What I’m Not Supposed To Talk About- Changing Addiction

Changing Sex Addiction Recovery Glitter Goddess

Changing Addiction and Addictive Sexual Behavior

This is a very strange topic to cover on My sexy blog, but a necessary one in My mind. Some of you are very blissful in your service of Me or other Mistresses. If that is the case, then this blog post is not for you, but this one is so go have fun HERE.

However, if you are fighting with yourself trying to change something like a sex addiction, a taboo obsession, or a pattern that you haven’t been able to shift in relationships, then I want you to know about my other secret life. I am a Sex Addiction Recovery Specialist and a Hypno-Therapist.

And no, not in the way to trick you into getting lured into serving me. The tools I use are from Access Consciousness and yes they are weird, yes they are VERY weird, and yes they actually work. So if you don’t need help, again, this post is not for you. If however, you are NOT happy with your sex life and if you are looking to change it in a substantial and real way, please know I am here with tools to facilitate that.

There is every expectation that you cannot change what’s been holding you back. That is what is projected from all angles. If however, there is something in the back of your mind where you know there is a possibility of changing, would it be worth trying?

So what about this… Stream of consciousness write down any and all responses to this question that pop up in your mind, whether they make sense or not.

“What is stopping your life from moving forward that if you didn’t have it, would give you total ease?”

These things you wrote down are where we would start your coaching or recovery or whatever you want to call it. Part of the process is to cognitively twist your mind to bring up decisions and limitations about yourself that you have hidden from yourself, then to clear them. If you could have solved these problems in your mind, with your mind, you would have already done it! You actually have the power to change it. I am just here to unlock your awareness of how to change it (and the solution is not thinking about it over and over and over until it is magically different).

It takes a brave person to look at changing addiction, especially if this is an area you have been trying to change and have ‘failed’ to change. I want to acknowledge you for getting here and being brave enough to look. What if there was the possibility that changing it was a lot easier than you were told it could be? What if I have even one or two tools that would give you clarity or greater ease in those areas? If that is of value to you, consider scheduling a private session with me. Email me at GlitterGoddessG@gmail.com to set that up.

XoXo Me