On Being a Man…

on being a man glitter goddess

On Being a Man…

You won’t find many people talking about it, but these days it’s not easy to be a man. The balance between admiring, adoring, and being aroused by a women is often misconstrued as objectifying them. The pressures you have to be masculine and constantly compared to the idea of what a man is while at the same time, you are different than any stereotype… and so are your sexual desires.

From my years of being confided in, I’ve realized there is no “normal” to be found sexually, not when people are being totally honest. There are things people are more comfortable and open talking about when it comes to fantasies or their sex lives… and then there are the secrets we all have. They vary widely and wildly, but we all have them!

In playing with me, I invite you to explore your pleasures, with no guilt and with no need to compare yourself to anyone else. The pleasures you experience and the pleasures you offer are unique to you and anyone lucky enough to share them with you.

For that, you are not wrong. Maybe a little kinky… hehe. But definitely not wrong.

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– Glitter Goddess

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