7 Days of Pleasure!!! All 7 Days of Pleasure Filled Birthday Tasks

7 Days of PleasureHello My good boys!

I am home from Costa Rica and WOW what a trip it was!!! Fun with My girlfriends, long soaks in the hot springs, plenty of bikini time, and almost too many tropical drinks… hehe!

Now I’m ready to begin the next celebration!

Today marks one week until My birthday so I have created something I am calling 7 Days of Pleasure.

I have a task for how you can please Me, gift to Me, and make My birthday incredibly special for each of these glorious days leading up to My birthday.

Here are the tasks!

Day 1 task:

Today’s task is wonderful and easy and is sure to surprise Me! Choose something from My wishlist to buy for Me. Something or somethings ;) Now… here’s where it gets even more fun! After you buy it for Me, I want you to think about Me enjoying the gift you just got Me and touch your cock. If you’ve bought Me a gift today you, My good boy, get to cum for Me…

HERE IS MY WISHLIST LINK: www.worshipglittergoddess.com/wishlist


Here is a video I made about the 7 Days of Pleasure!!!

Day 2 task, June 4th:

Today’s task is something that will surely bring a smile to My face! It is time to put your writer’s cap on and write Me some glowing feedback for your favorite goodies of Mine purchased through Niteflirt. A few things to remember:

  1. Here is the link: www.niteflirt.com/feedbacks
  2. You cannot edit your feedback later, so double check your wonderful words and spelling too
  3. Thinking of what will make Me smile when I read it. I LOVE reading about how My good boys love My goodies :)

Day 3 task, June 5th:

Today’s task has options! I have quite a few gift cards on My Amazon wishlist. Pick one, two, or more and they will arrive at My door. I love that you will be sending Me these cards that I will be able to use throughout the year. Yay!!

See the options here: www.worshipglittergoddess.com/wishlist

Day 4 task, June 6th:

I do love to travel and I do it often! Add to My fun and My adventures by sending Me a Delta egift card. I am really excited about this one! Here are the details:

  1. Here is the link: https://www.delta.com/egift/eGiftPurchase.action
  2. For the name, use G.G.
  3. For email, use glittergoddessg@gmail.com
  4. Yay!!!!

Day 5 task, June 7th:

I used to hate cooking, but something wild grew inside of Me in the past year and now I LOVE it! Love, love, love it!!! It’s meditative, creative, and I am damned good at it too ;) This may not sound like the most exciting B-day gift, but trust Me, this is GREAT gift for Me. Whole Foods gift cards. Also a fabulous place to get wine, chocolates, and the fabulous ingredients I need for one of My favorite things to do.

Here is the link to send Me an egift card: Whole Foods Gift Card 
Send it to Me: glittergoddessg@gmail.com

Day 6 task, June 8th:

This is a sexy one! Simple as that ;) Time to get Me a Victoria’s Secret egift card. Oh yes!!!

Here is the link: Victoria’s Secret Gift Card
And send it to My email: glittergoddessg@gmail.com

Day 7 task, June 9th! My Birthday!:

Another Amazon gift card for today! Yay!!! Keep My birthday going and  pick something wonderful out for Me that will show up at My door and delight Me. What a good boy you are!

Here is the link: www.worshipglittergoddess.com/wishlist 

Recap Of The Daily Content Releases So Far…

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  6. Video For BAD Boys, $50
  7. Two Video Teases on YouTube, free
  8. How Do I Make My Videos? Article and Video, free
  9. Cum For Me: Revenge is Sweet, Video, $30
  10. Internship Possibility, Article and Application
  11. Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today, or Drinks, or Masturbates, New Podcast Episode, free
  12. What Do I Think of Porn? Article and Video, free
  13. The Pleasure You’ve Always Wanted, Audio, $5
  14. Video on YouTube About Turn-On, free
  15. Unexplored Pleasures, New Podcast Episode, free
  16. YouTube Video About Sensual Pleasure, free
  17. Top Down Feet Up Photo Set, 35 Photos, $10
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  19. For When You Miss Me, Video, $10
  20. Foot Worship with Glitter Goddess, Video, $30
  21. You’re Not A Real Man, Cuck Video, $30
  22. June Cum Calendar, I Control Your Cock, $9.99
  23. Owned By My Panties, Audio, $15