Q & A with Glitter Goddess


Q and A with Glitter GoddessQ and A With Glitter Goddess

I thought it would be fun to do a little Q and A for you!

Questions by slave luke:

s.l.: What is your all-time favorite type of slave?

Goddess: I love good boys that have a desire to make Me happy and an aptitude for it too! It can be hard to describe. It actually has less to do with what you do (though I am a sucker for gifts and tributes) and more to do with our ‘vibe’ and how you as a submissive interact with Me. If you respect, adoration, and worship Me, that will take you far with Me.

s.l.: What is your least favorite thing a slave could do?
Goddess: Frustrate Me on purpose to induce punishment. Demand My time without sufficient tribute. I also have no interest in blackmail or micro-managing fantasies.  Essentially anything that requires Me to do a lot of work for a sub would be a problem. That will get a sub on My naughty list and not in a good way. I also have an article called, “3 Words To Eliminate From Your Vocabulary”, which is worth reading and taking to heart.

Q and A with Glitter Goddesss.l.: What was your first experience being a domme?

Goddess: My first experience was with a craigslist ad believe it or not! I was living in NYC and noticed a post where a sub wanted to pay a beautiful woman to clean her house and massage her feet. I was enthralled! The post spoke to something I always knew I loved, being a Goddess. Once I vetted him sufficiently and knew he was safe, I let him serve me in person. I realized I was the flip side of his submission, I was a GODDESS! He told me,

“I want to give you that spring in your step as you walk down the street knowing that you OWN a man.”

It really turned me on! Much more than I expected. Having him serve me (and he did for a year before I let him go) helped me get a deeper understanding of My desires. That was the beginning of how I learned about playing with, using, and owning subs.

s.l.: What turns you on more than anything?

Goddess: I love being honored, adored, and pampered. I am a very sensual woman, so that is first and foremost. I also love playing and toying with My good boys. The flavors of the month change for Me, not just monthly, but moment by moment even. Sometimes the ultimate turn on is having my toes gently sucked, sometimes it’s being taken out for shopping, sometimes it’s a deep and powerful phone hypno session. In the end, it’s about having fun with someone submissive who I vibe with.

Q & A Glitter Goddesss.l.: What is your favorite hobby?

Goddess: I was an art major and an art history minor in college. I love painting, drawing, design, and making beautiful things out of basically anything. I love shopping and I travel a lot. I also have an AMAZING cat named Kitty. He’s always in the middle of My projects and I love him for it. He is the best cat.

s.l.: What is your favorite thing a slave has ever done for you?
Goddess: I have so many! One good boy bought Me an original Roy Lichtenstein. I’m so proud of it and it’s hanging in My house. One year for my birthday a good boy surprised Me with a beautiful handblown bottle filled with cash! He made a wonderful little tool for me to fish the rolled up bills out and it was such a fun gift. Someone has also moved across the country to serve Me.
A more day-to-day but still very meaningful example: One time I was sick with a cold and a good boy brought me chicken soup, cough drops, a huge care package filled with things to help Me feel better. I was also sent an enormous teddy bear one year for Valentine’s day, which was incredibly sweet. Little things leave a lasting impression. There are so many great stories (and most of them I keep to myself). Some of the things that make me the happiest are opening up parts of our lives that no one else can share. I love having good boys in My life and I am grateful every day for the love notes, the conversations, the gifts, the life of a Goddess that is so natural, so right for me.
– Glitter Goddess