Sissy Tries Extreme Feminization Hypnosis For The First Time

extreme feminization sissy Glitter GoddessPretty Sissy Suzy tried My Extreme Feminization Hypnosis today for the first time. She said,

“i love the way Glitter Goddess can make me do things i never thought i would be doing. relaxing yet so exciting. my little clitty was the happiest she has ever been!”

Whatever the topic we decide on for your session, all you need to do is get comfortable and let go. Let Goddess take the lead and take you on an adventure in your mind that will change you forever. I know how to press your buttons and use triggers that make your clitty want to explode with pleasure.

Hypnosis is a perfect way to bring down your inhibitions and bring up the pleasure. I can use it to help you gain the confidence you need to take the next steps in your feminization. I can use it to convert your mind into totally thinking like a sexy girl. Or to get you completely addicted to cock.

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Hope to take you deeper and deeper into pure pleasure and femininity verrrry soon ;)

– XoXo Glitter Goddess

P.S. I never force a pet of mine into a fetish he or she is not comfortable with. For more, read My article here.