Are You A Bad Boy?

Are you a bad boyYour training as a good boy is about to be elevated to the next level. We need to talk about what happens if you’re a bad boy.

Maybe you’ll never be a bad boy… and maybe you’re being a bad boy right now, but this is information that you need to know.

Some of you are more willing to a bad boy rather than a good boy. And when you chose to be a bad boy, you are choosing against My wishes. There is a punishment for that.

I will not be making a list or going into examples of what constitutes a bad boy. You know!!! You know when you are being a bad boy. You can feel it.

To get back into My good graces you have to make it up to Me.

You must pay!

And don’t wait for Me to tell you that you’ve been a bad boy!

If you have been a bad boy click HERE which will take you to My new Bad Boy Tax page.

Glitter Goddess