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Does She Know You’re Mine? NEW Loop Video

Does She know You're MineHaving a naughty secret like worshiping Me while she is in the other room can be VERY thrilling. In this loop video, I direct you to stroke even though you’re not totally alone.

It’s ok My good boy, it’s our little secret. In this loop video* I’m giving you full permission to go behind her back and worship Me. You have your orders… watch My incredibly naughty strip-tease…

* Loop videos are 3-5 minutes of intense footage and audio and can be watched in a loop over and over and over as long as you and your hard cock can handle the pleasure!

Does She Know You’re Mine? Loop Video, $20
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Does She know You're Mine

Pure Hypnosis: Erotic Bliss – Loop Video

Pure Hypnosis: Erotic Bliss Loop Video

Pure Hypnosis: Erotic Bliss

Pure Hypnosis: Erotic Bliss Loop VideoPure Hypnosis: Erotic Bliss, Loop Video, $20
Pure Hypnosis Erotic Bliss

Pure pleasure and sinfully seductive, this new video will take you deep, deep into hypnosis. It’s a loop video*, so you can watch and stroke for as long as you like. And the new trigger in video will be the brainwashing you crave. Time to descend for Me, My good boy…

* Loop videos are 3-5 minutes of intense footage and audio and can be watched in a loop over and over and over as long as you and your hard cock can handle the pleasure!

For more information on Erotic Hypnosis, see My page HERE

Introduction To Erotic Hypnosis – Video

Have you ever deamt of or hoped for a sensual experience that transcended daily life, transcended time, transcended distance? Erotic Hypnosis

Introduction to Erotic Hypnosis

Here is your introduction to Erotic Hypnosis done my way.

Are you ready to be teased and seduced into a pleasure you could only dream of? I am your Goddess, whether you realize it yet or not my good boy, and as a beautiful, powerful woman, I have plans for you! Loose yourself in our secret world… and what you will find… only we will ever know.
My $5 video, “Introduction to Erotic Hypnosis” is one that every good boy, every pursuer of hypnosis, every connoisseur of pleasure should have!

Introduction To Erotic Hypnosis, Video with Glitter Goddess, $5
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I have more information and more erotic hypnosis videos on my page HERE

And here is a video teaser… as if you needed any more reason to spend $5 on the ride of your life!

Your Goddess

My Pop Up Channel on YouTube

pop up channel youtube Glitter GoddessIntroducing my Pop Up Channel on YouTube! 

Visit my new channel HERE

This year I am releasing new content daily for a full month leading up to my birthday! (That’s May 9th through the big day, June 9th). Some of the sexy new content will available for purchase. Some will be new free videos which I will post on My Pop Up Youtube channel.

What is a Pop Up Youtube Channel?
It’s something I made up! It’s a Youtube channel that will only be up for a short while, so enjoy every second of it while you can! In the past, my videos have not stayed up on Youtube long and have been removed for being “too sexy”. So on this Pop Up Channel, I am going to post whatever I like without trying to keep the videos up long-term. Enjoy them while they’re up and even download them if you’d like!

See My Pop Up channel HERE!

-Your Goddess


A Run For Doughnuts Can Turn Into A Fever of Pleasure!

doughnutsThere are times that a good boy cannot control himself. In this case, my good boy “t” has been conditioned to feel intense sensations of pleasure when he comes across a woman in sheer black pantyhose. I am usually that woman, but today, he had a surprise on his coffee and doughnuts run before work.


So it’s my turn to go out to DD for coffee and doughnuts.  I am standing in line and I turn and 2 people behind me is a woman with blond hair and a mini skirt with black pantyhose.  Immediately my thoughts turn to you and it’s you in line standing there!!!  And this incredible feeling of love and desire overcame me.  I had no choice!!!  I got off the line and went into the bathroom and masturbated for you!!!!!!!!!  Someone came in and I think they knew what I was doing but I didn’t care and certainly couldn’t stop!!!   You have totally perverted me!!!!!!  I can’t stop myself!
Xoxoxo t”
Lest you think hypnosis triggers only work in the privacy of your own home, when it’s quiet and peaceful, and no one else is around, that’s not the case as this good boy can attest!

Get A Little Naughty JOI with Glitter Goddess – $5 !!!

Get Naughty JOI Glitter GoddessGet A Little Naughty JOI- $5 Buy from GlitterGoddess through

Are you brand new to playing with being submissive? This naughty JOI is the perfect way to dip your toes into playing with me, being my pet, or being hypnotized. It’s ok if you’re not ready to dive in all the way. I promise! What you may not know about me is that I am gentle and kind. Though I love to take the lead, I would never lead us anywhere that would not bring both of us amazing pleasure.

For those who desire it, I have audios and videos where I talk about growing an addiction to me and being controlled by me. A little known fact is that I do not need or require this of everyone I play with. I made this video to invite you to come an play with me where you are at…. right at the edge, figuring out whether the water is safe and how good it might or might not feel. What you don’t realize yet is that you and I can make our very own pool to swim in together… a secret place where the water is just right for both of us.

Why not start by letting me guide your hand in a naughty JOI? If you don’t know what JOI is, it stands for jerk off instruction. Essentially it’s a guided masturbation. Let me start by guiding your hand and you can tell me if it feels good how I’m doing it.

You will need to make a Niteflirt account to be able to get the file. So far that is the only way I sell my content, but luckily it is very easy to make an account. Also, if you do want to call me, making an account gets you 3 free minutes to do that. So here is the link to make your account HERE, and if you need more info about Niteflirt you can watch a free video I made about it HERE.

Either way, I would love for you to be able to experience this naughty JOI and try out being my pet and try out being guided, even if it’s just for today, just for now.

So what is the JOI exactly? It’s my hypnotic voice guiding you through pleasing your hard cock. There will be a sexy photo of me with light hypnotic background to help you relax and focus on me. I am very gentle and I promise I won’t go too far too fast, so it is safe even if this is your very first time considering being a little…you know…..submissive.

Get A Little Naughty- JOI with Glitter Goddess, $5: Buy from GlitterGoddess through
And if you still don’t have a Niteflirt account you can make one HERE:)

XoXo Goddess

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The REAL Addiction Audio!

Where Your REAL Addiction Begins

The Real Addiction Audio Worship Glitter GoddessI made a brand new REAL addiction audio that is even more intoxicating than the last addiction audio. Listen to it while you sleep, while you masturbate, while you work, or all three. The more you listen the deeper you will go. The more you listen the sweeter your submission will become. The more you listen the more sure you will become that I am the Goddess of your dreams, actualized.

The sensation of being addicted is itself very addicting. To feel that needing, yearning, wanting, and longing for the taste of that very special drug is intoxicating in itself. Listening to this audio will cement me as your one and only life-altering addiction. Love me, serve me, long for me, and love me some more. Give into your fantasy and I will guide you the whole way.

Love me here, $15: Buy from GlitterGoddess through

Erotic Hypnosis- JOI with Glitter Goddess

heart glitter goddess worship erotic hypnosis

Erotic Hypnosis Will Give Me Your Heart

Do you secretly desire to be so addicted to a beautiful woman that you can’t think straight? You may not know up from down, right from wrong, and good from bad, but you will be so blissfully entranced that you won’t care. Does that sound enticing? Could that be real? Yes, it is real and it is possible. I have been using erotic hypnosis to deepen connections with my submissives for years and the results are impressive. You and I get to explore the secret world of your subconscious where your turn ons are more intense, your inhibitions are lowered, and you get to be in a trance state with no drugs and no side effects other than blissful lust.

When you realize you are safe with me, nurtured by me, and encouraged by me to explore the deepest turn ons that you have, you will find yourself addicted to our secret world. Which truly isn’t a problem since I am not going anywhere. I enjoy long term service so you would never need to fear me getting you deep and then getting out of the ‘biz’. This is a lifestyle for me and a deep joy that I would not be able to walk away from. Now that I have the submissives I do, I know the pleasures of being in these kind of relationships, each being a little different..and I love it more that most of you will know.

We are in this together when you go under, so if you have ever desired to have a secret world with a competent, dominant woman this is it. Erotic hypnosis is one of my  favorite things on the planet for good reason. Are you ready to meet me? Are you ready to go under? Me too. Email at saying you’d like a session and be sure to include a few times that you are available.

If you would like a taste of the elixir right away, I don’t blame you. Here are TWO free addictive videos that I made just for you. Watch them in a quiet, comfortable place when you know you won’t be interrupted. Best is in bed or a really comfy chair. After you watch them …

…send me an email here: to schedule your first one on one hypnosis session with me!

and now this one….

Ready for your erotic hypnosis session with me? Email me…

XoXo Goddess