My Very Different Point of View About Dominance and Submission

My Very Different Point of View on Dominance and Submission Glitter Goddess

I need to clarify something on dominance and submission

During a private session yesterday, My caller told Me that after just ten minutes with Me, he could tell how enormously different I am from any other domme. He had explored submission going on 15 years, but had never gone deep with anyone. He never felt comfortable. He would call a dungeon for example and the woman answering the phone would right away tell him to, “get on your fucking knees and bow down to My superiority”. The funny thing, he told me, was that he was only calling to find out whether they were open on Sundays! This whole subject of dominance and submission can be very confusing, especially if you are just starting out.

Why am I different?

I’ve been going along having My own ideas about dominance and submission that are very different than the norm. I was never anyone’s understudy. I was never “trained” on how to be dominant. I have naturally just been dominant. I looked to My own reality and imagination to see what I would like My dominance to look like, be like.

I would like to show you a possibility different than “get on your fucking knees.” Because really, how many times can you be excited about being called a “bitch” or a “loser”?

Setting it straight

True submission is the willingness to be kind, caring, adoring, obedient, and have generosity with his Mistress. This is done with lust, often love, and servitude that does not exist publically in society but does exist deep within the hearts of those who are submissive. A Goddess or true Domina is someone who receives all of that from the submissive and more.

A true Goddess makes it easy for her submissive to be all that they truly are. This includes vulnerability, kinkiness, and exploring ideas that they may not have tried. She does this with warmth, magnetism, a touch of manipulation and even magnanimity. Being magnanimous is generosity beyond generosity. This is the part that most people don’t get. It is a part that I probably shouldn’t tell you because it is a bit of a secret.

Hands Free Orgasm Glitter GoddessA Goddess’ Power

A True Goddess holds the power over her submissive’s pleasure. But a True Goddess only takes her submissive where they are wanting, willing, able, and capable of going and not a bit beyond it.

A true submissive is one who makes it easy for his Goddess to take him where he would like to go in her service. Really look at this. How amazingly generous is it for a Goddess who deserves absolutely everything to be willing to look to each individual supplicant and find a place for him in her world entirely based on where he is wanting, willing, capable, and able to go?

This is the elegance of being a Goddess that, unfortunately, is incredibly rare.

Now, I do teach this technique to other mistresses, but few have asked. It requires vulnerability on both the dominant and submissive side. I ask lots of questions and I listen to the responses of my supplicants. A True Goddess must be just as good at listening as she is at delivering orders.

On disobedience

Whenever somebody lies to Me or doesn’t do what they say they are going to do, I am grateful. Yes, I’m actually grateful because they have just revealed who they truly are. That is information they would never say or even admit to themselves in most cases. I would prefer this is revealed early on so that I see where they are actually functioning from.


Did you know that you can be submissive and honored as the individual you are? Has anyone asked you what you would like to get out of a Domme/sub relationship?

I have some questions for you to get clear on your submissive reality. It is not about what you think you are supposed to be as a submissive. Finding what satisfies you will create a clearer place to begin your search for a perfect Goddess for you.

  1. What is your ideal interaction with a dominant woman?
  2. How would you like to feel before, during, and after serving your Goddess?
  3. What is one thing in your sexual or submissive life that you are currently unsatisfied with?
  4. Referencing the question above, do you have any ideas about how this could be different or what you would like to change?
  5. What is one thing you would never give yourself permission to do or be that you would secretly love to experience?

Moving forward from here

With these questions, My hope is that you get more clarity about what is true for you. The more you are clear on that, the better you can serve. Also the easier you make it for your Goddess, whether that is me or someone else.

Remember, My definition of a true submissive: One who makes it easy for the Goddess to take them where they would like to go in service of the Goddess. If perhaps you are confused about whether that is topping from the bottom, remember it is always up to the Mistress whether she has you in her service or not. The earlier and more clearly you can communicate what you have to offer and your intentions, the better. That way no one’s time is wasted. In a truly symbiotic Domme/sub relationship you both end up getting what you desire and are honored for who you truly are.

XoXo Goddess

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