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My Horse! Meet Glitter Goddess’ Trusty Steed!

Glitter Goddess My HorseMeet My Horse!

Hello My good boys!

I would love to introduce you to My new trusty steed. Meet ARENAL! He is named after the beautiful Costa Rican volcano. 

Let Me rewind for a sec. I know you’ve missed Me. My trip to Costa Rica was everything I could have asked for. It reminded Me of how much I have missed having a horse in My life. Rides through the rich forests atop a trusty steed… I’m guessing you can picture how amazing it was for Me!!!

Glitter Goddess My HorseWhen I got back, I was lucky enough to find a gorgeous, kind, and hardworking horse that is now mine! I’m in heaven! I’ve been riding daily and am SO happy.

I grew up with horses and riding was a huge part of how I realized I was dominant. Training an animal more than 10x my weight, observing their willingness to please, seeing how they added to the joy of My life, it was the beginning of something special.

But don’t fear My good boy, Arenal has captured My heart, but he has NOT taken your place. I wanted to give you this update so you can send your congratulations, your gifts, and your support for My happy news. 

Thank you for being My good boy!

…And if you’d like to send me a gift to go towards My new horse, riding wardrobe, and of course sexy cowboy boots, email Me. 

Also, I have a photo set coming out soon filled with photos of Me in Costa Rica. I can’t wait for you to see the pleasures of My trip including the sexy nights in the hot springs with My girlfriends. Watch for it on My Twitter (here) and once it’s available I’ll link to it here too :)

XoXo Your Goddess

Glitter Goddess My HorseMy horse is the beautiful grey all the way on the right.


Costa Rica Time – Pura Vida

Costa Rica

It’s Costa Rica Time!!!

Hello My good boys,

It’s so nice to be able to write you this little message and reminder of My control over you. I’m getting ready for my trip to Costa Rica and though My packing isn’t complete, I have a big pile of boxes, dresses, gifts, and shoes all sent from My good boys that are going to be coming with Me on My trip.

Glitter Goddess Costa Rica

I love that no matter where I go in the world, I’m reminded of your contribution to My ease, pleasure, and happiness. Wherever I go I’m reminded of how much you care, adore and worship Me. How did I get so lucky to be your Goddess?

While I’m away it’s very, very important for you to think of Me, worship Me, and to look at My clips and to stroke for Me.

Here are a few things to keep you company…

Stroke For Me While I'm On Vacation Costa RicaAudio
Here is an audio recording I made for My pets when I went on vacation to Hawaii: Listen HERE

It’s been listened to over 4,600 times, but I expect that number to be well over 5,000 by the time I get back… hehe

Vacation Phrases Costa Rica Glitter GoddessMantras
Here are some VERY important mantras for while I am away…  they are $15
Buy from GlitterGoddess through

I expect these words to stay on your lips, in your mind, and in your heart!

Glitter Goddess vacation Costa RicaSexy Photos
And here are some beautiful photos you will love…. these are $15
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These were taken in Hawaii while I was lounging on the beach in My bikini.

If you’d like to add something special to My trip and you haven’t yet, here’s a link to GiftRocket where you can send Me a tribute if you live in the U.S.
Gift Rocket Link

If you don’t live in the U.S. you can send Me a tribute via Niteflirt HERE.

Bye bye for now My good boys and wish Me lots of rest and relaxation, bikini time, and tropical drinks on My trip :)

– Your Goddess

P.S. If you’d like to have My videos to keep you company too, here is this link to all of My amazing videos: HERE

Worship Me in My Sexy Heels – New Video!

Worship Me in My Sexy Heels Glitter Goddess

Worship Me in My Sexy Heels – New Video!
Every once in a while I outdo Myself with a new video…

Worship Me in My Sexy Heels Glitter GoddessThis time it’s all about worshipping My beautiful body!

I know that when I slip on a pair of gorgeous heels it has an effect on your mind, your body… your cock. These things cannot be helped. You are hardwired to adore Me, to be turned on by sexy heels, and when those come together… the pleasure is epic!

Worship Me in My Sexy Heels video Glitter Goddess“Worship Me in My Sexy Heels”, Body Worship Video, $30
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There are moments that leave you breathless… and this video has many. I know you adore and worship My body, but what happens when I turn it up and tease you with a perfect pair of heels on? Blood rushes to your little head, no thinking, just stroking. It is time to stroke My good boy. It’s time to worship Me in My sexy heels…

And for more foot worship videos, click HERE

XoXo Your Goddess

Niteflirt Chat with Glitter Goddess

niteflirt chat

Niteflirt Chat

There are a billion reasons I love this new feature Niteflirt creamed up for us.
Here are a few:

  1. If you are too shy to call Me, we can play on chat!
  2. It’s the perfect way to say hello, send Me messages, and see what I have to say to YOU
  3. It makes sexting with Me super easy… hehe
  4. It’s SO FUN!!!

I’m going to make it very easy to get started so we can be chatting ASAP!

Niteflirt Chat with Glitter GoddessHere is how to begin with Niteflirt Chat

  1. If you don’t yet have a Niteflirt account, you’re in for a treat! Make one HERE
  2. Look for the “Chat” feature in the navigation bar and sign up :)
  3. Send Me a chat! Here is My profile page on Niteflirt. Look for the gray tab at the top that says “Chat”.
  4. Now we’re ready to play! Wahoo!!!

XoXo Your Goddess

P.S. Here is a link to a contest I ran about Niteflirt Chat


Two Goddesses – New Video!!!

Two Goddesses Video Glitter GoddessTwo Goddesses Video with Glitter Goddess

Two Goddesses Video with Glitter GoddessTwo Goddesses, video with
Glitter Goddess $30

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I’d like to introduce you to My Swedish girlfriend. We (while luxuriating in a 5 star hotel in Rome) had a sexy little conversation about being dominant and what turns us on. We want you to watch us lay in bed together and giggle. We also added some teases at the end that you will love. And while we wish you could have been there with us, we thought letting you watch would be the next best thing.

Surrender To Your Infatuation – Hypnosis & Brainwashing Video

Surrender To Your InfatuationA brand new era of Glitter Goddess videos begins with this new release, “Surrender To Your Infatuation”. It’s hypnosis and brainwashing rolled up into one very powerful package.

I know your infatuation, your obsession is strong. It pulls you, draws you to Me. You long to obey. This video WILL take you over the edge!

“Surrender To Your Infatuation”,  Hypnosis & Brainwashing Video, $30
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It’s time for you to be lost in trance. It’s time for you to be exposed to My brainwashing. It’s time for you to surrender to your infatuation with Me. Hypnosis can wipe a good boys mind or lead to mind blowing pleasure. Ready to find out for yourself My good boy?

And a little preview from “Surrender To Your Infatuation”…

P.S. This goes brilliantly with “Sudden Pleasure”, which you can get HERESudden Pleasure Hypnosis Video

Orgasm Control: How A Good Boy Shocked Me with a Great Idea

Orgasm Control Glitter Goddess

Orgasm Control

I was recently talking with a good boy on Niteflirt and he shared with Me his longing for orgasm control. He watches plenty of My videos and feels the control from them (sound familiar?), but he also shared with Me how much he longs for even more orgasm control. The personal touch from Me specifically controlling, directing when and the terms under which he is allowed to cum.

Then he shocked Me with an idea SO good I wondered,

“Why didn’t I think of that?!”

He asked for a personalized cum calendar and I ran with the idea! New possibilities, teases, schemes flooded into My mind and I am not embarrassed to say, aroused Me.

I sent him the calendar. The fate of his month was sealed.

Later, I received a message.

He thanked Me for taking control of his orgasms. He thanked Me for allowing him to cum. He acknowledged,

“A horny little boy like me needs some structure and discipline in his life.”

I received more than one thank you from him on that day, and days since which are marked, “Ok to cum” and I’m not embarrassed to admit that with each message and cum tribute, a sensation of control, of pleasure, a reminder of My sheer power floods My body.

Who knew a calendar personally created by Me for a good boy could inspire such pleasure, such fun, such purpose? I did! The moment I heard the words “cum calendar”.

Glitter Goddess

P.S. If you would like a personalized cum calendar, email Me at
I have no doubt that it will go far in wrapping you even tighter around My pretty little Goddess finger…

Goddess at the Pool! – 25 Gorgeous Photos

Goddess at the Pool Glitter GoddessGoddess at the Pool

Has your Goddess ever been so sensuous and elegant than when relaxing in a bikini the pool? Well, yes, I am sensuous and elegant in all that I do!! But these photos are not to be missed. 25 gorgeous shots of Me! It’s the next best thing to spending an afternoon with Me at the pool. I hope your cock is ready!

“Goddess at the Pool”, Gorgeous 25 Photos, $15
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Ultimate Hypnosis with Glitter Goddess

Ultimate Hypnosis with Glitter GoddessUltimate Hypnosis Video, $40
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What a very lucky boy to be able to experience Ultimate Hypnosis with Me!

I am very proud of this video. Beauty, seduction, worship, hypnosis all converge in the most overpoweringly indulgent video yet! It is time now, My good boy to succumb to My power!

Ultimate Hypnosis with Glitter Goddess Ultimate Hypnosis with Glitter Goddess

Last Minute Pleasures For My Birthday

Last Minute Pleasures For My Birthday

Last Minute Pleasures For My Birthday!!!

Yes, it’s the last minute, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to add something wonderful to My birthday.

Here are 3 things you can do today whether you’ve been planning to do something special for My birthday for months or if you’re planning for My pleasure now for the first time.

Last minute pleasures

Uptown Sushi- The BEST sushi there is!
Send the gift card to My email address:

A few sentences to a paragraph about what I inspire, what you love about Me, or whatever you would like Me to know to help Me kick off and celebrate My next year of fun, pleasure, and Goddesshood.
Email it or Niteflirt message it to Me.

Pick out a few (3-4) videos of mine that you don’t yet have from My content store.
Link to My store here:

With these 3 things, you are sure to make Me a happy Goddess and we will both know you are My good boy :)

XoXo Your Goddess