How Was it?! How Fabulous Was My Birthday?!

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My birthday this year was the best yet! With all of the wonderful gifts, countdown excitement, and my new show, this birthday will be memorable and fun to look back on! Here are some of the highlights to enjoy…

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The Gift Awards Go To…

  • “Most Vibratory Gift” was a Shiatsu lower-back massager from d.
  • “Best Scented” was a cordless aromatherapy diffuser from tiny c.
  • “Most Used Gift” was $200 gift card and $200 giftrocket from j.
  • “Most Naughty Secretary Gift” was a pencil skirt and red patent leather pumps from m.
  • “Most Annonymous Gift”: Who sent me the gorgeous white summer sandals? You win! I’ve been wearing them almost non-stop, Lol
  • Most Comfortable Gift: New throne (some call them chairs) from cuck p.
  • Shortest Shorts: A Tie! American flag shorts from d. and green spandex shorts from cuck p.
  • Most Creative Gift: Money Bottle (there was $1,000 in there!!) from c.
  • Most Romantic Gift: $300 gift card to my favorite restaurant for my b-day night and Agent
  • Provocateur lingerie from t.
  • Most Impressive and Surprising Overall: Definitely c. went over and above with just the money bottle alone, but he did not stop there. He also surprised me with a gift card, new luggage, a dress, and that wasn’t even all!!!!
  • Most Inspirational: a $500 gift toward a lighting set that I haven’t quite saved up for from m.

Holy Wow! Is There Anything I Didn’t Get?

fiilex lightWell, technically yes. I didn’t get my own island that we could all move to and live there harmoniously, (and in a heightened state of arousal all day and all night under my reign) but shy of that, there is one rather big thing I did not yet get. I have a gift of $500 already towards a studio lighting set up for my new videos, interviews, and photos. The total for that kit is $2,100. If you would like to send something my way for this much needed lighting upgrade, here are some options for that (these are U.S. options, internationally you can send tributes to me on Niteflirt or contact me directly).
– Giftrocket (for credit cards):
– SquareCash (for debit cards + no fee):$wgg

The BIG Reveal Glitter Goddess

The “BIG Reveal”

The BIG Reveal was that I have my own show! The show is called Love and Lust Show and here are the links you need to know…
How To Listen:
Follow the new show on Twitter: @lovelustshow
Follow the show on Twitter to stay updated with latest episode, current questions and input I’m seeking, and to support the show spreading!

Here’s A Video I made For Ya:
It’s about how my birthday was, a thank big thank you, and what I’m excited about with the Love and Lust Show!

Bunches of Photos!

Birthday results


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