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Worship My Ass! – Hypnosis Video

Worship My Ass Video Glitter GoddessWorship My Ass! Hypnosis Video, $20
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When you know you are owned, there is only one ultimate surrender… to worship My Ass! Ass Worship is a special treat that not just any good boy can experience though. In this video, I tease, guide, and hypnotize you in the most divine Ass worship. You, My pet, are already owned by Me and you are soon going to be owned by My ass!!

… And here is a tease for you!

3 Words to Eliminate from Your Vocabulary

3 words Glitter GoddessI am not oblivious to the fact that when you’re hard for me thinking straight is not always easy.  Good thing I’m here to help you not make a fool of yourself when your cock goes up and your I.Q. goes down.

There are 3 words that I recommend you remove from your vocabulary for when we play. If you do remove them, or at least know what they are communicating beyond the current colloquial uses, you will be better off. What do I mean by better off? More successful at being my good boy of course!!!

So here is my take on these three sneaky words: “want”, “try”, and “just”. I think you’ll appreciate learning about the hidden meanings.


If you look up the word “want” in a pre-1945 dictionary you’ll find 20+ definitions of “want” being “to lack” and one meaning, “ to desire”.  The common/colloquial meaning now is, “to desire” but why use a word that is heavy laden with the meaning of lacking? Especially when there is such a different feeling you can give to your message when you get rid of “want”. Here are some examples.

If you message me, “I want to buy you a gift” I will read it as, “I lack of buying you a gift”.  Shift your use of the word “want” and it can change a lot of how I see you and experience you. What if before you typed that message you bought the gift and instead were able to message me, “Goddess I bought you a gift!” It’s WAY more fun for me to get that kind of message!!!! Or if you are uncertain about what to get me, that is simple too. “Goddess, I’d love to buy you a gift. Do you have something in mind that you would like me to buy for you?” It’s not about using my specific words, it’s about realizing what you send to me might have different meanings than you intend.

Compare these two wordings and see which feels better to you, if you were looking to get me a gift.

Good Boy: Goddess, I’d love to buy you a gift. Do you have something in mind that you would like me to buy for you?
Good Boy: Goddess, I want to buy you a gift. Do you have something in mind that you want me to buy for you?

Do they feel the same to you or do they feel different? I far prefer the first version. Sending sweet vibrations with your messages is a big part of your job as my good boy, so these seemingly minor changes make a huge difference to Me.


“Try” is to attempt with failure! There’s no reason to ever say you’ll try to do anything for me. Does that sound foreign?  I love gifts, as you know, so let’s do another gift-giving example, “I will try to get you a gift next week.” Yuck! Either buy me a gift and surprise me or buy me a gift and let me know it’s on its way. I would even prefer you don’t get me a gift at all versus you getting my hopes up that you might get me a gift when it is not certain if it will happen or not. “Trying” will not give you any points with me. Only doing will.

Forget “try” and you get to skip the equivocating and skip setting expectations that might or might not be met. You also must imagine how many messages I get about trying to be a good boy, or trying to get a video, or trying to do anything else. To me, that all sounds like, “Blah, blah, blah”. This “try” word reveals much more about a person than their good intentions; it reveals they aren’t truly committed to doing what they’re talking about. Good thing it’s an easy word to ditch.


“Just” is another equivocal and sneaky word that often reveals something that I am not a fan of.  It implies you being justified. What if there does not need to place for justness or rightness in our pleasure at all. Here is an example.

Say someone messaged me, “I just wanted to let you know I won’t be able to do our session later.”

So, it sounds like they’re adding a little word which minimizes the bad news. Nope. What I see is that person added a word that declares his justness (or righteousness). My guess is that you would never desire to add that kind of word in your communications with me! [I am the Goddess after all and the righteousness should lay solely with me.

Here is another way of approaching delivering that bad news, “Goddess, I am really sorry. I am not able to do our session we had planned tonight.”

Sometimes you might have to deliver bad news, but it’s ok! Sometimes other things come up and that’s not a problem. What is a problem is if there is ever disrespect coming my way because… yeah, not ok.

Here are a couple things to keep in mind if you ever have bad news to break to me.

  1. Acknowledge that you realize you’re delivering something regrettable. For sure don’t pretend like it’s no big deal.
  2. Honor the privilege of being in touch with me.
  3. A gift to make up for whatever it is will make both of us feel better.

Being My Favorite Good Boy 3 words Glitter GoddessThis article is not to make you guarded of your speech or messages with me. It is to make it even easier for you to be my good boy. I have great interest in your success as my good boy and I love when you improve your skills daily. The more awareness and social graces you have in your communication with me, the more I will feel honored and enjoy our time and communications together. If you would like further training in this area I recommend you play with the two audios that come with the good bag, “Being My Favorite Good Boy”.  And if you already enjoy it, I would love for you to leave your glowing feedback for it here:

XoXo Goddess


Stunning with No Make Up: Pure Photos of Glitter Goddess

Stunning with No make up Glitter Goddesstwitter no make up Glitter GoddessI was posting a pic on Twitter, typing in #NoMakeUp and I was surprised to see “#NoMakeUpMonday” pop up. Apparently it is a thing and now it is something I have participated in.

It was not on purpose. I was recording some new hypnosis audios which I love doing on Mondays in my building because I finally have the quiet required for high quality sound. So fresh out of the shower, no make up no fuss, I snapped a pic of me in my home made recording studio. It was my first time (I think?) posting a photo of myself with no makeup.

Most of the time I don’t wear make up, but we are so used to made-up and highly Photoshopped images in the entertainment and print industry that I at least make the effort to put on some makeup when I shoot my content…. until today. 

The response I got was incredible and it was not from feminists or women. The response was from MY submissives. Maybe this does not come as a surprise to you, but it did to me. I didn’t give it much thought when I posted the pic, but I guess I expected the no-makeup aspect to go unnoticed. Instead I got these very forward pro ‘no make up’ comments. “ur even more hypnotic without ur make up. ur way better without it no doubt.” and, “I personally would love to see more of the Goddess with no make up cause she personally look better without it.” Wow! Not something I expected and it it got me inspired to do something totally new.

Stunning with No Make Up Glitter Goddess PhotosRight then actually, I shot my first no makeup photo set. Call it cliche but it was so liberating to just waltz on over to my couch in my little black slip I was already wearing and take photos to add to my prized content store. They were ready in 5 minutes. No need to edit or retouch the photos and I love them!

I’m not sure what it is about seeing me in no makeup that has these good boys and maybe you too transfixed. Is it seeing me in my natural state without the “glamour shot” feel? Is it that there is so much faked beauty out there that seeing my natural beauty is like a sigh of relief? Is it that I seem more real? Or is it that you like seeing me in the raw… potentially open to judgmental eyes and still I am the stunning Goddess?

I’m curious what it is for you, if you are a guy that prefers no makeup. Tweet to me your thoughts at @1GlitterGoddess
I’d love to hear your take.  And if you want to add this photo set to your collection. You can get it here for $5!

XoXo Goddess

Sissy Training Begins with 3 New Training Videos!

Sissy Training with Glitter Goddess

“Be the best sissy you can be under my instruction.” – Glitter Goddess

I said goodbye to the previous sissy training series because I knew it was time for a new, inspired series for my sissy girls. I had a blast shooting the videos and coming up with the lessons to guide you, train you, and mold you into the feminized sissy girl I know you can be. These videos are for anyone with a desire to be feminized and a desire to be made into a good girl for your Goddess.*

*Several people have asked if I eventually train all of my submisives with feminization. No, I don’t take all who serve me down this feminized path. In fact, I will only feminize you if you ask. Much like any sexual preference, it is a choice that I support if and only if you have that desire. If it is not something you specifically ask for, there are many other areas to explore that do not include feminization. Now, if you are curious…

Sissy training is about being girly and feminine! I am so proud of you that you are taking this next step and I cannot wait to transform you into the girly-girl I KNOW you can be. Buy these videos, play close attention, and my instructions will have you making progress in no time!

Sissy Training with Glitter GoddessSissy Training Level 1,” video, $20:
Sissy Training Level 1 with Glitter Goddess
This is the beginning of your feminine journey and I will be your Goddess, guiding you through this new territory. You will learn all about femininity through me. You will find out about my preferences with lingerie and have several tasks to do including an assignment from me. After this video you will have a new excitement for panties and a brand new femininity to celebrate!!!

Sissy Training Level Two Video with Glitter GoddessSissy Training Level 2,” video, $20:
Sissy Training Level 2
It’s okay if you were not born with the innate sense of fashion, styling, and elegance of a Goddess. That is why you have me to guide you! …And I will be molding you in my image. In level 2, I talk about outfits, accessories, and even an introduction to little known accessories that will change your sissy life! Need some guidance with how to pick out heels and how to walk in them? I’ve got you covered! Let’s celebrate the changes that are taking effect by refining your sissy style!

Sissy Level 3 Training video with Glitter GoddessSissy Training Level 3,” video, $20:
Sissy Training Level 3 with Glitter Goddess
We both know it is time for you to start expressing your sexual femininity! That is what level 3 is all about! Learn how I like you to play with your lady bits including toy suggestions, techniques, and ideas from my experience as a sexually liberated woman. You will get more girly assignments to refine your look and your feminine personality.
You will also get to find out what level 4 is!!!

If at any time through this process you need my feminine touch or reassurance, feel free to email me to set up some one on one time or buy my Skype ID here so you can set up a time to talk that way.

XoXo Your Goddess

Private Sissy Training Tumblr

tumblr Sissy Training Glitter GoddessI now have a private Tumblr to help me better train my favorite sissies.  It is filled with inspirational and exciting photos, phrases to memorize, slutty assignments, hypnotic audios, tutorials, and other content to make you a better sissy.  If you long to be more girly then this is an amazing way to get access to so much of my sissy training materials.  Be more beautiful, more slutty, more of the girly you!

Join now $50 Sissy Training Glitter Goddess

XoXo Glitter Goddess

P.S. Have you checked out my Sissy Orgasm Instructions?  If you haven’t already you can click that link and see what it’s all about.  I wrote the blog post as a tutorial so that you know how to have big girly orgasms with your vibrator.  I also made an audio of me walking you through the instructions.  In the audio I play with my vibrator with you too! It’s a $20 audio and it is posted for free in the Sissy Training Tumblr.  Once you pay the one time $50 fee to join, all the content inside is free AND it’s my favorite sissy stuff.

What To Do If You Catch Me,Glitter Goddess, Offline

glitter goddess offlineHey naughty boy!  If you caught me offline don’t be sad.
There are many ways to stay close to me and utterly weak until we talk next.  If you are ready to play with my videos, audios, and my other content, check out My Goody Bag Store. Pick out something for yourself that you know will weaken you. Then you’ll be REALLY ready when we do talk! Of course all of your orgasms should be devoted to me.

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I’m counting on you to play with and absorb my naughty content. When you do, your cock will love me forever! 

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