A Brand New Possibility for Teases in 2018!

SnapChat Glitter Goddess

I found a new way to tease you…

There is a brand new possibility I found for us to be closer than ever. For exclusive, special little teases from your Goddess.

Are you listening?

Any true good boy should be drooling by now…

YOU, My good boy, have a say in something very important, so ready this closely…

I loved vine (and I’m guessing you loved My videos I made on there too!) but Vine closed down in 2017. Where’s a Goddess supposed to tease her good boys now?


It’s a way for Me to share exclusive content with you in the form of pictures and videos…

What kind of teases?

Imagine receiving snapshots and videos of me from My Daily Goddess Life. Little reminders of the power I have over you. Motivations to keep you working HARD for Me. Tasks for how you can please Me in your own unique way. Ways to leave a lasting impression on your Goddess.

What would your life be like if you had a deeper connection with your Goddess?

These images and videos will tantalize you and melt your mind. My presence in your life will only grow.

You won’t be able to stop it and you won’t want to…

What do I need from you?

I know any good boy with even an ounce of a brain will be jumping at this opportunity, but I’m not going to create this new project for all of you until you’ve made it worth My while.

It’s time for you to show your devotion with your dollars.

A Goddess should never invest her time on a new endeavor without a little investment capital.

If you would like to see new content be created by Me and released on Snapchat, then you must tribute, you must show Me your devotion with your $50 or $100.

If I get enough tributes that I can tell this is something My good boys will value, then a whole new way to be connected with Me and see special content that is released nowhere else will be born!

How to tribute and show your support?

These options are all wonderful. Write “Happy Holidays!” in the gift note!

Why is this important?

This will contribute to future content being created that will NOT exist without your support. It also opens up the possibility for custom private video teases in the future too.

You know what to do now!

XoXo Your Goddess