Natural Beauty – New Photo Set

Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty Photo Set with Glitter Goddess

Natural beauty goes beyond any makeup or outfit. Natural beauty is inherent in a true Goddess and shines through no matter what she is wearing or not wearing.

I took these special photos to add to your worship collection… especially if you like to see me having fun and turned on.

So much of sexy imagery online is about the facade of beauty, but to Me, there is something so special about a Goddess who is a Goddess no matter what she wears, if she’s dressed up or not, and no matter where she is.

Being a Goddess is a way of being, a noun and verb, an exploration that adds so much to my life. In this online world of image without substance and what people want you to see as opposed to what is really there, I wanted to release a set of photos focusing on natural beauty, on Me being Me, just hanging out in a little satin teddy and some sheer pantyhose, just for the fun and pleasure of it.

…So without further adieu, I introduce, “Natural Beauty Photo Set“, a group of 18 delicious and spontaneous pictures of your one and only Glitter Goddess. Perfect to add to your worshiping routines.

Natural Beauty Photo Set
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