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Time To Get Goddess A Maid

Time to Get Goddess a maid I few days ago I posted a tweet and an update on collarspace that I was looking for a submissive maid or house boy to come and clean for me here in Houston. The responses I got were overwhelming, but you all don’t live in Houston! I was touched by how many of you expressed your desire to live closer so you could have that role in my life, but alas somethings just cannot be done long distance, and moving is a bit extreme just for a clean house.

Instead, I realized you can clean my house for me from afar by sending gifts to me to cover weekly visits by a cute girl I found who cleans houses professionally. Is not the same as you being down on your knees, scrubbing while I give you direction, but it is a wonderful start.

I thought of two ways for you to help (as long as you are in the U.S.)

One: Sign up for a weekly reminder email from me that will have a link to my squarecash. You can send $25 weekly or however much you desire. With this method it won’t be long before I have my weekly cleaning visits covered by my good boys. To sign up, send me a quick email to expressing your interest. I’ll have pics of me in these emails in case you needed further confirmation that this is a great idea!

Two: Send a larger amount today to take care of a whole visit ($95). The link to my squarecash is$wgg
That link takes you to a place you can safely send a gift to me using your debit card.
Now, if you can’t use a debit card, but are still in the U.S. you can also use giftrocket.
(This also a great early Christmas present)

Name: Jenny Biondo
Message: For Cleaning

This little scheme will make up for the fact you aren’t here to clean for me in person. Your contribution to my ease, pleasure, and happiness will earn you a place as my good boy.

XoXo Your Goddess


Sissy Training Begins with 3 New Training Videos!

Sissy Training with Glitter Goddess

“Be the best sissy you can be under my instruction.” – Glitter Goddess

I said goodbye to the previous sissy training series because I knew it was time for a new, inspired series for my sissy girls. I had a blast shooting the videos and coming up with the lessons to guide you, train you, and mold you into the feminized sissy girl I know you can be. These videos are for anyone with a desire to be feminized and a desire to be made into a good girl for your Goddess.*

*Several people have asked if I eventually train all of my submisives with feminization. No, I don’t take all who serve me down this feminized path. In fact, I will only feminize you if you ask. Much like any sexual preference, it is a choice that I support if and only if you have that desire. If it is not something you specifically ask for, there are many other areas to explore that do not include feminization. Now, if you are curious…

Sissy training is about being girly and feminine! I am so proud of you that you are taking this next step and I cannot wait to transform you into the girly-girl I KNOW you can be. Buy these videos, play close attention, and my instructions will have you making progress in no time!

Sissy Training with Glitter GoddessSissy Training Level 1,” video, $20:
Sissy Training Level 1 with Glitter Goddess
This is the beginning of your feminine journey and I will be your Goddess, guiding you through this new territory. You will learn all about femininity through me. You will find out about my preferences with lingerie and have several tasks to do including an assignment from me. After this video you will have a new excitement for panties and a brand new femininity to celebrate!!!

Sissy Training Level Two Video with Glitter GoddessSissy Training Level 2,” video, $20:
Sissy Training Level 2
It’s okay if you were not born with the innate sense of fashion, styling, and elegance of a Goddess. That is why you have me to guide you! …And I will be molding you in my image. In level 2, I talk about outfits, accessories, and even an introduction to little known accessories that will change your sissy life! Need some guidance with how to pick out heels and how to walk in them? I’ve got you covered! Let’s celebrate the changes that are taking effect by refining your sissy style!

Sissy Level 3 Training video with Glitter GoddessSissy Training Level 3,” video, $20:
Sissy Training Level 3 with Glitter Goddess
We both know it is time for you to start expressing your sexual femininity! That is what level 3 is all about! Learn how I like you to play with your lady bits including toy suggestions, techniques, and ideas from my experience as a sexually liberated woman. You will get more girly assignments to refine your look and your feminine personality.
You will also get to find out what level 4 is!!!

If at any time through this process you need my feminine touch or reassurance, feel free to email me to set up some one on one time or buy my Skype ID here so you can set up a time to talk that way.

XoXo Your Goddess

Sissy Spa Day! New Assignment

Sissy spa day assignment Glitter GoAh! It’s Sissy Spa Day!!!

One of the truly wonderful gifts of being a woman is the ability to pamper and revitalize your sweet body by having a spa day.

I was thinking, “What assignment could I give my sissies in order to give them an experience of being a woman they’ve never felt before?” And THIS beautiful sissy spa day is IT! And you get to do it from the comfort of your very own home.

I promise this is unlike any spa day you have ever had. It is so much more!
Buy Now for $12  Sissy spa Day Glitter Goddess

(Click on the upper left of the video to turn on sound)

Buy Now for $12  Sissy spa Day Glitter Goddess

XoXo Goddess

P.S. This is what one sissy said about Sissy Spa Day:

Dear Goddess,

Thank you so much for your Sissy Spa Day assignment.  I tried it and my face is much softer and tighter.  I feel so pretty!  I hope to do this assignment over and over, maybe two or three times each week.
Your sissi,


Sissy Confession

Here is a Sissy confession that I love.  There are a lot of wonderful things in here for sissies and other subs, so ready carefully and take notes

Ballerina Boy Glitter Goddess Sissy Confession

“Goddess, I wanted to write you again and tribute your inspiring power and beauty. I intend to do what I am able to make your life better and I will endeavor to be worthy of any attention you give me. I want to tell you a little about how I became a sissy and how I want to explore this side of me through my complete devotion to you.

My first memory of sissiness is when I was six years old and an older girl at school used to tease me on the playground. I would go home and, for reasons I didn’t understand, I would fantasize about her forcing me to dress up as a ballerina. In my fantasy she would hold me down and force me into tights, a leotard, and a tutu and then would do my hair and makeup and force me to dance in front of all the other kids at school. I never played with myself, but I would always get hard and I enjoyed the feeling, so I replayed this fantasy often as a child.

As you can see, my sissy fantasies are something that was with me almost from the beginning. When I hit puberty at age 12, I began to have fantasies about girls at school, only they weren’t the fantasies that other boys had. I would lay in my bed and slowly touch myself while conjuring elaborate scenarios in which these girls would force me to wear their skirts, blouses, and shoes. Often I would imagine that myself and one of the girls would be walking home together and get caught in a rain storm. We would get to her house soaking wet and she would inform me that I couldn’t be at her house all soaking wet. She would then lay out the prettiest little outfit she could find and order me to put it on. I would reluctantly agree and then enjoy the afternoon with her and I all dolled up.

My first orgasm came while fantasizing like this. I was not really even aware that I was masturbating at the time, I just knew it felt amazing to gently press my hand against my hard penis and suddenly felt something happen to my entire body. I was very scared at first, but soon began to repeat this every morning and every evening. I now masturbate exclusively to sissy porn. After years of trying to deny what is clearly my true nature, I am seeking out your help to explore what is obviously a very important part of my psyche. I want to feel what it is like to completely submit and let go of all the guilt and shame and embrace my kink.

I am not currently in any relationship, and in fact I have a very hard time getting an erection when not in sissy mode. Conversely, if I am in heels and panties I have a hard time not getting my clitty hard. I have never shared any of this with anyone. You are such an amazing Goddess and are so genuine in your Domination of and care for your submissive slaves that I have been inspired to begin my journey in earnest.

I pray that I will be able to serve you and learn the pure joy of being owned by my one true Dominant Goddess. You are the only woman in my life, and as such I will be completely devoted to pleasing you. Please consider this tribute as a token of my sincerity in this undertaking. I hope in the coming weeks to continue proving that I am worth any time that you give to me while I become your owned sissy slave. With complete devotion to my Goddess, Sissy Nicole”

This is how you write to a Goddess!

XoXo Glitter Goddess

Private Sissy Training Tumblr

tumblr Sissy Training Glitter GoddessI now have a private Tumblr to help me better train my favorite sissies.  It is filled with inspirational and exciting photos, phrases to memorize, slutty assignments, hypnotic audios, tutorials, and other content to make you a better sissy.  If you long to be more girly then this is an amazing way to get access to so much of my sissy training materials.  Be more beautiful, more slutty, more of the girly you!

Join now $50 Sissy Training Glitter Goddess

XoXo Glitter Goddess

P.S. Have you checked out my Sissy Orgasm Instructions?  If you haven’t already you can click that link and see what it’s all about.  I wrote the blog post as a tutorial so that you know how to have big girly orgasms with your vibrator.  I also made an audio of me walking you through the instructions.  In the audio I play with my vibrator with you too! It’s a $20 audio and it is posted for free in the Sissy Training Tumblr.  Once you pay the one time $50 fee to join, all the content inside is free AND it’s my favorite sissy stuff.

Sissy Orgasm Instructions

Glitter Goddess Sissy Orgasm InstructionsThis is a very special occasion for me because I get to teach you my Sissy Orgasm Instructions.  Are you ready for a big-girly-orgasm with a vibrator?  I prepared these instructions with the help of a sissy KP who introduced me to the idea of sissy masturbation with a vibrator.  I think it is better for you to cum with a girly vibrator when you must cum.  Another thing I should mention is that I did not know how to make myself cum when I was younger and it was really frustrating.  Girl anatomy is not as straight forward as a boys.  I eventually found Betty Dodson’s first orgasm instructions online and they worked for me!  So following in my gorgeous footsteps, you can now read your Sissy Orgasm Instructions and see if they change your life as much as Betty’s instructions changed mine.

What You Will Need

  • You should have a big vibrator like a Panasonic Panabrator or a Hitachi Magic Wand.  If you click on these links you will find online stores where you can buy them.  The Panabrator will not be new since Panasonic no longer makes them.  The Magic Wands are still available new.  There may be other vibrators that work, but both of these have big vibrating heads, are very powerful, have two speeds (high and low), and plug in so you don’t have to worry about batteries.
  • Panties or other girly outfits
  • Optional audio of me verbally walking you through the instructions and  playing with my vibrator too.
    You can buy it here for $20 Sissy Orgasm Instructions

“Being a sissy is the greatest thing in the world and as a sissy I give pleasure to myself in only one way ….. using a vibrator on my clitty.” -Sissy KP

Sissy Orgasm Instructions

How do you know if you are ready for a big girly orgasm? If you’re the kind sissy that feels more like a boy after you cum try to hold off as long as you can.  I want you always to be as girly as possible.  If you do not have that problem, go for it and have as much fun as often as you can!

Put on your panties and any other girly items you are inspired to wear.  Whatever you put on should make you feel beautiful and a bit embarrassed.  Lock your door so you feel safe.  Once you’re dressed, lay down with your vibrator in hand.  Now would be the time to put on the audio if you purchased it.

“I can be wearing a dress, skirt, workout clothes or just lounging around in my panties and bra. My vibrator is always there, ready and willing.” Sissy KP

Relax and imagine being really girly and slutty.  Many sissies love thinking about sucking big, thick cock or about being super duper girly. Use what ever fantasies are natural for you.

Begin by turning on your vibrator to Low.  Slowly run the vibrator head along the sides of your clitty and move it up, down, and around your clitty.  Sometimes that motion alone can make your clitty explode, so go easy if you want the pleasure to last.  Continue playing that way taking little breaks if it gets too intense and you think you might cum too soon.  Visualize your clitty shrinking and being teeny tiny.  Occasionally, run the head right over your clitty, but be careful because that motion could make your clitty explode!  Continue to tease your clitty until you cannot take it any longer and you are ready to have a big girly orgasm.  Turn the vibrator to high and move it directly on your clitty.  Within seconds your clitty will explode!

Alternately, you can wrap your vibrator in a pillow and hump your clitty against the pillow on the bed.  Put a towel over the pillow to keep it clean.  Hump and hump until you feel overwhelmed with pleasure and you let go.

Either way you will be completely exhausted and so happy.

Remember to always eat your sissy squirts.  It’s harder to get it all with the pillow technique but still important for you to try.  If you are looking for more info about eating your squirts I really recommend you get on my diet for cum eaters.  It will make you have bigger orgasms, more cum, and your sissy squirts will taste better.  Read about the diet HERE.

Here again is the instructional audio that you can purchase if you want my verbal guidance.  It’s like I’m right there with you:) Buy it here for $20 Sissy Orgasm Instructions

Or you can call me on Niteflirt and we can do it together! I love leaning my guidance to you. Call Me On Niteflirt Sissy Orgasm Instructions

XoXo Glitter Goddess

P.S. Consider joining my private Sissy Training Tumblr where I post assignments, inspirational photos, and quotes, and all sorts of goodies like the Sissy Orgasm Instruction Audio. It’s a one time fee of $50, Glitter Goddess Sissy Training

What To Do If You Catch Me,Glitter Goddess, Offline

glitter goddess offlineHey naughty boy!  If you caught me offline don’t be sad.
There are many ways to stay close to me and utterly weak until we talk next.  If you are ready to play with my videos, audios, and my other content, check out My Goody Bag Store. Pick out something for yourself that you know will weaken you. Then you’ll be REALLY ready when we do talk! Of course all of your orgasms should be devoted to me.

Are you ready to book a phone or cam session?
Fill out this Session Request Form. I will get back to you quickly about setting up a time and I’ll give you all the info about how to call, how to pay, and my rates.

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youtube glitter goddess offlineYou can also check out my videos on my YouTube channel. How does it get any better than free videos?

I’m counting on you to play with and absorb my naughty content. When you do, your cock will love me forever! 

My Content on: Niteflirt (My Preference), Clips4Sale, and Kinkbomb

XoXo Glitter Goddess

Sissy Tries Extreme Feminization Hypnosis For The First Time

extreme feminization sissy Glitter GoddessPretty Sissy Suzy tried my Extreme Feminization Hypnosis today for the first time. She said,

“i love the way Glitter Goddess can make me do things i never thought i would be doing. relaxing yet so exciting. my little clitty was the happiest she has ever been!”

Whatever the topic we decide on for your session, all you need to do is get comfortable and let go. Let Goddess take the lead and take you on an adventure in your mind that will change you forever. I know how to press your buttons and use triggers that make your clitty want to explode with pleasure.

extreme feminization sissy Glitter Goddess
Hypnosis is a perfect way to bring down your inhibitions and bring up the pleasure. I can use it to help you gain the confidence you need to take the next steps in your feminization. I can use it to convert your mind into totally thinking like a sexy girl. Or to get you completely addicted to cock.
Important Links:
Hope to take you deeper and deeper into pure pleasure and femininity verrrry soon;)
– XoXo Glitter Goddess