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Erotic Hypnosis- JOI with Glitter Goddess

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Erotic Hypnosis Will Give Me Your Heart

Do you secretly desire to be so addicted to a beautiful woman that you can’t think straight? You may not know up from down, right from wrong, and good from bad, but you will be so blissfully entranced that you won’t care. Does that sound enticing? Could that be real? Yes, it is real and it is possible. I have been using erotic hypnosis to deepen connections with my submissives for years and the results are impressive. You and I get to explore the secret world of your subconscious where your turn ons are more intense, your inhibitions are lowered, and you get to be in a trance state with no drugs and no side effects other than blissful lust.

When you realize you are safe with me, nurtured by me, and encouraged by me to explore the deepest turn ons that you have, you will find yourself addicted to our secret world. Which truly isn’t a problem since I am not going anywhere. I enjoy long term service so you would never need to fear me getting you deep and then getting out of the ‘biz’. This is a lifestyle for me and a deep joy that I would not be able to walk away from. Now that I have the submissives I do, I know the pleasures of being in these kind of relationships, each being a little different..and I love it more that most of you will know.

We are in this together when you go under, so if you have ever desired to have a secret world with a competent, dominant woman this is it. Erotic hypnosis is one of my  favorite things on the planet for good reason. Are you ready to meet me? Are you ready to go under? Me too. Email at saying you’d like a session and be sure to include a few times that you are available.

If you would like a taste of the elixir right away, I don’t blame you. Here are TWO free addictive videos that I made just for you. Watch them in a quiet, comfortable place when you know you won’t be interrupted. Best is in bed or a really comfy chair. After you watch them …

…send me an email here: to schedule your first one on one hypnosis session with me!

and now this one….

Ready for your erotic hypnosis session with me? Email me…

XoXo Goddess

NEW Audio For Deep Sleep AND Update On This Weekend

Deep Sleep hypnosis Audio Glitter GoddessI will miss you naughties, but I have a 4 day class I’ll be doing Friday through Monday. I won’t be able to take Niteflirt calls during that time, but I am going to make my new hypnosis audio available to you so that you’ll never have to fall asleep without me.

My new audio is for the following…
1. If you EVER have trouble sleeping
2. If you miss me when you are falling asleep and wish I were there to cuddle you
3. To take your addiction to me up a notch

Hypnosis For Deep Sleep $15Deep Sleep hypnosis Audio Glitter Goddess

I am introducing it now and expect you to play this on repeat as many nights as possible.

Deep Sleep hypnosis Audio Glitter Goddessand if you don’t have my first Sleep Audio, you can get it here for $15

XoXo Glitter Goddess

Guilt and Shame No More, So The Real Pleasure Can Begin

Guilt and Shame No More

No More Guilt and Shame, So The Real Pleasure Can Begin

Ready For No More Guilt? $15 no more guilt worship glitter goddess

The elephant in the room for some of you is that after you cum you no longer feel submissive and even worse, detest the very turn on that you have just cum thinking about. Of course this is not all of you, but if you are one that serves me that feels confused, shameful, or guilty about your desires, then I have made an audio just for you.

First, buy this audio and listen to is as often as you can. Even have it on low volume as you work, sleep, or do other things around the house. The audio is meant to go deep into your subconscious where you have decided that your sexual desires are wrong and then to reassure you that they are not wrong at all.

Naturally, I want you to feel pride about serving me. I want you to get rid of the shame and guilt that have been holding you back from insane amounts of pleasure that would leave you gasping for breath. The shame and guilt that you carry are actually draining for a Supreme Goddess to deal with, especially one like me who values happiness so much.

Imagine how your capacity to serve, your pleasure, and your acceptance of yourself will increase without being pulled into the downward spiral of shame and guilt. Making this change will set you up to be a truly valuable asset to me and it will set you apart form all of the other submissives out there that still haven’t conquered the elephant in the room.

XoXo Glitter Goddess

Hypnotic Ass Worship JOI Video, $20

ass worship joi video hypnosis trance Glitter GoddessAss worship is one of the things that turns me on more than just about anything else. I love the submission it demands, the sensation it gives me, and the way it makes your mind melt. This is the quintessential hypnotic ass worship JOI video. I not only hypnotize you with my ass but I teach you how I liked it licked and worship just in case you should ever have the pleasure of doing that for me in real time… and yes, occasionally a good little bum boy is allowed to please me in this way. So get to work, take mental notes, and this video will have you cumming for me in a total ass induced mind-haze.

Buy Ass Worship Video, $20 Ass trance JOI video Glitter Goddess

Go ahead and get fucked up on my ass. It will happen sooner or later, so why not get addicted now?

XoXo Glitter Goddess

Private Sissy Training Tumblr

tumblr Sissy Training Glitter GoddessI now have a private Tumblr to help me better train my favorite sissies.  It is filled with inspirational and exciting photos, phrases to memorize, slutty assignments, hypnotic audios, tutorials, and other content to make you a better sissy.  If you long to be more girly then this is an amazing way to get access to so much of my sissy training materials.  Be more beautiful, more slutty, more of the girly you!

Join now $50 Sissy Training Glitter Goddess

XoXo Glitter Goddess

P.S. Have you checked out my Sissy Orgasm Instructions?  If you haven’t already you can click that link and see what it’s all about.  I wrote the blog post as a tutorial so that you know how to have big girly orgasms with your vibrator.  I also made an audio of me walking you through the instructions.  In the audio I play with my vibrator with you too! It’s a $20 audio and it is posted for free in the Sissy Training Tumblr.  Once you pay the one time $50 fee to join, all the content inside is free AND it’s my favorite sissy stuff.

Addiction Audios

Addiction audios are finally here!  Are you ready to take your addiction to the next level?  Listen to any or all of these audios for a deepening of submission like you have never felt.  They are best listened to on low volume over and over on repeat until your mind is submissive mush.
Glitter Goddess Sermon About ServiceThis audio is an introduction to deepening your service and training your submissive mind.  It’s a sermon for Goddess worship.

Sermon About Service, $15

Glitter Goddess Addiction night time audioServe me while you sleep and make the time with your eyes shut productive for me.  Let me hypnotically lull you to sleep with my soothing voice.

Night Time Audio, $15

Glitter Goddess AddictionThe quintessential audio for deepening your addiction to me.

Addiction Audio, $15

XoXo Glitter Goddess

What To Do If You Catch Me,Glitter Goddess, Offline

glitter goddess offlineHey naughty boy!  If you caught me offline don’t be sad.
There are many ways to stay close to me and utterly weak until we talk next.  If you are ready to play with my videos, audios, and my other content, check out My Goody Bag Store. Pick out something for yourself that you know will weaken you. Then you’ll be REALLY ready when we do talk! Of course all of your orgasms should be devoted to me.

Are you ready to book a phone or cam session?
Fill out this Session Request Form. I will get back to you quickly about setting up a time and I’ll give you all the info about how to call, how to pay, and my rates.

offline Glitter Goddess twitterSince I often post what I’m up to on Twitter, follow me here:
If you don’t have a Twitter account, make one :)

youtube glitter goddess offlineYou can also check out my videos on my YouTube channel. How does it get any better than free videos?

I’m counting on you to play with and absorb my naughty content. When you do, your cock will love me forever! 

My Content on: Niteflirt (My Preference), Clips4Sale, and Kinkbomb

XoXo Glitter Goddess

Trance, Guided, Hypnotic, and Energetic Masturbation Sessions

I am going to let you in on a little secret.  I am a trained and certified energetic body worker.  I play with energy and bodies for work, for play, over the phone, skype, on airplanes, and under blankets.  I love bodies and I love bodies that are turned on and lit up with pleasure.

Sometimes I use these energetic and hypnotic techniques together with JOI (jerk off instruction) sessions to heighten pleasure, release inhibitions, arouse, excite, and relax all at the same time.

I have been trained by a leading sex education expert in New York City named Betty Dodson, in addition to being certified in a special modality of energetic bodywork.  If these sensual teases sound right up your alley, then email me to set up a session.

XoXo Glitter Goddess