The Triumphant Beginning: Return Of The Gentleman

Return of the Gentleman book club with Glitter Goddess

The Triumphant Beginning of the “Return of the Gentleman”

Something very wonderful is beginning…

Recently, I posted on Twitter, “If you want to be a true gentleman message me.”

My private messages were filled with so many responses!

I recommended a truly phenomenal book, “Return of the Gentleman” by Dain Heer. 

Then I got a creative and a bit naughty with this book and I thought about how fun and exciting it would be to read the book to all of you who would like to embark on this journey of discovery! A book club of sorts…

This is a very, very different kind of book club. I will be there with you. I’ll be live on video for 6 sessions, wearing delicious lingerie, and reading to you this book which has changed the lives of some truly wonderful, truly great men.

So naturally I am bringing this book to you my good boys. You are the guys I appreciate the most in this world, even if we have not yet talked before, I mean you too. 

Here is a tiny taste of the book:

“We are, after all, returning to being gentlemen. I like to see us as renaissance men. Recovering, re-discovering, and reinventing our real selves is like recovering and discovering long-forgotten beautiful and brilliant artifacts that have always been available. We’re just shaking off whatever misidentifications and misapplications we’ve been lost in and letting ourselves out into the light again”

– Return of the Gentleman

Please know all are invited, whether or not you identify as a man.

All are welcome and I am so thrilled to be opening up this possibility, these conversations, and playing with you all in this new way.

Learn more and get started here:

– Glitter Goddess