The Pleasure You’ve Always Wanted But Didn’t Know If It Was Ok To Explore – Audio


Allow Me to take you on a journey, My good boy. Sometimes it can be scary to take the leap of exploring fantasies and fetishes, especially if you don’t know exactly where they will lead. In this audio, I talk you through what it was like for Me to explore new erotic territories.

The fear can turn into excitement, then to pleasure and whole worlds, previously unexplored, become available.  – Glitter Goddess Audio


In this 9 minute audio I explore so many aspects of pleasure and moving beyond the limits we put on ourselves to make sure we don’t experience “too much” pleasure. You know the kind that can own you or take you out of your comfort zone… but you kind of want to try it anyway? I also talk about what I fantasized about the first time I had an orgasm and how it changed My life to indulge in that fantasy. Lots in here to enjoy :) And a great place to start if you are new to My content.

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