Submit Your Video Ideas!

Submit your video ideas Glitter GoddessSubmission: Video Ideas

Hello My good boys!

I always know what’s best for you and that cock of yours. It brings Me great pleasure to own you, guide you, and train you to be My good boy.

I take inspiration for this training from a myriad of places (you’ll never guess all of My inspirations)! Sometimes it is your fantasies which inspire Me! When I hear a fantasy of yours that I am inspired to use in a very specific way, it benefits all of My good boys.

One example of this is the first time a good boy requested a cum/chastity calendar. I knew when I heard that idea that I would take it and run with it, and I have!
(You can read a blog post about it here).

Now it’s time for Me to play with, discover, and explore YOUR video ideas!

I have created a form below for you to submit your ideas for a sexy video. Out of the submissions I receive, I pick My favorite ideas that I decide are in the best interest of My good boys’ training.

I put My favorites in a random drawing and I will pull an idea and make a video from that winning idea!

The video will then be available to purchase in My shop. Additionally, on YouTube, you can find videos of Me pulling the winning idea and a preview of the video it inspired!

You can submit as many as you want at any time! Keep them fun, sexy respectful, and remember…this is your SUBMISSION!

Submit Video Idea Here:

Example of a Winning Idea:

Red light green light edging game Glitter GoddessRed Light Green Light: Edging Game

I love having you stroke for Me how and when I say. So it’s time to play a little game…

Red is stop, green is go… follow My lead.

I’m in charge and you follow My JOI instructions perfectly for a climax that you’ve never felt before.

Get the Edging Game HERE!
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