Is Being A Hedonist A Bad Thing?

Is being a hedonist bad an article by Glitter Goddess

Hedonism has a negative connotation, but according to the 1828 Webster dictionary (this is my go-to place to look up all kinds of words) a Hedonist is “…a person who is devoted to the pursuit of pleasure”.

I’m a hedonist, but is being a hedonist a bad thing? I think not. To me, pleasure is worth pursuing. What about for you?

Right now for example, take your hand to your arm and feel your arm touching your hand and your hand touching your arm. Feel your feet on the floor and feel the air touching your skin. Listen to the room you’re in.

Take a deep breath.

Let the breath sink through you and ease some of that stored tension in your upper back and neck. Breathe into that area of your body and just be with any contraction and let it all go. Though it can be rather uncomfortable, keep going. 

How can something so simple and quick bring ease and relaxation to your body? 

Well, because our bodies like to feel good. Our bodies are for feeling! They are for feeling/touching, and smelling, and seeing, and hearing, and tasting. 

You might be a hedonist if…

Think of something tasty that is sooooo delicious. Feel it in your mouth. Did you start salivating? Good. You are a hedonist, even if you’re convinced you’re not. 

The good news is that pleasures are ahead. The bad news is you might not be able to control where this journey leads you. Our bodies recognize and crave pleasures that we may not have even contemplated cognitively before. If you would like a trusty guide to pleasure, to hedonism, I’ll offer you my hand. In the form of my words you can read, my voice you can hear, my body you can see, my videos you can watch, in these ways I can guide you. Maybe someday we could even have a call together where I guide you one-on-one.

Feel free to reach for my metaphoric hand at any time. I’m not here to guide you down a predetermined path, but I am here to discover with you, and sure, to introduce you to new sensations and ideas as well. 

An Exercise

So now that you know you’re a hedonist, I will give you an exercise to play with.

This exercise is one for you to play with on your own, or to share with me, or someone else who is special to you. That part is up to you. 

Take a few minutes here and consider what makes you feel good, experience sensations you enjoy, while your mind goes away. 

What feels wildly good? Tastes, or smells, or touch, or fantasies, or??? 

You tell me.

If you’d like, I’ll tell you one of mine

One of my hedonistic pleasures is getting my head and scalp massaged. The way my hair stylist washes and massages my hair is sure to put me into a state of mindless bliss. If I were a cat, that would put me in an instant purr. I look forward to that each time I go and get my hair done. 

For your exploration, look at what turns you on, turns your mind off. It doesn’t have to be sexual, but it can be. Is there a smell you know if that when you smell it you are transported to a state of indulgent pleasure, that you must smell again and again and take just one more smell?

Is there a song that when you listen or have listened that it has transcended you beyond your body into a euphoric headspace?

The great thing about letting me in on where you find pleasure, sexual and otherwise is:

1. I will be able to get to know something uniquely you, unique about you, and…

2. I will be able to use these experiences you’ve had and your desire to have more of this pleasure to in turn increase my own pleasure. 

So what is it, my good boy, what makes you feel wildly good? If you choose to bring to me what you find, come with one thing sexual, one thing non-sexual, and one which surprised you. 

XoXo Goddess

P.S. If you are stuck and you need extra help, loosen up with this little playful option: What’s one unusual food combination you like whether anyone else gets it or not?

P.P.S. If you would like to explore with me more, I have weekly live broadcasts here on LoyalFans. I would love for you to come play!