Date Night with the Crafts: Podcast Interview

Date Night with the Date with Crafts Podcast with Glitter Goddess

Date Night with the Crafts: Podcast Interview

I was recently interviewed on a very fun Podcast called Date Night with the Crafts. What I love about their show is they are willing to talk about ANYTHING! Remind you of anyone? So of course there are a lot of myths out there in the mainstream about dominant and submissive relationships. We debunked a few on the show and their questions didn’t just touch the surface. I was really impressed with them.  

I know I’m different when it comes to the world of domination and I am really glad they were willing to explore what these kinds of relationships are, could be… especially beyond the stereotypes. 

My perspective… no one is actually normal, so let’s stop holding ourselves to standards that don’t truly exist and start enjoying pleasure no matter how it comes! 

If you know of any other podcasts you’d like to hear me on, send over your ideas. Until then, I’ll be here working on more naughty schemes for your pleasure and of course my new project, the Return of the Gentleman book club. Maybe I’ll be interviewing some of people who have had their lives changed by this book? Let’s see!  

And if you’d like to hear the podcast… I’m on Season 2, Episode 3 which you can find here:

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