Stunning with No Make Up: Pure Photos of Glitter Goddess

Stunning with No make up Glitter Goddesstwitter no make up Glitter GoddessI was posting a pic on Twitter, typing in #NoMakeUp and I was surprised to see “#NoMakeUpMonday” pop up. Apparently it is a thing and now it is something I have participated in.

It was not on purpose. I was recording some new hypnosis audios which I love doing on Mondays in my building because I finally have the quiet required for high quality sound. So fresh out of the shower, no make up no fuss, I snapped a pic of me in my home made recording studio. It was my first time (I think?) posting a photo of myself with no makeup.

Most of the time I don’t wear make up, but we are so used to made-up and highly Photoshopped images in the entertainment and print industry that I at least make the effort to put on some makeup when I shoot my content…. until today. 

The response I got was incredible and it was not from feminists or women. The response was from MY submissives. Maybe this does not come as a surprise to you, but it did to me. I didn’t give it much thought when I posted the pic, but I guess I expected the no-makeup aspect to go unnoticed. Instead I got these very forward pro ‘no make up’ comments. “ur even more hypnotic without ur make up. ur way better without it no doubt.” and, “I personally would love to see more of the Goddess with no make up cause she personally look better without it.” Wow! Not something I expected and it it got me inspired to do something totally new.

Stunning with No Make Up Glitter Goddess PhotosRight then actually, I shot my first no makeup photo set. Call it cliche but it was so liberating to just waltz on over to my couch in my little black slip I was already wearing and take photos to add to my prized content store. They were ready in 5 minutes. No need to edit or retouch the photos and I love them!

I’m not sure what it is about seeing me in no makeup that has these good boys and maybe you too transfixed. Is it seeing me in my natural state without the “glamour shot” feel? Is it that there is so much faked beauty out there that seeing my natural beauty is like a sigh of relief? Is it that I seem more real? Or is it that you like seeing me in the raw… potentially open to judgmental eyes and still I am the stunning Goddess?

I’m curious what it is for you, if you are a guy that prefers no makeup. Tweet to me your thoughts at @1GlitterGoddess
I’d love to hear your take.  And if you want to add this photo set to your collection. You can get it here for $5!

XoXo Goddess