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Worship Me in My Sexy Heels – New Video!

Worship Me in My Sexy Heels Glitter Goddess

Worship Me in My Sexy Heels – New Video!
Every once in a while I outdo Myself with a new video…

Worship Me in My Sexy Heels Glitter GoddessThis time it’s all about worshipping My beautiful body!

I know that when I slip on a pair of gorgeous heels it has an effect on your mind, your body… your cock. These things cannot be helped. You are hardwired to adore Me, to be turned on by sexy heels, and when those come together… the pleasure is epic!

Worship Me in My Sexy Heels video Glitter Goddess“Worship Me in My Sexy Heels”, Body Worship Video, $30
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There are moments that leave you breathless… and this video has many. I know you adore and worship My body, but what happens when I turn it up and tease you with a perfect pair of heels on? Blood rushes to your little head, no thinking, just stroking. It is time to stroke My good boy. It’s time to worship Me in My sexy heels…

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XoXo Your Goddess

Two Goddesses – New Video!!!

Two Goddesses Video Glitter GoddessTwo Goddesses Video with Glitter Goddess

Two Goddesses Video with Glitter GoddessTwo Goddesses, video with
Glitter Goddess $30

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I’d like to introduce you to My Swedish girlfriend. We (while luxuriating in a 5 star hotel in Rome) had a sexy little conversation about being dominant and what turns us on. We want you to watch us lay in bed together and giggle. We also added some teases at the end that you will love. And while we wish you could have been there with us, we thought letting you watch would be the next best thing.

Goddess at the Pool! – 25 Gorgeous Photos

Goddess at the Pool Glitter GoddessGoddess at the Pool

Has your Goddess ever been so sensuous and elegant than when relaxing in a bikini the pool? Well, yes, I am sensuous and elegant in all that I do!! But these photos are not to be missed. 25 gorgeous shots of Me! It’s the next best thing to spending an afternoon with Me at the pool. I hope your cock is ready!

“Goddess at the Pool”, Gorgeous 25 Photos, $15
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Ultimate Hypnosis with Glitter Goddess

Ultimate Hypnosis with Glitter GoddessUltimate Hypnosis Video, $40
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What a very lucky boy to be able to experience Ultimate Hypnosis with Me!

I am very proud of this video. Beauty, seduction, worship, hypnosis all converge in the most overpoweringly indulgent video yet! It is time now, My good boy to succumb to My power!

Ultimate Hypnosis with Glitter Goddess Ultimate Hypnosis with Glitter Goddess

Does She Know You’re Mine? NEW Loop Video

Does She know You're MineHaving a naughty secret like worshiping Me while she is in the other room can be VERY thrilling. In this loop video, I direct you to stroke even though you’re not totally alone.

It’s ok My good boy, it’s our little secret. In this loop video* I’m giving you full permission to go behind her back and worship Me. You have your orders… watch My incredibly naughty strip-tease…

* Loop videos are 3-5 minutes of intense footage and audio and can be watched in a loop over and over and over as long as you and your hard cock can handle the pleasure!

Does She Know You’re Mine? Loop Video, $20
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Does She know You're Mine

Edging For Glitter Goddess: Video

Edging For Glitter Goddess - JOI VideoEdging For Glitter Goddess, JOI Video, $20
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I love keeping your hard cock on the edge of orgasm! This video is a hot, glorious JOI tease and edging instruction of the sexiest order. Go ahead, My good boy. Let Me guide your hands. Let Me take charge, take over the pleasure. The more you give in the better it feels… and I really would love to see how good you can make it feel.

For even more Jerk Off Instruction videos, visit my JOI page HERE

… And the preview of My Edging video …

Your Goddess

Introduction To Erotic Hypnosis – Video

Have you ever deamt of or hoped for a sensual experience that transcended daily life, transcended time, transcended distance? Erotic Hypnosis

Introduction to Erotic Hypnosis

Here is your introduction to Erotic Hypnosis done my way.

Are you ready to be teased and seduced into a pleasure you could only dream of? I am your Goddess, whether you realize it yet or not my good boy, and as a beautiful, powerful woman, I have plans for you! Loose yourself in our secret world… and what you will find… only we will ever know.
My $5 video, “Introduction to Erotic Hypnosis” is one that every good boy, every pursuer of hypnosis, every connoisseur of pleasure should have!

Introduction To Erotic Hypnosis, Video with Glitter Goddess, $5
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I have more information and more erotic hypnosis videos on my page HERE

And here is a video teaser… as if you needed any more reason to spend $5 on the ride of your life!

Your Goddess

Natural Beauty – New Photo Set

Natural beauty goes beyond any makeup or outfit. Natural beauty is inherent in a true Goddess and shines through no matter what she is wearing or not wearing.

I took these special photos to add to your worship collection… especially if you like to see me having fun and turned on.

So much of sexy imagery online it’s about the facade of beauty, but to me there is something so special about a Goddess who is a Goddess no matter what she wears, if she’s dressed up or not, and no matter where she is.

Being a Goddess is a way of being, a noun and verb, an exploration that adds so much to my life. In this online world of the facade and what people want you to see, opposed to what is really there, I wanted to release a set of photos focusing on natural beauty, on me being me, just hanging out in a little satin dress and some sheer pantyhose, just for the fun and pleasure of it.

Natural Beauty Photo Set with Glitter Goddess..So without further adieu, I introduce, “Natural Beauty Photo Set“, a group of 18 delicious and spontaneous pictures of your one and only Glitter Goddess. Perfect to add to your worshiping routines.

Natural Beauty Photo Set
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JOI For Relaxation: A Respite From The Media Mayhem

Hello my good boys,

I am writing to you from Paris and I just had to make you a brand new audio today!

When things are hard (like recently with so much intensity in the news about U.S. politics) I think you need some pleasure, a little escape. Let me guide you in a relaxing JOI. I know you need some release from all that tension. This is the perfect quickie audio for anytime you are stressed. All you need is 10 minutes and your Goddess will lull you into well-deserved pleasure.

JOI for Relaxation with Glitter GoddessThere is a free teaser audio here and you can get the full JOI file here:
“JOI for Relaxation”, $10:

Also, I haven’t found a way to take calls from abroad yet, but if you would like to message me a quick hello, you can do that via skype. If you don’t have my ID yet, you can purchase it here.

Have fun relaxing to this new, sexy audio and talk soon!!!

XoXo Your Goddess

Happy Halloween and NEW Video!

Work out hard video Glitter GoddessI knew I wanted to dress up as something funny (and of course sexy too) for Halloween. The joke is, since I’m a Goddess, I never have to work out to look this hot. But you know how it is, Halloween is an excuse for ladies to dress up in sexy outfits they don’t usually wear. So here I am in my work out finest that has never seen a drop of sweat. You can tell ’cause I’m wearing heels :P

Here is a free teaser video of a very hot video I made, also in this outfit

And if you would like the full video, you can get it here:

work out hard video Glitter Goddess

Work Out Hard“, Erotic Hypno-Therapy Video, $20

You’re crazy if you don’t have a fetish for me in hot work out clothes (with heels no less!). Why not use some of that infatuation to get yourself motivated? Heart rate pumping, heavy breathing, I have big plans for you! So hop on the bandwagon of the Glitter Goddess work out plan. You just might find that working out is WAY sexier than you ever imagined.
* Any reference to therapy is for entertainment purposes only

Have a fun Halloween, whatever your plans may be. Just make sure you taste a little of my sugar ;)

XoXo Goddess