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My Horse! Meet Glitter Goddess’ Trusty Steed!

Glitter Goddess My HorseMeet My Horse!

Hello My good boys!

I would love to introduce you to My new trusty steed. Meet ARENAL! He is named after the beautiful Costa Rican volcano. 

Let Me rewind for a sec. I know you’ve missed Me. My trip to Costa Rica was everything I could have asked for. It reminded Me of how much I have missed having a horse in My life. Rides through the rich forests atop a trusty steed… I’m guessing you can picture how amazing it was for Me!!!

Glitter Goddess My HorseWhen I got back, I was lucky enough to find a gorgeous, kind, and hardworking horse that is now mine! I’m in heaven! I’ve been riding daily and am SO happy.

I grew up with horses and riding was a huge part of how I realized I was dominant. Training an animal more than 10x my weight, observing their willingness to please, seeing how they added to the joy of My life, it was the beginning of something special.

But don’t fear My good boy, Arenal has captured My heart, but he has NOT taken your place. I wanted to give you this update so you can send your congratulations, your gifts, and your support for My happy news. 

Thank you for being My good boy!

…And if you’d like to send me a gift to go towards My new horse, riding wardrobe, and of course sexy cowboy boots, email Me. 

Also, I have a photo set coming out soon filled with photos of Me in Costa Rica. I can’t wait for you to see the pleasures of My trip including the sexy nights in the hot springs with My girlfriends. Watch for it on My Twitter (here) and once it’s available I’ll link to it here too :)

XoXo Your Goddess

Glitter Goddess My HorseMy horse is the beautiful grey all the way on the right.


Goddess at the Pool! – 25 Gorgeous Photos

Goddess at the Pool Glitter GoddessGoddess at the Pool

Has your Goddess ever been so sensuous and elegant than when relaxing in a bikini the pool? Well, yes, I am sensuous and elegant in all that I do!! But these photos are not to be missed. 25 gorgeous shots of Me! It’s the next best thing to spending an afternoon with Me at the pool. I hope your cock is ready!

“Goddess at the Pool”, Gorgeous 25 Photos, $15
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Ultimate Hypnosis with Glitter Goddess

Ultimate Hypnosis with Glitter GoddessUltimate Hypnosis Video, $40
Buy from GlitterGoddess through

What a very lucky boy to be able to experience Ultimate Hypnosis with Me!

I am very proud of this video. Beauty, seduction, worship, hypnosis all converge in the most overpoweringly indulgent video yet! It is time now, My good boy to succumb to My power!

Ultimate Hypnosis with Glitter Goddess Ultimate Hypnosis with Glitter Goddess

Are You A Bad Boy?

Are you a bad boyYour training as a good boy is about to be elevated to the next level. We need to talk about what happens if you’re a bad boy.

Maybe you’ll never be a bad boy… and maybe you’re being a bad boy right now, but this is information that you need to know.

Some of you are more willing to a bad boy rather than a good boy. And when you chose to be a bad boy, you are choosing against My wishes. There is a punishment for that.

I will not be making a list or going into examples of what constitutes a bad boy. You know!!! You know when you are being a bad boy. You can feel it.

To get back into My good graces you have to make it up to Me.

You must pay!

And don’t wait for Me to tell you that you’ve been a bad boy!

If you have been a bad boy click HERE which will take you to My new Bad Boy Tax page.

Glitter Goddess


Worship My Ass! – Hypnosis Video

Worship My Ass Video Glitter GoddessWorship My Ass! Hypnosis Video, $20
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When you know you are owned, there is only one ultimate surrender… to worship My Ass! Ass Worship is a special treat that not just any good boy can experience though. In this video, I tease, guide, and hypnotize you in the most divine Ass worship. You, My pet, are already owned by Me and you are soon going to be owned by My ass!!

… And here is a tease for you!

Natural Beauty – New Photo Set

Natural beauty goes beyond any makeup or outfit. Natural beauty is inherent in a true Goddess and shines through no matter what she is wearing or not wearing.

I took these special photos to add to your worship collection… especially if you like to see me having fun and turned on.

So much of sexy imagery online it’s about the facade of beauty, but to me there is something so special about a Goddess who is a Goddess no matter what she wears, if she’s dressed up or not, and no matter where she is.

Being a Goddess is a way of being, a noun and verb, an exploration that adds so much to my life. In this online world of the facade and what people want you to see, opposed to what is really there, I wanted to release a set of photos focusing on natural beauty, on me being me, just hanging out in a little satin dress and some sheer pantyhose, just for the fun and pleasure of it.

Natural Beauty Photo Set with Glitter Goddess..So without further adieu, I introduce, “Natural Beauty Photo Set“, a group of 18 delicious and spontaneous pictures of your one and only Glitter Goddess. Perfect to add to your worshiping routines.

Natural Beauty Photo Set
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Your Goddess Is Moving On Up!

Moving Glitter GoddessI have some very big news for me! I am moving from my downtown apartment to a bigger, more spacious, and nature surrounded place in Houston! I’ve loved living in downtown, but the big buildings and dirty streets are not my favorite views. No more of that! Treetops as far as the eye can see will be my new view!! And I’ll be even closer to my favorite restaurants and shopping. I am a very happy Goddess indeed!

I’m moving August 1st and I’m already putting together a special house warming wishlist which you can find here: House Warming Amazon WishList For Me!
I’d love for you to add a special touch to my new place to make it home, and not just any home, my upgraded, more wonderful home that I am SO excited to live in!!!!
…And now the big questions is… Do I have the movers pack up my fetish gear and lingerie? hehehehe

My Birthday!!!! Glitter Goddess Birthday 2016

Glitter Goddess Birthday 2016It’s incredible how many birthday gifts I’ve already received! So with about a month to prepare, I’m taking all the stress out of it and I’ve put together a list of my wants, desires, and birthday wishes. Any of these would be lovely to receive and if your heart’s desire is to surprise me with something else, that’s also awesome.

Squarecash (US debit card):$wgg
Giftrocket (US credit card):

Airbnb gift card: $200
I do a lot of traveling and using airbnb often lets me choose places to stay that are nicer or have a better location than hotels. I can use one gift card per trip so that’s why I’m requesting $200, the max amount a gift card can be. This is a very special gift. to

Wholefoods Gift Cards: up to $100 each card 
I absolutely love Whole Foods and with gift cards for my b-day I can get the necessities. You know! Champagne and truffles!
Link to purchase through amazon: here
… and send to my email address:

Amazon Wishlist 
Literally the easiest way to see what I want, get it, and have it show up to my home for me to unwrap and enjoy!!

P.S.  I’ll be updating my amazon wishlist often up until my birthday, so anything on there is current!

On Disobedience

On Disobedience Glitter GoddessI have some thoughts I’d like to share with you on disobedience. Some people see dominance and submission as a game, challenging back and forth to see who the winner is. What if instead, you let me pull you out of this limited and fatalistic roleplay and allow me to elucidate a dominance and submission which is something to be savored, indulged, and hedonistically devoured by.
Occasionally I am challenged, not by someone who is a match for my intelligence, or power, or even someone who is strong enough to resist me, but challenged by a person who knows only how to interact, to connect, to then hopefully become closer through contention. It’s a tragedy really because it can never go to the wonderous, intense, and luscious places that I seek to take my submissives. It’s a denial of possibilities and a refusal to allow the pleasure that would have come from lowering one’s guard, one’s barriers, and receiving the intoxication of being led by a capable and magical woman who’s power is much, much greater than you can ever know.
I have an email to use as an example today of what not to do when meeting me. You know of me, you know of my videos, you have a curiosity. Don’t blow it. Don’t disappoint. Do relax. Do follow my lead. Let this man, if you can call him that, be an example of what a fool will throw away in his ignorance.
This is a portion of an email which was in response to the very specific and incredibly sexy orders I gave him. Notes for context and clarity are in brackets [].
“… Also, I have an admission to make, and I hope you can show mercy…you instructed me to order the custom audio, and then begin to masturbate in anticipation of its completion. Well, I got so excited that you accepted my request [for a custom audio] that I disobeyed your orders. I masturbated over you again (to your free 30 minute
joi hypno on YouTube). It’s so hard to obey, because you are so seductive!…In the meantime, I’ve opened at NiteFlirt account as instructed [I did not instruct this in my email], and supplied it with funds. Based on the little you know about me, and the limited info I’ve provided about what I’d like in a custom audio, what two “Goodies” do you absolutely demand that I purchase? [This request for new orders comes after not completing and outright disobeying my first orders.]…My cock is so hard in anticipation of your reply. Hopefully you can forgive my disobedience, and encourage my obsession of pleasuring myself to you! I’ll try to be a better pet!”
This is what I replied.
“You didn’t listen to your last command. Bye.”
Would you ever be so stupid? Or would you know, trust, and allow me to enter your life as the Goddess I am. I am a True Goddess. I am the leader. I am the one who chooses and the one who guides. I am the one who creates feelings and sexual expression that you never knew were possible. I am here to for you to bring me pleasure with your obedience. I am here to be served, honored, acknowledged, appreciated, doted upon, adored, and obsessed over. My role in your life is Goddess, not mother to misbehaving child. I am never willing to lower myself to convince you or assuage your apprehensions or to forgive blatant disobedience. Those who have asked that of me, they have already lost me. Let this be a lesson, a warning, a reminder. Trust me to rule you and the rewards are many, disobey and your pleasure is taken away.

Time To Get Goddess A Maid

Time to Get Goddess a maid I few days ago I posted a tweet and an update on collarspace that I was looking for a submissive maid or house boy to come and clean for me here in Houston. The responses I got were overwhelming, but you all don’t live in Houston! I was touched by how many of you expressed your desire to live closer so you could have that role in my life, but alas somethings just cannot be done long distance, and moving is a bit extreme just for a clean house.

Instead, I realized you can clean my house for me from afar by sending gifts to me to cover weekly visits by a cute girl I found who cleans houses professionally. Is not the same as you being down on your knees, scrubbing while I give you direction, but it is a wonderful start.

I thought of two ways for you to help (as long as you are in the U.S.)

One: Sign up for a weekly reminder email from me that will have a link to my squarecash. You can send $25 weekly or however much you desire. With this method it won’t be long before I have my weekly cleaning visits covered by my good boys. To sign up, send me a quick email to expressing your interest. I’ll have pics of me in these emails in case you needed further confirmation that this is a great idea!

Two: Send a larger amount today to take care of a whole visit ($95). The link to my squarecash is$wgg
That link takes you to a place you can safely send a gift to me using your debit card.
Now, if you can’t use a debit card, but are still in the U.S. you can also use giftrocket.
(This also a great early Christmas present)

Name: Jenny Biondo
Message: For Cleaning

This little scheme will make up for the fact you aren’t here to clean for me in person. Your contribution to my ease, pleasure, and happiness will earn you a place as my good boy.

XoXo Your Goddess