Glitter Goddess’ Take on Blackmail Fantasies

Blackmail Fantasies Glitter Goddess

Blackmail Fantasies

There is a lot of talk of blackmail fantasies. I thought I’d take some time and write a bit about My perspective on the topic.

I have fun role-playing and exploring many naughty ideas some in real time and some online. Before I started taking calls on Niteflirt, I had never heard of blackmail fantasies. The way I see it, the genre seems like too much work for the Goddess! It’s all to force the sub to submit. I far prefer playing with good boys who come to Me with an unexplainable yearning to please Me. I am not turned on by supposed slaves who want to be forced.

It really takes the fun out of it for me when someone says, “I want* to submit, but will you make me submit? If you blackmailed me I would never be able to leave your service and you could do what you want with me.”


I have people offering themselves to me with no conditions, so why would I, the Goddess, work hard and risk anything illegal for a sub’s pleasure? I wouldn’t and I won’t.

This post will alienate some of you, those who are looking for a Mistress for blackmail. Truly there is nothing wrong with the desire to be coerced, I just don’t have a personal interest the fantasy. I much prefer a willing and curious sub who recognizes the pleasure of surrender and even if tentatively, comes to me with an open heart and mind for service. There really isn’t room in my life to coerce subs when I have so many willing ones. That, in addition to the legal and ethical implications, make blackmail a fantasy I don’t indulge.

If you are willing and ready to serve Me and you haven’t surrendered yet, I recommend you begin with My, “Start Here” page.

XoXo Goddess

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