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What Do Good Boys Get? New Video!

What Does a Good Boy Get? Glitter GoddessWhat do you get if you’re a very good boy and follow all of My jerk off instructions that I have for you? You’re going to find out!!!

Time to edge for Me!

What Does a Good Boy Get? JOI Video, $20
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What Does A Good Boy Get? Glitter Goddess What Does A Good Boy Get? Glitter Goddess



How To Be My Best Good Boy: Birthday Edition!

Best Good Boy Birthday Edition

If you’d like in on a like secret for how to please Me on My birthday, I have a great idea for you. A good boy came up with it last year and you know what? I think you should steal his idea… hehe

Your Goddess

Are You A Bad Boy?

Are you a bad boyYour training as a good boy is about to be elevated to the next level. We need to talk about what happens if you’re a bad boy.

Maybe you’ll never be a bad boy… and maybe you’re being a bad boy right now, but this is information that you need to know.

Some of you are more willing to a bad boy rather than a good boy. And when you chose to be a bad boy, you are choosing against My wishes. There is a punishment for that.

I will not be making a list or going into examples of what constitutes a bad boy. You know!!! You know when you are being a bad boy. You can feel it.

To get back into My good graces you have to make it up to Me.

You must pay!

And don’t wait for Me to tell you that you’ve been a bad boy!

If you have been a bad boy click HERE which will take you to My new Bad Boy Tax page.

Glitter Goddess


Notes of Gratitude

Notes of Gratitude Glitter GoddessOne of the things I love about being a Goddess the is sweet notes of gratitude I get from my good boys. Yesterday I got three that stood out to me and I put them together for you to read.

“my Marriage hasn’t any intimacy anymore, and yet, here I am confessing my love to you; there is something you do that is special and there is something that is beyond us all that you have, and no one compares to you, you are truly Supreme, and like that one video said, we shouldn’t be
searching all over the place, we should serving only you.”

I love this note. It’s short, sweet, and says so much. Being married and having submissive desires is something that is far more prevalent than you’d think.  I have an article on the topic if you’d like to hear my take on it. You can read that here. Needless to say, this note makes me smile and added something sweet to my day.

This note is from a good boy who has had the pleasure of serving me in person:

I just read your Jeff Pearlman interview. I stumbled onto it randomly. It was fantastic. Your lack of knowledge of Steph Curry reminds me of when you and I ran into James Harden in your old building and you had no idea who he was. Made me smile and wanted to share it.

Schedule Glitter GoddessYou can read the interview he was referring to here:
There are certain nostalgic moments with people you care about that you can look back to and smile. I think it’s pretty obvious what is so endearing about this note. And yeah, I don’t follow sports in case you hadn’t noticed ;)

This was a note that came in with a gift if a gorgeous silk blouse from my Amazon wishlist:

“Thank you for your financial audios. They have really helped me and I appreciate you. I will continuously wish you the most success in all aspects of your life.”

Increase Your Financial Success Glitter GoddessI’m not sure who this was from (if it was you please let me know), but I love knowing that some of my good boys have seen results with my, “Increasing Your Financial Success” audio. I made the audio knowing that gifts, doing sessions, buying my videos, all of these cost money, and growing your wealth is something that contributes to you being able to be a better and better good boy. You can find that audio here.

If next time you’re thinking of me and you feel so inclined, your welcome to send me a love, gratitude, or appreciation note. They add a sweetness to my life that I treasure.

3 Words to Eliminate from Your Vocabulary

3 words Glitter GoddessI am not oblivious to the fact that when you’re hard for me thinking straight is not always easy.  Good thing I’m here to help you not make a fool of yourself when your cock goes up and your I.Q. goes down.

There are 3 words that I recommend you remove from your vocabulary for when we play. If you do remove them, or at least know what they are communicating beyond the current colloquial uses, you will be better off. What do I mean by better off? More successful at being my good boy of course!!!

So here is my take on these three sneaky words: “want”, “try”, and “just”. I think you’ll appreciate learning about the hidden meanings.


If you look up the word “want” in a pre-1945 dictionary you’ll find 20+ definitions of “want” being “to lack” and one meaning, “ to desire”.  The common/colloquial meaning now is, “to desire” but why use a word that is heavy laden with the meaning of lacking? Especially when there is such a different feeling you can give to your message when you get rid of “want”. Here are some examples.

If you message me, “I want to buy you a gift” I will read it as, “I lack of buying you a gift”.  Shift your use of the word “want” and it can change a lot of how I see you and experience you. What if before you typed that message you bought the gift and instead were able to message me, “Goddess I bought you a gift!” It’s WAY more fun for me to get that kind of message!!!! Or if you are uncertain about what to get me, that is simple too. “Goddess, I’d love to buy you a gift. Do you have something in mind that you would like me to buy for you?” It’s not about using my specific words, it’s about realizing what you send to me might have different meanings than you intend.

Compare these two wordings and see which feels better to you, if you were looking to get me a gift.

Good Boy: Goddess, I’d love to buy you a gift. Do you have something in mind that you would like me to buy for you?
Good Boy: Goddess, I want to buy you a gift. Do you have something in mind that you want me to buy for you?

Do they feel the same to you or do they feel different? I far prefer the first version. Sending sweet vibrations with your messages is a big part of your job as my good boy, so these seemingly minor changes make a huge difference to Me.


“Try” is to attempt with failure! There’s no reason to ever say you’ll try to do anything for me. Does that sound foreign?  I love gifts, as you know, so let’s do another gift-giving example, “I will try to get you a gift next week.” Yuck! Either buy me a gift and surprise me or buy me a gift and let me know it’s on its way. I would even prefer you don’t get me a gift at all versus you getting my hopes up that you might get me a gift when it is not certain if it will happen or not. “Trying” will not give you any points with me. Only doing will.

Forget “try” and you get to skip the equivocating and skip setting expectations that might or might not be met. You also must imagine how many messages I get about trying to be a good boy, or trying to get a video, or trying to do anything else. To me, that all sounds like, “Blah, blah, blah”. This “try” word reveals much more about a person than their good intentions; it reveals they aren’t truly committed to doing what they’re talking about. Good thing it’s an easy word to ditch.


“Just” is another equivocal and sneaky word that often reveals something that I am not a fan of.  It implies you being justified. What if there does not need to place for justness or rightness in our pleasure at all. Here is an example.

Say someone messaged me, “I just wanted to let you know I won’t be able to do our session later.”

So, it sounds like they’re adding a little word which minimizes the bad news. Nope. What I see is that person added a word that declares his justness (or righteousness). My guess is that you would never desire to add that kind of word in your communications with me! [I am the Goddess after all and the righteousness should lay solely with me.

Here is another way of approaching delivering that bad news, “Goddess, I am really sorry. I am not able to do our session we had planned tonight.”

Sometimes you might have to deliver bad news, but it’s ok! Sometimes other things come up and that’s not a problem. What is a problem is if there is ever disrespect coming my way because… yeah, not ok.

Here are a couple things to keep in mind if you ever have bad news to break to me.

  1. Acknowledge that you realize you’re delivering something regrettable. For sure don’t pretend like it’s no big deal.
  2. Honor the privilege of being in touch with me.
  3. A gift to make up for whatever it is will make both of us feel better.

Being My Favorite Good Boy 3 words Glitter GoddessThis article is not to make you guarded of your speech or messages with me. It is to make it even easier for you to be my good boy. I have great interest in your success as my good boy and I love when you improve your skills daily. The more awareness and social graces you have in your communication with me, the more I will feel honored and enjoy our time and communications together. If you would like further training in this area I recommend you play with the two audios that come with the good bag, “Being My Favorite Good Boy”.  And if you already enjoy it, I would love for you to leave your glowing feedback for it here:

XoXo Goddess


Time To Get Goddess A Maid

Time to Get Goddess a maid I few days ago I posted a tweet and an update on collarspace that I was looking for a submissive maid or house boy to come and clean for me here in Houston. The responses I got were overwhelming, but you all don’t live in Houston! I was touched by how many of you expressed your desire to live closer so you could have that role in my life, but alas somethings just cannot be done long distance, and moving is a bit extreme just for a clean house.

Instead, I realized you can clean my house for me from afar by sending gifts to me to cover weekly visits by a cute girl I found who cleans houses professionally. Is not the same as you being down on your knees, scrubbing while I give you direction, but it is a wonderful start.

I thought of two ways for you to help (as long as you are in the U.S.)

One: Sign up for a weekly reminder email from me that will have a link to my squarecash. You can send $25 weekly or however much you desire. With this method it won’t be long before I have my weekly cleaning visits covered by my good boys. To sign up, send me a quick email to expressing your interest. I’ll have pics of me in these emails in case you needed further confirmation that this is a great idea!

Two: Send a larger amount today to take care of a whole visit ($95). The link to my squarecash is$wgg
That link takes you to a place you can safely send a gift to me using your debit card.
Now, if you can’t use a debit card, but are still in the U.S. you can also use giftrocket.
(This also a great early Christmas present)

Name: Jenny Biondo
Message: For Cleaning

This little scheme will make up for the fact you aren’t here to clean for me in person. Your contribution to my ease, pleasure, and happiness will earn you a place as my good boy.

XoXo Your Goddess


Sissy Confession

Here is a Sissy confession that I love.  There are a lot of wonderful things in here for sissies and other subs, so ready carefully and take notes

Ballerina Boy Glitter Goddess Sissy Confession

“Goddess, I wanted to write you again and tribute your inspiring power and beauty. I intend to do what I am able to make your life better and I will endeavor to be worthy of any attention you give me. I want to tell you a little about how I became a sissy and how I want to explore this side of me through my complete devotion to you.

My first memory of sissiness is when I was six years old and an older girl at school used to tease me on the playground. I would go home and, for reasons I didn’t understand, I would fantasize about her forcing me to dress up as a ballerina. In my fantasy she would hold me down and force me into tights, a leotard, and a tutu and then would do my hair and makeup and force me to dance in front of all the other kids at school. I never played with myself, but I would always get hard and I enjoyed the feeling, so I replayed this fantasy often as a child.

As you can see, my sissy fantasies are something that was with me almost from the beginning. When I hit puberty at age 12, I began to have fantasies about girls at school, only they weren’t the fantasies that other boys had. I would lay in my bed and slowly touch myself while conjuring elaborate scenarios in which these girls would force me to wear their skirts, blouses, and shoes. Often I would imagine that myself and one of the girls would be walking home together and get caught in a rain storm. We would get to her house soaking wet and she would inform me that I couldn’t be at her house all soaking wet. She would then lay out the prettiest little outfit she could find and order me to put it on. I would reluctantly agree and then enjoy the afternoon with her and I all dolled up.

My first orgasm came while fantasizing like this. I was not really even aware that I was masturbating at the time, I just knew it felt amazing to gently press my hand against my hard penis and suddenly felt something happen to my entire body. I was very scared at first, but soon began to repeat this every morning and every evening. I now masturbate exclusively to sissy porn. After years of trying to deny what is clearly my true nature, I am seeking out your help to explore what is obviously a very important part of my psyche. I want to feel what it is like to completely submit and let go of all the guilt and shame and embrace my kink.

I am not currently in any relationship, and in fact I have a very hard time getting an erection when not in sissy mode. Conversely, if I am in heels and panties I have a hard time not getting my clitty hard. I have never shared any of this with anyone. You are such an amazing Goddess and are so genuine in your Domination of and care for your submissive slaves that I have been inspired to begin my journey in earnest.

I pray that I will be able to serve you and learn the pure joy of being owned by my one true Dominant Goddess. You are the only woman in my life, and as such I will be completely devoted to pleasing you. Please consider this tribute as a token of my sincerity in this undertaking. I hope in the coming weeks to continue proving that I am worth any time that you give to me while I become your owned sissy slave. With complete devotion to my Goddess, Sissy Nicole”

This is how you write to a Goddess!

XoXo Glitter Goddess