaking. I hope in the coming weeks to continue proving that I am worth any time that you give to me while I become your owned sissy slave. With complete devotion to my Goddess, Sissy Nicole”

This is how you write to a Goddess!

XoXo Glitter Goddess

Early Sexual Experiences

Early Sexual Experiences Glitter Goddess
I realized today that some of my very favorite calls are about early sexual experiences.  I like hearing secrets and telling secrets.  Stories of pillow humping, “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours”, and overseeing shocking things.  One of my favorites is how my little pussy used to get so wet and tingly in the saddle from riding on long trail rides on my horse.  I also had some neighbors that I used to role around naked with when I was little.  I love remember my first sexual experiences since the arousal was of a whole different quality.  The adventures didn’t fit into any box or premise since I knew so little about sex and arousal at the time.  I just knew what felt good, what got me in trouble in public, and what the neighbor girls did when no one else was looking.  I’m sure you have stories too, right?  I’d love to hear them.

Do you remember the first time you masturbated?  What were you thinking about?  How did you do it?  What other secrets do you have?  The naughtier the better!  I promise I won’t tell anyone your secrets.

XoXo Glitter Goddess

Glitter Goddess Fan Mail From A Cuck

Glitter Goddess Fan MailI love Glitter Goddess fan mail in my inbox.  This sweet cuck made me smile.  Some people hate compliments.  I LOVE them!  I eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner;)

“I’ve only had one call with you, but it was pure euphoria. the conversation, your beautiful face, and your perfect body made it the best call I’ve had. That is why I consider you a true Goddess. I LOVE worshipping your body and hearing about your amazing lovers. You made me cum so hard that night, then shocked me by telling me to eat my cum (which you somehow convinced me to do, you clearly have amazing powers! LOL). The memories of that call are still fresh in my mind, and still turn me on as if the call just ended!” -msr_1234

Tonight msr_1234 called again and got to hear about my newest sexual escapades.

Keep showing your love with your fan mail, pets!
XoXo Glitter Goddess

Love Letter To Glitter Goddess From A Slave

Got this love letter from a new real time slave today.

“What can I say about Glitter Goddess.  I remember the first time I saw her I thought, wow she looks incredibly beautiful.  I have to get her attention and if I can, I would do anything to please her no matter what it is.  After she emailed me back my life was filled with joy and all I wanted to do was get to know her.  After we meet I knew I was in love and I knew this would be the Mistress that I would please and that I would go through hell for just to make her happy.  I have never felt this way about anyone until now.  I want to be with my Goddess forever.  I want to be her pet.  I want to be the slave that she calls on the most for physical worship, sweetness, humor, romance, and money I want my Goddess to make an example out of me.  I crave her more and more every day.  Most importantly I will give my Goddess my life, my soul, my everything to please her forever.  -slave R

XoXo Glitter Goddess


Findom Confessions

Here is a Findom Confession From a Worshipper

Money fetish findom Glitter Goddess“I stumbled across Glitter Goddess’ niteflirt page about a week to 10 days before my first call.  Yes, of course I noticed her beauty, but I was drawn to her hypnotic promise.  I was drawn specifically to the way she dangled her little spiral.  Beckoning me closer.  Closer.  I am not being insincere when I say I could really actually feel the beckoning.  On a very deep, primal, subconscious level that beckoning is everything. It is the promise my submissive loins long for. The promise of a girl who understands her effect, dissects my weaknesses, and consumes me. As a submissive man, she offered the promise of a dream.

Of course, I have probably felt this dream before, and did not have it fulfilled, but even as a grown man, I felt trepidation, longing, and nervous sexual energy as time grew near for our first call. There it was. Her niteflirt call signal finally available at a time I was willing and able to indulge. I no doubt pressed that button.

Now I am no stranger to my own vulnerabilities. I keep only one credit card and on this particular evening I had $150 to play with. Enough to hopefully have fun for a little while and to enjoy the company of GlitterGoddess. Now, as an optimist, I guess I always expect it to go well. Still, calling a girl for the first time can be stressful. What if there is no connection? What if my hopes were up for nothing?

Time melted away on the phone. Glitter Goddess began to probe my buttons and I felt easily relaxed. Her dominant nature was intoxicating. I am sure I even told her of some of my dangerously effective weaknesses. My submissive nature was beginning to blossom under her guidance. I was smiling. I was having a good time. I was comfortable. But time was vanishing and I dutifully informed my interesting domme that I would not be in a position to extend the call.

Glitter Goddess did not seem at all upset, but she did ask me if I had ever cammed. If I had, I surely did not remember it to be special. She naturally suggested we extend the session on cam, of course, as long as I could tribute. I was instantly intrigued. Without as much as a whim, “why not?,” I thought.

It was new. It was surreal. Here I was, in bed, with my laptop, yet face to face with this amazing smile. It was nothing like I expected. It was like she was right there. I felt awkward, self-conscious, and more than that, this girl was real. She moved, she blinked and she smiled. Oh did she smile! In moments I realized she was way more than some picture and voice. She was this adorable living girl. My heart leapt. She instructed me to relax. Just kick back and hang with her. She did just that. She kicked back and stretched herself out. In all my delight, but it may have been all over for me in that moment. For my dream girl had donned the perfectly seductive outfit. Her glittering black bra accompanied only by sheer black pantyhose. My new Goddess was content to just sit back and allow her visual trap to do the rest. Her fingers played along her hips, motioned past her most private part, and sucked all the will power out of my brain.

Things sped up. They slowed down. The room spun. Time was lost. A more smitten victim there could not be. I was being entranced, intoxicated, and carefully encased. Glitter Goddess had ensnared me. She spoke of her own needs and intentions.  How she longed for financial domination of a helpless man. Careful to bring my intense fetish for her pantyhose into focus as she led me with her words. Her calmness enthralled me. Her teases incapacitated my defenses. Her sharp mind allowed me room to go deeper and of course, she began training me to start sending her money.

Spasms of delight were shooting through me. I knew I was in trouble, but the pulsations of bliss bouncing all over me from the effects of this amazing woman were pure submissive heroin. I was drugged by her charms and power. Lured by her cunningness. Blinded by her smile and the way her darn fingers never stopped twittering about her pantyhose covered hips. A man could not be more smitten. Can anyone possibly imagine the trouble I was in? Could a female domme’s trap ever be more perfect?

Our fantasy talk was flowing freely now. We were both responding. Feeding off each other. Could it be? Could I have found a girl so intoxicating, so intense, that I would not be able to stop her femdom razor sharp claws from cutting me into little pieces? Even worse, every indication and every instinct I had was telling me she had no intention of holding back. Her financial domination talk was causing a fever between both of us. My own sexual urges mad with wild elation with every hint that she could steal unending power from me. Scenarios were popping up. All involving my financial downfall at the hands of my new vixen. The more I realized how wanton she was with her own needs and nature, the more flutters of brutal exhilaration burst through me. Or better yet, brutal fear.

As our fantasies unfolded, my Goddess decided she would construct for me a cage. A financial domination cage, to be exact.  Complete with a warning sign she would design and post on the door. A warning sign just for me. Alerting the world that if I was ever foolish enough to enter this cage she would lock me in it. Yes, a steel and metal trap, easily and so simplistically able of holding and containing a large physical male. If the poor dumb male entered without heeding the warning, it would cost him a small fortune to get out. That was the promise of this cage. That was the covenant of this trap.

‘Come to my cage,’ she would beckon. ‘Come closer.  There is no harm in taking a closer look.’ Oh the beckoning. Her evil perfection even promised the bliss of submissive delight if I would come into the cage. For inside the cage I could indulge my true fetish. I could worship her pantyhose covered ass through the bars. I felt like crying. Girls like Glitter Goddess love to inflame a poor man’s fetish, but understand the art of never letting him indulge. ‘That’s right my naked pet, into the little cage trap you go. ‘Good boy.’ I was hers. In over my head. Locked in a cage. Bound by her power and a mutual fetish. We both came to the fantasy of me being in the cage, but we both know I stepped into a metaphorical, though very real cage that night. One that does not have a buy-out and almost surely will result in my total financial ownership. I am scared but already caught, already seduced. What is a man to do but give in?”

-Hopelessly Addicted and In Love