My Horse! Meet Glitter Goddess’ Trusty Steed!

Glitter Goddess My HorseMeet My Horse!

Hello My good boys!

I would love to introduce you to My new trusty steed. Meet ARENAL! He is named after the beautiful Costa Rican volcano. 

Let Me rewind for a sec. I know you’ve missed Me. My trip to Costa Rica was everything I could have asked for. It reminded Me of how much I have missed having a horse in My life. Rides through the rich forests atop a trusty steed… I’m guessing you can picture how amazing it was for Me!!!

Glitter Goddess My HorseWhen I got back, I was lucky enough to find a gorgeous, kind, and hardworking horse that is now mine! I’m in heaven! I’ve been riding daily and am SO happy.

I grew up with horses and riding was a huge part of how I realized I was dominant. Training an animal more than 10x my weight, observing their willingness to please, seeing how they added to the joy of My life, it was the beginning of something special.

But don’t fear My good boy, Arenal has captured My heart, but he has NOT taken your place. I wanted to give you this update so you can send your congratulations, your gifts, and your support for My happy news. 

Thank you for being My good boy!

…And if you’d like to send me a gift to go towards My new horse, riding wardrobe, and of course sexy cowboy boots, email Me. 

Also, I have a photo set coming out soon filled with photos of Me in Costa Rica. I can’t wait for you to see the pleasures of My trip including the sexy nights in the hot springs with My girlfriends. Watch for it on My Twitter (here) and once it’s available I’ll link to it here too :)

XoXo Your Goddess

Glitter Goddess My HorseMy horse is the beautiful grey all the way on the right.