3 Ways To Find The Perfect Glitter Goddess Video For You

How to pick the perfect video for you Glitter Goddess

How to Pick the Perfect Video For You: A Guide

You want to feel confident when you are choosing a video to add to your collection. Here is a little guide to help you know which is the perfect video for you. 

1. First instinct

Which video almost pops off of the page when you see it? At least one video will have more of a glow, an intriguing pull that you can’t help but feel drawn to. It won’t take long to sense which one (or more) is pulling you. This process is very fast and is non-cognitive. Which video did you see first before you started thinking about it? That is probably the perfect video for you! Why? Because you are a natural submissive, a natural good boy, and a natural pleasure seeker. Somewhere in the recesses of your subconscious you picked up on something magical that only this particular video will deliver to your submissive side. Keep this video in mind as you go on to the next steps.

2. Read the title and description

Get familiar with where I am leading you. Does the experience I describe sound pleasurable and exciting? If so, then we are heading in the right direction! Even if it seems a wee bit scary, I want you to go with this and trust My training process. If once you read the description you are even more excited about the prospect of this video then this is a very, very good sign that this is the perfect video for you. 

3. Ask yourself a very important question

Would Goddess be proud of me for watching this video? I take such special care with each of My videos, so this question will probably be answered with an automatic, “yes”. I want you to envision buying it and feeling proud and excited to let me know that you bought it. Would I be proud of you? Yes, I will be! You are a very good boy to go through the steps and do such a good job of choosing your next video. Go ahead, it is time to buy it!

I always love hearing about what the videos are like for you, so be in touch and happy choosing! I trust you are about to see and experience something amazing!

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