Glitter Goddess Adventure Month

Expand your pleasure beyond what you’ve previously imagined

Adventure Month

Starting may 9th, a month of sexy adventures begin on LoyalFans.

In this month with me, there will be daily prompts, videos, and much more to play with, interact with, and add to your masturbatory pleasure! Make sure you follow me here to play along.

Here are some commonly asked questions

What is the cost? It’s FREE!!

Do I have to participate in every daily challenge? No, you can pick and choose and follow what’s fun for you!

Is this for submissives only? No, it’s for all looking for more pleasure and more fun! You can tailor each adventure to what feels good to you

Is this going to be sexy? FUCK YES!!

The first adventure begins soon, May 9th!

P.S. If you are already connected with me on Niteflirt, not LoyalFans, don’t worry! Just send me a note or chat and I will get you added to my Adventure Month Niteflirt mailing list too!

Here are a couple videos to learn more too: What is Glitter Goddess Adventure Month and Questions About Adventure Month

XoXo Goddess