Why I’m Not Into Blackmail

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There is a lot of talk of blackmail fantasies on Niteflirt and in the pro-domme community in general. I thought I’d take some time and write a bit about my point of view on the topic.

I am a very imaginative person and have fun role-playing and exploring many psycho-sexual ideas some in real time and some just on Niteflirt. Before I started Niteflirt I never considered blackmail fantasies. They always seemed like too much work for the Goddess, all for a sub that needed to be forced to submit. I much prefer the subs/fans/supplicants/slaves that come to me with an unexplained yearning to give themselves to me. How often does this happen? A lot! I am a lucky Goddess and it’s a perk of being a True Goddess.

It really takes the fun out of it for me when someone says, “I want* to submit, but will you make me submit? If you blackmailed me I would never be able to leave your service and you could do what you want with me.”

I have people offering themselves to me with no conditions, so why would I, the Goddess, work hard and somewhat illegally to get that type of service?? Well, I wouldn’t!

I know this might alienate some of you who love the fantasy. This is nothing against what you enjoy. There is nothing wrong with desiring to be coerced, I just don’t partake in the fantasy myself. I much prefer a willing and curious sub who recognizes the power in me and even if tentatively, comes to me with an open heart and mind for service. There really isn’t room in my life to coerce subs when I have so many willing ones. That in addition to the legal and ethical implications make blackmail a fantasy I don’t indulge.

If you are willing and ready to serve me and you haven’t yet submitted, I recommend you call me so we can get to know each other. You can call me now or leave me a message here: Call GlitterGoddess for phone sex on

XoXo Goddess

*Wanna know a Goddess secret? Want means ‘to lack’. I know colloquially it has the meaning of desiring something, but I am always aware when someone uses the word “want” that they most likely mean they lack it.