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Worship Me in My Sexy Heels – New Video!

Worship Me in My Sexy Heels Glitter Goddess

Worship Me in My Sexy Heels – New Video!
Every once in a while I outdo Myself with a new video…

Worship Me in My Sexy Heels Glitter GoddessThis time it’s all about worshipping My beautiful body!

I know that when I slip on a pair of gorgeous heels it has an effect on your mind, your body… your cock. These things cannot be helped. You are hardwired to adore Me, to be turned on by sexy heels, and when those come together… the pleasure is epic!

Worship Me in My Sexy Heels video Glitter Goddess“Worship Me in My Sexy Heels”, Body Worship Video, $30
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There are moments that leave you breathless… and this video has many. I know you adore and worship My body, but what happens when I turn it up and tease you with a perfect pair of heels on? Blood rushes to your little head, no thinking, just stroking. It is time to stroke My good boy. It’s time to worship Me in My sexy heels…

And for more foot worship videos, click HERE

XoXo Your Goddess

Niteflirt Chat with Glitter Goddess

niteflirt chat

Niteflirt Chat

There are a billion reasons I love this new feature Niteflirt creamed up for us.
Here are a few:

  1. If you are too shy to call Me, we can play on chat!
  2. It’s the perfect way to say hello, send Me messages, and see what I have to say to YOU
  3. It makes sexting with Me super easy… hehe
  4. It’s SO FUN!!!

I’m going to make it very easy to get started so we can be chatting ASAP!

Niteflirt Chat with Glitter GoddessHere is how to begin with Niteflirt Chat

  1. If you don’t yet have a Niteflirt account, you’re in for a treat! Make one HERE
  2. Look for the “Chat” feature in the navigation bar and sign up :)
  3. Send Me a chat! Here is My profile page on Niteflirt. Look for the gray tab at the top that says “Chat”.
  4. Now we’re ready to play! Wahoo!!!

XoXo Your Goddess

P.S. Here is a link to a contest I ran about Niteflirt Chat


Two Goddesses – New Video!!!

Two Goddesses Video Glitter GoddessTwo Goddesses Video with Glitter Goddess

Two Goddesses Video with Glitter GoddessTwo Goddesses, video with
Glitter Goddess $30

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I’d like to introduce you to My Swedish girlfriend. We (while luxuriating in a 5 star hotel in Rome) had a sexy little conversation about being dominant and what turns us on. We want you to watch us lay in bed together and giggle. We also added some teases at the end that you will love. And while we wish you could have been there with us, we thought letting you watch would be the next best thing.

Contest! Chat with Me and Win a Prize!

Labor Day Contest

UPDATE: I have a winner! This message tickled and amused Me and now this lucky good boy gets a free copy of My new video which will be released on Thursday!

Here is the Niteflirt chat which won:

Labor Day Contest WinnerLOL! I think that’s great! Here is the video he was talking about:

Surrender To Your InfatuationAnd you can see it for yourself HERE
“Surrender To Your Infatuation”, $20
Buy from GlitterGoddess through

…And if you haven’t chatted with Me yet using Niteflirt’s new message/text/chat feature, give it a try! So far I am loving it!
(Details below for how to get started with that).

XoXo Your Goddess


I’m doing a spontaneous, last minute, sure-to-tease CONTEST!

It will run from the time I post this to the end of Labor Day 2017
(midnight Texas time on Monday, Sept. 4th, 2017).

Niteflirt has just introduced their beta Chat feature and I’d like to try it out. I will be selecting My favorite message I receive on their new chat system from the time I post this until the end of Labor Day!

What could you win?

If your message is selected by Me as My favorite chat, you will win a free video of mine that is in the editing process now! It’s with Me and My hot Swedish girlfriend luxuriating in bed together in Rome. We have a naughty chat about domination and there may or may not be some pillow fight action too ;)

Anyway, that video is free for you if you win and it is a FUCKING AWESOME prize if you ask Me!

Here’s what you need to do to get going chatting with Me on Niteflirt.

  1. If you don’t have a Niteflirt account, make one HERE.
  2. Once you have a Niteflirt account, sign up for their chat system and your phone number never gets shared with Me or any other flirt. It’s totally safe and private.
  3. Send Me a chat! Here is My profile page on Niteflirt. Look for the gray tab at the top that says “Chat”.
  4. We’ll have some fun and talk!

It’s that easy! I’m also going to be available on Monday (Labor Day) taking calls and doing sessions too. Can’t wait to play with YOU My good boy!

XoXo Goddess

What Do Good Boys Get? New Video!

What Does a Good Boy Get? Glitter GoddessWhat do you get if you’re a very good boy and follow all of My jerk off instructions that I have for you? You’re going to find out!!!

Time to edge for Me!

What Does a Good Boy Get? JOI Video, $20
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What Does A Good Boy Get? Glitter Goddess What Does A Good Boy Get? Glitter Goddess



Top 4 Charts! Celebrating Winning Goodies!

Top 4 Charts Glitter Goddess

Top 4 Charts

I just won Niteflirt’s contest for most new goodies sold thanks to all of My good boys… and My unbeatable videos of course… hehe. In addition to winning $300 just days before My birthday (excellent timing) I won the priceless information that I am… the best!!!

With even more exciting videos of mine coming out soon, it’s especially important to honor and highlight the goodies that helped Me win! And what better way to do that than “Top 4s” in these 3 categories

New Classics, My Fetishes, and Revolutionary New Videos

So without further adieu here are the top 4 (in no particular order) in each category…

…New Classics …

Edging For Glitter Goddess - JOI Video Edging For Glitter Goddess
Edging – You’ll do it just like I say, hands on and hands off, touching just how I tell you to touch
Buy from GlitterGoddess through

Worship My Ass Video Glitter Goddess Worship My Ass Video Glitter Goddess
Worship My Ass! – The most worshipable ass on the planet will own you!
Buy from GlitterGoddess through

Dos and Don'ts Video Glitter Goddess
Dos and Dont’s, $2.99 – My most updated info on how to please Me
Buy from GlitterGoddess through

Introduction to erotic hypnosis
Introduction To Erotic Hypnosis, $5 – The inlet to pleasure and trance
Buy from GlitterGoddess through


…My Fetishes…

touch your cock Glitter Goddess touch your cock Glitter Goddess
Touch your Cock – You do it anyway, why not do it for Me?
Buy from GlitterGoddess through

The pleasure is ours Glitter Goddess video The pleasure is ours Glitter Goddess video The pleasure is ours Glitter Goddess video
The Pleasure is Ours – The bigger My pleasure becomes, the more I own you
Buy from GlitterGoddess through

Pure Hypnosis: Erotic Bliss Loop Video Pure Hypnosis: Erotic Bliss Loop Video
Pure Hypnosis: Erotic Bliss – Loop it over and over and go deeper and deeper
Buy from GlitterGoddess through

Bad Boy Tax Glitter Goddess
Bad Boy Tax – You’re not always a model good boy, this is where you go when you’ve been bad!


…Revolutionary New Videos…

Hands-Free Orgasm video with Glitter Goddess Hands-Free Orgasm Preview Hands-Free Orgasm Preview
Hands Free Orgasm – You’ve always wanted to try it and now is your chance!
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Does She know You're Mine
Does She Know You’re Mine – Your secret is safe with Me, but I know you stroke for Me when she’s home.
Buy from GlitterGoddess through

Cum for Your Goddess Glitter Goddess Video Cum for Your Goddess Glitter Goddess Video
Cum for your Goddess – Who knew the day would come when I would give you such an important task?
Buy from GlitterGoddess through

Addicted to Pleasure Glitter Goddess
Addicted to Pleasure – It’s finally time for a close up, face-to-face hypnosis. My beauty, my eyes, my smile, you will be lost in them forever…
Buy from GlitterGoddess through

I’m so happy to share these videos with you good boys and I hope you love them!!! Get them all if you can!

XoXo Your Goddess

Pure Hypnosis: Erotic Bliss – Loop Video

Pure Hypnosis: Erotic Bliss Loop Video

Pure Hypnosis: Erotic Bliss

Pure Hypnosis: Erotic Bliss Loop VideoPure Hypnosis: Erotic Bliss, Loop Video, $20
Pure Hypnosis Erotic Bliss

Pure pleasure and sinfully seductive, this new video will take you deep, deep into hypnosis. It’s a loop video*, so you can watch and stroke for as long as you like. And the new trigger in video will be the brainwashing you crave. Time to descend for Me, My good boy…

* Loop videos are 3-5 minutes of intense footage and audio and can be watched in a loop over and over and over as long as you and your hard cock can handle the pleasure!

For more information on Erotic Hypnosis, see My page HERE

JOI For Relaxation: A Respite From The Media Mayhem

Hello my good boys,

I am writing to you from Paris and I just had to make you a brand new audio today!

When things are hard (like recently with so much intensity in the news about U.S. politics) I think you need some pleasure, a little escape. Let me guide you in a relaxing JOI. I know you need some release from all that tension. This is the perfect quickie audio for anytime you are stressed. All you need is 10 minutes and your Goddess will lull you into well-deserved pleasure.

JOI for Relaxation with Glitter GoddessThere is a free teaser audio here and you can get the full JOI file here:
“JOI for Relaxation”, $10:

Also, I haven’t found a way to take calls from abroad yet, but if you would like to message me a quick hello, you can do that via skype. If you don’t have my ID yet, you can purchase it here.

Have fun relaxing to this new, sexy audio and talk soon!!!

XoXo Your Goddess

New Goodies: Stroke Your Way To Sexy Resolutions!

stroke your way toThe new year marks a time to reflect back and look into future, blah, blah, blah. I HAVE NEW NAUGHTY CONTENT!!!!

They all happen to be of the “self improvement through stroking” variety. So what does that mean? It means that while you masturbate for me, which we both know you will be doing regardless, you can also make improvements to your life that will tickle, please, and delight us both!!! Ready to begin? Good!

Here are the first three topics and if they are received well, then you good boys will get more: Having More Money, No More Fear of Submission, and Being My Favorite Good Boy. And the are only $15 each… for now. Here is how they work. Each goody comes with an audio to stroke to AND one to listen to on very low volume as you sleep. I don’t think I need to enumerate the benefits of stroking for me, but the other audio does warrant some explanation.

Why A Night Time Audio?

  • It’s sexy/comforting falling asleep with my voice sliding through your mind and tickling your dreams
  • You will have better rest and wake up with the world seeming a little brighter and a little more wonderful
  • The guidance I provide in the audios will go straight to your subconscious. Easy change!

And here they are… Click on the images to buy them through Niteflirt.

Being My Favorite Good BoyBuy from GlitterGoddess through

Making More MoneyBuy from GlitterGoddess through

No More Fear of Submission Buy from GlitterGoddess through

Further Instructions once you have the audios:

Simple instructions are also in the goodies, but I’ll post some here to in case you are curious. The stroking audio is pretty self explanatory. Listen to it and let my voice guide you through the pleasures of being teased, trained, and owned by me. For the night time audio, listen to it on repeat on a very, very low volume. Turn it on just before you are planning to go to sleep and let it play all night long. You’ll notice your sleep is better and that the changes I guide you through will make life and pleasure a lot easier!

A Final Note

These audios are created for entertainment purposes only and I am not a licensed therapist. If however, you experience real change and your life is all around more wonderful, I will accept your thank yous :)

Here are more life changing goodies that just happen to be very hot stroking material!

Work out hard video Glitter GoddessBuy from GlitterGoddess through  Erotic Hypno-Therapy with Glitter GoddessBuy from GlitterGoddess through


Happy Halloween and NEW Video!

Work out hard video Glitter GoddessI knew I wanted to dress up as something funny (and of course sexy too) for Halloween. The joke is, since I’m a Goddess, I never have to work out to look this hot. But you know how it is, Halloween is an excuse for ladies to dress up in sexy outfits they don’t usually wear. So here I am in my work out finest that has never seen a drop of sweat. You can tell ’cause I’m wearing heels :P

Here is a free teaser video of a very hot video I made, also in this outfit

And if you would like the full video, you can get it here:

work out hard video Glitter Goddess

Work Out Hard“, Erotic Hypno-Therapy Video, $20

You’re crazy if you don’t have a fetish for me in hot work out clothes (with heels no less!). Why not use some of that infatuation to get yourself motivated? Heart rate pumping, heavy breathing, I have big plans for you! So hop on the bandwagon of the Glitter Goddess work out plan. You just might find that working out is WAY sexier than you ever imagined.
* Any reference to therapy is for entertainment purposes only

Have a fun Halloween, whatever your plans may be. Just make sure you taste a little of my sugar ;)

XoXo Goddess