My Money Fetish

Money Fetish Glitter GoddessSome of the most intense sexual pleasure I feel is from My money fetish. The first time I realized I had this fetish, I was masturbating and My boyfriend came in the room and gently put $120 on My body. The surge of pleasure I felt through My body was unlike anything I had ever experienced.  I was shocked. I told him how aroused it made Me and he gave me another twenty and another twenty. My body felt like it was on fire and craved more of that intense pleasure. When I orgasmed, it was the most amazing orgasm!

I do not know what it is exactly about money that I love so much. Sometimes I roll around in bills of $20s and $100s on My bed. I love the way it feels.  I love the way it smells. I even fantasize that My whole mattress is stuffed with money. In real life that would not be comfortable. I would have serious Princess and the pea syndrome, but I guess that is the fun of a fantasy. Looking at the number in my bank account elicits the same sexual response. I check My account balance just for the pleasure of it. It brings Me a level of joy mixed with turn on that nothing else does.