On Disobedience

On Disobedience Glitter Goddess

On Disobedience

I have some thoughts I’d like to share with you on disobedience. Some people see dominance and submission as a game, challenging back and forth to see who the winner is. What if instead, you let me pull you out of that kind of limited play and allow me to elucidate a dominance and submission which is something to be savored, indulged, and hedonistically devoured by?

Occasionally I am challenged, not by someone who is a match for my intelligence, or power, or even someone who is strong enough to resist me, but challenged by a person who knows only how to interact, to connect, to then hopefully become closer through contention. It’s a tragedy really because it can never go to the wonderful, intense, and luscious places that I seek to take My submissives. It’s a denial of possibilities and a refusal to allow the pleasure that would have come from lowering one’s guard, one’s barriers, and receiving the intoxication of being led by a capable and magical woman whose power is much, much greater than you can ever know.

I have an email to use as an example today of what not to do when meeting me. You know of Me, you know of My videos, you have a curiosity. Don’t blow it. Don’t disappoint. Do relax. Do follow My lead. Let this male be an example of what a fool will throw away in his ignorance.

This is a portion of an email which was in response to the specific and incredibly sexy orders I gave him. Notes for context and clarity are in brackets [].

“… Also, I have an admission to make, and I hope you can show mercy…you instructed me to order the custom audio, and then begin to masturbate in anticipation of its completion. Well, I got so excited that you accepted my request [for a custom audio] that I disobeyed your orders. I masturbated over you again (to your free 30 minute

joi hypno on YouTube). It’s so hard to obey, because you are so seductive!…In the meantime, I’ve opened at NiteFlirt account as instructed [I did not instruct this in my email], and supplied it with funds. Based on the little you know about me, and the limited info I’ve provided about what I’d like in a custom audio, what two “Goodies” do you absolutely demand that I purchase? [This request for new orders comes after not completing and outright disobeying my first orders.]…My cock is so hard in anticipation of your reply. Hopefully you can forgive my disobedience, and encourage my obsession of pleasuring myself to you! I’ll try to be a better pet!”

At first look it may seem he is doing his best, but there so are many indications in the message that he is more interested in the power struggle than finding out what pleasures lay beyond, that I lost interest in him and his so called “submission” instantly.

Would you ever be so stupid? Or would you know, trust, and allow me to enter your life as the Goddess I am. I am a True Goddess. I am the leader. I am the one who chooses and the one who guides. I am the one who creates feelings and sexual expression that you never knew were possible. I am here to for you to bring me pleasure with your obedience. I am here to be served, honored, acknowledged, appreciated, doted upon, adored, and obsessed over. My role in your life is Goddess, not mother to misbehaving child. I am never willing to lower myself to convince you or assuage your apprehensions or to forgive blatant disobedience. Those who have asked that of Me, they have already lost me. Let this be a lesson, a warning, a reminder. Trust Me to rule you and the rewards are many, disobey and your pleasure is taken away.

Glitter Goddess