What If I’m Not Into All The Topics On Your Site?


With All of The Naughty and Intense Femdom Topics…

Topics Glitter GoddessEspecially when you first start looking into domination, there will be categories and that technically fall into femdom, but fall far outside of the topics you are looking to explore. Examples like feminization and forced-bi are divisive. You’ll most likely know right away if  they interest you or if they are not for you. There are many other examples I could give here, but you know those things which have you feeling shy of femdom in general.

I am different in my approach to dominance, so I thought I would share a letter I got from a good boy about just this topic. It reflects my different approach and will hopefully put your worries to rest. I have no interest in turning you into something you’re not or pushing you into any pre-determined direction. My delight is in exploring the naughty desires we have in common and that’s way more fun for us both!

Here is his note:


When I first found you on Youtube, I absolutely fell in love with your beautiful body, your hypnotic words, and the way you so artfully and elegantly combine them to turn me into a raging mess who can’t think straight.
I wanted more…..I NEEDED more. 
So I went to your website and fell in love deeper. I bought some videos. I couldn’t resist. I bought the ones that seemed ‘safe’ for me. Some of your $5 videos. “Be My Good Boy” and “Get a Little Naughty”. 
I loved them. I was in. I was where I belonged under your seductive thumb.
The only thing stopping my full seduction into your world was that there were some topics on your website that scared me. I was afraid that if I did a private hypnosis session with you that while I was under we might play with one of those topics that I was turned off by, like feminization. 
I don’t know if you remember our first call, but it was about a year ago. I was so nervous and excited all at the same time I could hardly talk! I asked you if I served you over a long time if we would ever had to do feminization with me even though it’s something I’m turned off by, and frankly I was surprised, delighted, and honored by your response.
You said that we never have to play with anything I’m not comfortable playing with, and if I let you know what those things are in advance that you would make sure to never bring those up unless somewhere along the line I change my mind.
After that, I’ve been all in. I’m yours. 
I can’t tell you how much that freedom you gave me means to me. Thank you for your kindness and your generosity in never leading me into a situation I’ve been uncomfortable with over the last year.
I am forever in debt to you and what you gift.
What Does A Good Boy Get? Glitter Goddess
So what is the best way to get started? My “Start Here” page is a wonderful way for me to guide you and for you to become familiar with the things that turn me on and to find those things that turn you on too! It will also give you a sense of what pleases me and what turns me off. You could also go to My content store and pick out a few videos or audios that you are drawn to. In some ways, it doesn’t matter exactly where you begin, but the pleasure that will soon come will reinforce you’re in the right place, in our secret world.
XoXo Your Goddess
P.S. Here is a longer list of what I enjoy playing with:
Goddess worship, erotic hypnosis, femdom, seduction, JOI, role play, edging, body worship, tease and denial, financial domination, pantyhose fetish, ass worship, foot fetish, cuckolding, mock therapy, elaborate fantasies, lingerie, panty worship.