Connect With Me – Special Phrases for Each Day of the Week

7 daily phrases Glitter GoddessIf you don’t want to be addicted to me, don’t buy this devotion exercise! But if you do want to feel what it’s like to be totally obsessed with me, well….read on….

Here is a brand new way to let yourself fall deeply into a crazy addiction to me. The concept is simple. I give you 7 phrases  or Mantras to repeat. There is one special phrase for each day. If you do this exercise, I mean really do it…..your life will change. You will be inextricably bonded to me in a profound and life altering way.

If you love me and want to love me more, if you miss me, if you desire to be closer to me every day, then buy this devotion. It also comes with a gorgeous photo of me. So, go head and get started and let me know how it goes. So far the results have been crazy powerful.

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