Countdown to My Birthday and the BIG Reveal!

Countdown To My Birthday and the Big RevealCountdown To My Birthday and the Big Reveal

I’m all about layering pleasure. For example, I love adding erotic hypnosis, to JOI, with Goddess worship as the cherry on top… just heavenly! I’m doing something similar with my birthday this year. Layer upon layer upon layer of fun, exciting surprises, and celebrating ME!

So, the BIG reveal is happening on my birthday. I won’t give you any hints as to what it will be, but I will say I will have lots of surprises along the way as we count down to June 9th!

Check back here often to see what I’ve added and what I’m scheming. The newest additions will be at the top…


6/8 – Today is the day to finally reveal the BIG Reveal!! And here it is….

I am so unbelievably excited! Follow me at my new Twitter account here and of course, visit my new site Here!

Edging with Glitter Goddess6/8 – Tomorrow is the BIG Day!!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it! Today’s surprise is a classic video of mine that I have reduced the price for the month of June to just $5!!

Get “Edging For Glitter Goddess” here for $5!

That’s fun and a very good deal, but what’s coming tomorrow is what’s making my heart go pitter-patter! I have no idea whether I will be able to sleep or not! But regardless, you’ll get an email from me right around 10am Goddess time (central US) and that will have My “BIG Reveal” in it. If you would like to help me promote it tomorrow, and you are available around that time, reply to this message and I’ll let you know what I could use help with.

Thanks for being my good boys and for making my birthday so special!!!

Countdown Glitter Goddess6/7- I will be taking calls on Niteflirt on Wednesday as much as possible and also on Friday! So plan ahead so we can play! Either of those days would be wonderful to call and wish me Happy Birthday or have some DEEP hypnosis! Don’t forget about the 5 free minutes I sent you! Don’t be shy about calling with them and using them.

6/7- Today’s surprise: A New Sexy Video!

Today’s surprise shows a little more skin than you’re used to seeing in my videos.
Body Worship Glitter GoddessIt’s a new loop video called, “When My Pretty Little Panties Come Off!” This video is a crazy tease (maybe the sexiest yet!) and I can’t wait for you to experience it! I hope you like black lace itty-bitty panties that end up looking even better when taken off.
The “BIG Reveal” is so close now I can almost taste it. Are you as excited as me? I hope so! To keep you occupied until then (and it will!) I hope you get my new video and stroke and stroke and stroke to the images and fantasies of worshipping my sexy body.

countdown Glitter Goddess6/6- Today’s surprise: Reduced price on a fabulous goody bag  & a reminder of a free video!

Today’s surprise is an apt package for a Monday. I made a free video for Labor Day a while back (which is below). It’s all about the pleasure and deep satisfaction of “working hard” for me, whether you’re working on tasks I give you or working at your own job.

Promote for Glitter GoddessI have temporarily lowered the rate of a new goody of mine from $15 down to $5 for a limited time (I’m not sure how long yet so hurry)! Inside this goodie is all the info you need to have a brand new way to “work hard” for me as my promotions good boy!! It’s fun and mindless work and not only that, perfect to do while stroking! Get it? Working “HARD” ;) lol

Anyway, get the $5 goody bag here to get started: “Be My Promotions Good Boy”

And there are just 3 days left until the BIG Reveal and My birthday!! I can’t wait!!!


6/5- A New Sexy Video! I can’t believe there are only 4 more days until My birthday and the “BIG Reveal”! I am getting SO excited for June 9th!! If you haven’t visited my amazon wishlist yet to pick out a gift for me,
here is the link.
…and of course, tributes are wonderful gifts too!
Square cash:$wgg (for debit cards in the U.S.)
Gift Rocket: (for credit cards in the U.S.)

Today the surprise a very sexy one! It’s a new brainwashing video!

“Brainwashed To Be a Good Boy”countdown Glitter Goddess
Being a good boy for your Goddess is a pleasure beyond description. I know you crave to hear My voice and be under My control. The waves of pleasure only build the more you allow yourself to be a good boy. In this loop video, I give you the training you need to bring out the good boy you long to be, and naturally are for Me. ..And the way I tease you with my body in this video… WOW!

The goody bag includes a .pdf with simple instructions on how to loop the video and you can literally stroke for hours being trained to be a better and better good boy!

Get the new video here: “Brainwashed To Be a Good Boy”

And I will be available to take calls on Niteflirt much of today, so feel free to call and use the 5 free minutes I sent out yesterday! I would love to hear your birthday wishes, tease you a bit, and maybe even steal your mind away with some hypnosis!

IMG_35806/4- A Gift On Niteflirt! If you are lucky enough (and some might say smart enough) to have a Niteflirt account and to be one of my Niteflirt customers, I gave out a gift last night… 5 free minutes to each and every person on my list, and I have a big list!

Saturday and Sunday I am making myself available as much as possible for you all to call me. It’s been fun so far hearing the birthday wishes, reconnecting, and doing some incredible hypnosis sessions. If you’re not on Niteflirt yet I highly recommend you sign up. You can do that with this link. When you sign up you get 3 free minutes, and you can call me, buy my goodies, and a whole bunch of other good stuff!

Countdown Glitter Goddess6/4- Bottle ‘O Money Update– Well, it was a wonderful surprise to count all those bills up and arrive at such a beautiful number. I announced the winners on Twitter, but @longstory583 won the 10 minute free cam session with me and was so shocked he thought it was a cruel joke I was playing on him! And @lickingmylips won the runner up prize of a free video (which he has not claimed since he has all of my videos, but *spoiler alter* will be getting tomorrow’s video that is coming out).

Countdown Glitter Goddess6/3- A Contest?! Hopefully, I’m not creating a crazy contest that will be hard to keep track of, but even so, it will be worth it!! I got an incredibly creative gift for my birthday from a good boy and now it’s the focus of today’s surprise! 6 Days until the big day of My birthday and the “BIG Reveal”!!

So here it is… the contest. Guess how much money is in the jar! The closest guess will get a free 10-minute webcam session with ME. Second place will get a free video! Third place gets nothing lol!

Submit your guess as a reply to my Tweet here:

You must submit your guess there AND follow me on Twitter for your guess to count.
If you don’t have a Twitter account just make one! That way you can follow me and comment on more of my tweets, but at least you can make your guess and hopefully win!!
When does the contest end? As soon as I get all the money out of that bottle!

Hope you guys have fun with this one!

Countdown Glitter Goddess6/2- Today’s surprise is a gift. It’s a free video I posted and it is quite a sexy tease. Sort of like the loop videos, it is a wonderful video to watch over, and over, and over. Turns out my birthday doesn’t mean I am the only one to get gifts! There will be another surprise each of the days leading to June 9th, including another gift for you on Saturday. But the “BIG Reveal” will have to wait 7 more days!

If you haven’t bought me a gift yet, don’t forget! You can visit my Amazon Wishlist here:

countdown Glitter Goddess6/1- Today’s surprise is for no other reason than to celebrate that there are 8 days left until my birthday and the “BIG Reveal”! And for the fun of it of course!
This is a $5 audio which is particularly perfect for anyone who is exploring a naughty new fantasy. Is there something you have been scared to explore? Something that feels too good or too naughty?
Or something you’d like my special hand and guidance with so you’re not alone in the exploration?
Here it is…
I wonder what kind of fun you’ll have once you have my permission to get naughtier than ever!!!

9 days Glitter Goddess Countdown5/31- Another Unveiling! How fun and exhilarating would it be to start each day with a message from ME in your email inbox?! It would be something different every day and could range from a mantra to repeat, a fantasy to stroke to, a photo of me, or anything else I dream up to spice up your day! This program is in its initial stages, so there is no snazzy sign-up page or streamlined payment method. In fact, all you need to do to sign up is send me an email to and I’ll let you know how to tribute for it. It will be $100/month and it’s starting tomorrow June 1st!

I hope you’ll be a part of it and that tomorrow is the first day of you having a lot more lust, addiction, and pleasure thanks to my messages.

5/30- Countdown BIG Reveal Birthday Glitter GoddessHere it is! Your first surprise! It is a brand new kind of video that I have never released before. It will be the first of many in what I am calling “Loop Videos”. They are 3-5 minute tantalizing videos with intensely hypnotic and erotic audio that are designed to be looped over and over.



Sexy Tease Loop Video Glitter GoddessSexy Tease Loop Video with Glitter Goddess

This video focuses on my sexy body with incredibly hot lingerie. I’m wearing a dangerously sexy bra and sheer pantyhose and sheer panties with lace! My long, tangled blonde hair will only help with the brainwashing, re-programing, and increasing your addiction to me.


– 5/26: I’m collecting anonymous fantasies. You can add yours here:
Here is one of my favorite submissions so far,

“it turns me on when women do not shave their pussies or even have hairy underarms….
it turns me on when my partner is naughty or even slutty and likes to be used…
it turns me on when I can be for my partner whatever they desire, e.g my wife likes me to be a pirate and take her…
I like role playing everything aloud
I like fantasizing that my partner is a teacher and I am the dirty boy….
I like the fantasy that my partner is being used by another man… or we are being watched while we have sex”

Here is a video invitation to participate in my naughty, naughty experiment:

XoXo Goddess